1981Punks Not DeadThe Exploited412
1982Troops of TomorrowThe Exploited412
1983Let's Start a War… Said Maggie One DayThe Exploited8
1985Horror EpicsThe Exploited3
1987Death Before DishonourThe Exploited7
1990The MassacreThe Exploited4
1996Beat the BastardsThe Exploited3
2003Fuck the SystemThe Exploited43

Album + Compilation

1984Totally ExploitedThe Exploited3
1986Fools Gold!The Exploited1
1987Innercity DecayThe Exploited1
1988Troops of Tomorrow / Punks Not Dead - Twin PakThe Exploited1
1990Castle Masters CollectionThe Exploited1
1991Let's Start a War / Horror EpicsThe Exploited1
1991Singles CollectionThe Exploited6
1992Apocalypse '77The Exploited1
1997Totally Exploited / Live in JapanThe Exploited1
2000Dead CitiesThe Exploited1
2001Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83The Exploited1
2004Twenty Five Years of Anarchy and ChaosThe Exploited2
2005Complete Punk Singles CollectionThe Exploited1
2006The BoxThe Exploited1
2008Punks Not Dead / On StageThe Exploited1
2008Troops of Tomorrow / Apocalypse Punk Tour 81The Exploited1
2009Let's Start a War / Live and Loud!!The Exploited1
2013Exploited Barmy Army: The CollectionThe Exploited1
20151980 - 83The Exploited1
2016Exploited Barmy ArmyThe Exploited1
2018The 7X7 BoxThe Exploited1

Album + Compilation + Live

1991Live on Stage / Live at the WhitehouseThe Exploited1
2009Magma '09Discharge / GBH / The Exploited1

Album + Live

1981On StageThe Exploited42
1985Live at the WhitehouseThe Exploited3
1987Apocalypse Tour 1981The Exploited2
1987Live and LoudThe Exploited4
1992Don't Forget the ChaosThe Exploited3
1993Live in JapanThe Exploited1
1994Live Lewd LustThe Exploited2
200625 Years of Anarchy and Chaos - Live in St. PetersburgThe Exploited1


1980Army LifeThe Exploited2
1981Dogs of WarThe Exploited1
1981Dead CitiesThe Exploited1
1982Attack / AlternativeThe Exploited51
1982Computers Don't BlunderThe Exploited1
1997YOPThe Exploited1
2007Race Against Time - Sex & ViolenceThe Exploited1


1980Exploited Barmy ArmyThe Exploited2
1981Don't Let 'em Grind You DownThe Exploited / Anti-Pasti41
1982Britannia Waives the RulesThe Exploited / Chron Gen / Infa Riot1
1983Rival Leaders E.P.The Exploited1
1986Jesus Is Dead EPThe Exploited1
1988War NowThe Exploited1

EP + Compilation

1986Archive4The Exploited1
1988Punks Alive!The Exploited1

Other + Compilation

1995Rock & Roll OutlawsThe Exploited1

Other + Compilation + Live

2001Rock & Roll Outlaws Plus Sexual FavoursThe Exploited1
2004Live at the Palm Cove & 83-87The Exploited1
2006Live in Japan & ArgentinaThe Exploited1
2008Punk's Not DeadThe Exploited1

Other + Live

1983Live at the Palm CoveThe Exploited1
1987Sexual FavoursThe Exploited1
19921983-87The Exploited1
1992Live in JapanThe Exploited1
1996Buenos Aires 93The Exploited1
2004Beat 'Em AllThe Exploited1
200525 Years of Anarchy and Chaos - Live in St. PetersburgThe Exploited1
200625 Years of Anarchy and ChaosThe Exploited1

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