Mortiis (the band, previously a solo project of Håvard Ellefsen)

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founded by: Mortiis
members: Levi Gawron (2002 –)
Ogee (2005 –)
Chris Kling (2009 –)
original members: Mortiis (1993 –)
has personal label: Omnipresence (Mortiis)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Across the World of Wonders
The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost
Necrose Evangelicum synthesizer Brighter Death Now feat. Mortiis 5:58
Wrath of the Tyrant bass guitar Emperor
Braindamage (Scumsuckers mix by Mortiis) Dope Stars Inc. 4:44
Fire and Forget (Mortiis remix) Funker Vogt 5:04
Jesus Was a Zombie (Mortiis version) Zombie Girl 3:57
Touch Me (Cleanse & Corrupt) Girls Under Glass 6:29
Viva Evil (Mortiis remix) PIG 5:14