XTC (English rock band)

~ Group


collaborator on: Spirit of the Forest
members: Colin Moulding
Andy Partridge
Barry Andrews (– 1978)
Terry Chambers (1976 – 1983)
Dave Gregory (XTC) (1979 – 1999)
performs as: Terry & The Lovemen
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Date Title Artist Length
1984-07 – 1984-08 All You Pretty Girls XTC 3:40
1984-07 – 1984-08 I Bought Myself a Liarbird XTC 2:49
1984-07 – 1984-08 I Remember the Sun XTC 3:10
1984-07 – 1984-08 Reign of Blows (Vote No Violence!) XTC 3:31
1984-07 – 1984-08 Shake You Donkey Up XTC 4:20
1984-07 – 1984-08 The Everyday Story of Smalltown XTC 3:55
1984-07 – 1984-08 Train Running Low on Soul Coal XTC 5:07
1984-07 – 1984-08 You’re the Wish You Are I Had XTC 3:14
Burning With Optimism’s Flames (live) XTC 4:24
Cut It Out (live) XTC 4:23
English Roundabout (live) XTC 3:13
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her XTC 3:58
This World Over XTC 5:36
Wake Up XTC 4:40
English Settlement XTC
English Settlement XTC
English Settlement XTC
All of a Sudden (It’s Too Late) XTC 5:20
All You Pretty Girls (single version) XTC 3:59
All You Pretty Girls XTC 3:56
Ball and Chain XTC 4:30
Ball and Chain XTC 4:31
Ball and Chain XTC 4:30
Beating of Hearts XTC 4:00
Blame the Weather XTC 3:37
Blue Overall XTC 4:26
Cockpit Dance Mixture XTC 6:02
Cynical Days XTC 3:18
Deliver Us From the Elements XTC 4:36
Desert Island XTC 4:47
English Roundabout XTC 3:51
Frost Circus (No. 5 in Homo Safari Series) XTC 3:43
Funk Pop a Roll XTC 3:03
Great Fire XTC 3:48
Happy Families XTC 2:50
Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass XTC 5:07
Human Alchemy XTC 5:11
In Loving Memory of a Name XTC 3:16
It’s Nearly Africa XTC 3:55
Jason and the Argonauts XTC 6:06
Jump XTC 4:39
Ladybird XTC 4:33
Love on a Farmboy’s Wages XTC 3:58
Me and the Wind XTC 4:18
Melt the Guns XTC 6:33
No Thugs in Our House XTC 5:16
No Thugs in Our House (edit) XTC 4:30
Over Rusty Water XTC 1:25
Procession Towards Learning Land (No. 6 in Homo Safari Series) XTC 3:34
Punch and Judy XTC 2:44
Red Brick Dream XTC 2:06
Runaways XTC 4:39
Senses Working Overtime (single version) XTC 4:34
Senses Working Overtime XTC 4:51
Senses Working Overtime XTC 4:51
Snowman XTC 5:30
The Loving XTC 3:55
The World Is Full of Angry Young Men XTC 3:43
This World Over XTC 4:45
This World Over (full‐length version) XTC 5:45
Tissue Tigers (The Arguers) XTC 3:56
Toys XTC 4:21
Washaway XTC 3:04
Washaway XTC 3:04
Wonderland XTC 4:54
Wonderland XTC 3:50
English Settlement XTC
English Settlement XTC
English Settlement XTC
The Big Express XTC
Frost Circus XTC 3:53
Funk Pop a Roll XTC 3:03
Funk Pop a Roll XTC 3:03
Human Alchemy XTC 5:11
Human Alchemy XTC 5:11
Procession Towards Learning Land XTC 3:45
Wonderland XTC 4:46
Wonderland XTC 4:54
A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs of XTC Various Artists