Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bacon & Exit 2:07
Building a snowman and then kicking its ass 3:30
Cats on cars (cats in trees) 4:29
Check out this new pen! (Three friends and a bell) 4:43
Don't Tug On That, You Never Know What It Might Be Attached To 3:00
Fear It! Fear the smiling banana 5:35
Hell yes, whoa! 2:44
I don't know what you're doing all I see is plaid 3:01
Nice scissors, chief 3:25
Oh, I'm all about shotgunning weed through a mailslot 3:20
Soap Bubble 1:25
The Slow Blade Defeats The Shield 2:55
The sun through green things 3:33
Vindictive concrete waves 2:15
We Can Do The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs 1:58
Wow, I totally went all RPH there for a second there 8:29

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