Reverend Bizarre (Finnish doom metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Aleister FISFS0400228 11:58
Anywhere Out of This World FIUM70700383 25:32
Anywhere Out of This World I ?:??
Anywhere Out of This World II ?:??
Apocalyptic Riders 7:28
Apocalyptic Riders FIUM70801102 7:35
Bend FIUM70801109 10:30
Blood on Satan’s Claw 8:26
Blood on Satan’s Claw FIUM70801101 8:31
Broken Vows FIUM70801108 4:44
Broken Vows 4:37
Burn in Hell! FISFS0404002 8:52
Burn in Hell! (demo, Sinister Figure) 10:14
By This Axe I Rule! FISFS0500072 10:03
Caesar Forever FIUM70700382 15:43
Cirith Ungol FISFS0400237 21:10
Cirith Ungol (demo, Sinister Figure) 17:32
Council of Ten FISFS0500071 8:32
Cromwell FISFS0500069 5:25
Dark Sorceress (Autumn Siege) FISFS0400230 7:30
Dark World 6:38
Dark World FIUM70801107 6:40
Deceiver FIUM70801111 3:51
Demons Annoying Me 15:06
Demons Annoying Me FIUM70801100 17:50
Demons Annoying Me (live) 15:40
Doom Over the World 6:55
Doom Over the World FISFS0500067 7:38
Doom Over the World 8:01
Doom Over the World 5:25
Doomsower 4:52
Doomsower FISFS0400236 5:37
Dunkelheit FISPF0300084 12:27
Dunkelheit ?:??
Eternal Forest FISFS0500073 10:53
Excerpt from the "Lohja-Era" Rehearsal Tape 4:33
First Edition Hidden Track 4:43
For You Who Walk in the Land of the Shadows FISFS0400229 8:36
From the Void FISPF0300081 20:18
From the Void II FIUM70801106 11:04
Fucking Wizard 10:35
Fucking Wizard FISFS0500074 3 11:16
Funeral Summer 9:36
Funeral Summer FIUM70700379 11:41
Harbinger FISPF0300078 3:27
In the Rectory FISFS0400233 13:10
In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend 10:31
Into the Realms of Magickal Entertainment FISPF0300083 3:41
Intro (second edition) 1:16
Kundalini Arisen FIUM70700381 4:25
Live In Washington DC, 2005 21:44
Mallorca FIUM70700384 2:35
Odinn’s Men FIUM70801105 2:39
One Last Time FIUM70700380 15:39
Outro (second edition) 1:31
Pyramids of Mars 2:31
Pyramids of Mars (first edition) 2:18
Rotestilaulu FIUM70801110 4:33
Second Edition Hidden Track 2:04
Slave of Satan FISFS0500070 13:27
Slave of Satan (an unabridged version) 4 21:00
Sodoma Sunrise FISFS0400235 13:29
Sodoma Sunrise (demo, Sinister Figure) 11:07
Sorrow FIUM70700378 25:20
Strange Horizon FISPF0300079 13:52
Strange Horizon 8:50
Strange Horizon 5:22
Teutonic Witch ?:??
Teutonic Witch (single version) 16:00
The Ambassador FISPF0300080 1:47
The Children of Doom FIUM70801104 8:24
The Demons Annoying Me (first-take demo vocals) 17:56
The Devil Rides Out FISFS0500068 6:11
The Devil Rides Out 4:55
The Festival FISFS0400226 10:43
The Gate of Nanna 11:16
The Gate of Nanna FIUM70801112 11:27
The Goddess of Doom FISFS0400227 12:11
The Hour of Death FISFS0400234 11:49
The Hour of Death (demo, Sinister Figure) 10:56
The March of the War Elephants FISFS0400225 8:17
The Tree of Suffering 6:41
The Tree of Suffering FIUM70801103 6:23
The Wandering Jew FISPF0300082 18:27
The Wrath of the War Elephants FISFS0400231 6:39
They Used Dark Forces ?:??
They Used Dark Forces / Teutonic Witch FIUM70700377 29:05

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