Éric Serra

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Subway 3:04
Subway 3:55
Subway: It's Only Mystery FRY048500010 4:36
Subway: Masquerade FRY048500004 3:45
Subway: Subway/Masquerade GBAJC9801014 4:11
Such a Family FRR418800028 1:25
Sweet Dreams / Dissapointed Zorg 2:57
Synchronised Instant FRR418800012 2:06
Taipei Airport 0:39
Talk to Him FRR419900002 2:32
Temple of Sublime Truth 1:12
Thank You for Sharing 1:32
Thank Your God 3:42
Thank Your God FRQ339800003 3:42
That’s What Keeps You Alone 3:14
The 5th Element: Little Night of Love FRQ339800028 4:02
The 5th Element: The Diva Dance FRR419700025 3:33
The Antenna 2:10
The Babylonauts 4:42
The beautiful daughter 0:44
The Big Blue GBAJC9801016 4:49
The Big Blue ?:??
The big blue Ouverture (Le grand Bleu) 4:45
The Big Blue Overture 4:46
The Big Blue Overture 4:43
The Big Blue Overture 4:44
The Big Blue Overture 4:45
The Big Blue Overture 4:36
The Big Blue Overture (part of a “Sa Trincha, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) 4:43
The Big Blue Overture (original demo) 2:47
The Big Blue: My Lady Blue FRR418800019 4:08
The Big Blue: Overture 4:49
The Big Blue: Suite 4:47
The Blue Shutters ?:??
The Blue Shutters FRQ330200015 1:59
The Blueberry Catapult 1:15
The Blueberry Catapult 1:15
The Cloth Ladder 1:13
The Cloth Ladder 1:13
The Creation FRR419100001 4:55
The Dark Side of Time FRR419000015 4:26
The Div Arrives / Ruby Rhod Live 3:36
The Diva Dance FRR419700014 1:33
The Diva Dance 1:35
The Diva Dance 1:33
The Diva Dance (Remix by S.W.O) 3:22
The Diva Plavalaguna 3:11
The Endless Night 5:20
The Endless Night FRQ339800010 5:19
The Experience of Love 5:54
The Fhloston 0:46
The Fifth Element (KMN score remix) 11:21
The Fight, Part 1: The Swat Squad 2:30
The Fight, Part 2: Bring Me Everyone 4:34
The Fight, Part 3: The Big Weapon 3:03
The Fight, Part 4: One Is Alive 3:15
The Free Side FRR419000009 3:47
The Funeral of Daw Khin Kyi 1:27
The Game Is Over 1:38
The Gold Brush ?:??
The Gold Brush FRQ330200004 2:41
The Golden Palace 1:27
The GoldenEye Overture: Half of Everything Is Luck / The Other Half Is Fate / For England, James 4:22
The James Bond Theme 4:31
The Land of the Minimoys 3:26
The Land of the Minimoys 3:26
The Last Hug 2:10
The Last Time I Kiss You FRR419000008 1:03
The Last Verse 4:52
The Legend of Manatees FRR419100009 5:08
The Little Red Button 0:17
The Magic Forest FRR419100007 2:17
The Messenger of God FRR419900010 2:45
The Minimoys Finale 3:07
The Minimoys Finale 3:08
The Minimoys Overture 2:20
The Minimoys Overture 2:20
The Miracle of Orleans FRR419900021 2:00
The Mistery of a Woman ?:??
The Monastery of Amorgos FRR418800014 1:15
The Mondoshawan Arrive 4:22
The Monk and the Thief 0:42
The Monk With No Name 1:15
The Mystery of a Woman's Bag FRQ330200003 2:11
The Noodle Soup Recipe 1:46
The Other Half Is Fate 1:51
The Phonecall and the Waxcake 2:44
The Phonecall and the Waxcake 2:44
The Police Visit 1:26
The Power of the Scroll 0:53
The Professional 1:57
The Realms of Ice FRR419100012 8:17
The Red Scarf 3:35
The Repentance FRR419900026 2:52
The Responsibility of the Scroll 1:45
The Scale to Hell: Boris and the Lethal Pen / I Am Invincible 3:44
The Scientific Method 3:04
The Secret Life of Angels FRR419100002 5:37
The Sentence FRR419000003 1:28
The Severnaya Suite 2:05

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