The Cramps

~ Group


members: Jim Sclavunos
Nick Knox (drums) (1977-07 – 1991-01)
Kid Congo Powers (1981 – 1983)
Candy Del Mar (1986-06 – 1991-01)
Harry Drumdini (1993-02 – 2003-07)
Harry Drumdini (2006-08 – 2009-02)
original members: Lux Interior
Poison Ivy
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Mystery Plane
Funnel of Love (feat. The Cramps) Wanda Jackson 2:35
Blue Moon Baby The Cramps 2:40
Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? The Cramps 3:21
Goo Goo Muck The Cramps 3:06
Goo Goo Muck The Cramps 3:07
Good Taste (live) The Cramps 3:28
New Kind of Kick The Cramps 3:31
Save It The Cramps 2:57
She Said The Cramps 3:17
The Crusher The Cramps 1:48
Uranium Rock The Cramps 2:29
samples from artist
Diorama (Ra Ma La Ma Ding Dong) electric guitar Hidrogenesse 2:18
Tribute to The Cramps Nobunny