Dr. Phunk (Jordy Buijs)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Amsterdamn Dr Phunk & Demoniak 2:10
Amsterdamn (part of a “Decibel 2012” DJ-mix) Dr Phunk & Demoniak 3:01
Asslezz Bitch Dr Phunk ?:??
B.T.F.U. Dr Phunk NLQS91600142 4:14
B.T.F.U. (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600143 3:17
Beat Machine Fenix & Dr. Phunk 2:52
Booty Bounce Transfarmers & Dr. Phunk 3:50
Booty Bounce (part of a “Decibel 2012” DJ-mix) Transfarmers vs. Dr Phunk 4:12
Came 2 Party Dr Phunk & Zany NLQS91600102 3:59
Came 2 Party (radio edit) Dr Phunk & Zany NLQS91600103 3:09
Can't Resist Dr Phunk & FERAL is KINKY NLQS91600100 4:03
Can't Resist (radio edit) Dr Phunk & FERAL is KINKY NLQS91600101 3:12
Deadliest Sound Dr Phunk NLQS91600108 3:57
Deadliest Sound (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600109 3:05
Engeltje Jebroer, DJ Paul Elstak & Dr. Phunk NLR1T1700014 3:01
Engeltje (extended mix) Jebroer, DJ Paul Elstak & Dr. Phunk NLR1T1700016 3:52
Flashback Dr. Phunk ?:??
Get Up Dr Phunk NLQS91600110 4:20
Get Up (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600111 3:11
Insanity Dr. Phunk 1:56
Kind van de Duivel Dr Phunk, Paul Elstak & Jebroer NLQS91600148 4:31
Kind van de duivel (DJ Paul edit) Dr. Phunk, Jebroer & Paul Elstak 3:26
L.I.T. Dr Phunk NLQS91600130 3:44
L.I.T. (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600131 2:54
Like That Dr Phunk & The Prophet NLQS91600132 4:31
Like That (radio edit) Dr Phunk & The Prophet NLQS91600133 3:08
Malachai (original edit) Dr. Phunk ?:??
My World Dr Phunk & Alee NLQS91600136 4:25
My World (radio edit) Dr Phunk & Alee NLQS91600137 3:34
Narcotics Dr Phunk feat. Diesel NLS241502870 4:09
Narcotics (radio edit) Dr Phunk feat. Diesel NLS241502871 3:06
Phunk It Up! Pat B & Dr. Phunk ?:??
Reckless Dr Phunk & Luna NLQS91600106 4:19
Reckless (radio edit) Dr Phunk & Luna NLQS91600107 3:28
Rock That Body (original edit) Dr. Phunk ?:??
Rumble Dr. Phunk 2:50
Rumble Dr. Phunk ?:??
Scream Demoniak & Dr. Phunk 1:57
Secret Alliance Dr Phunk & Korsakoff NLQS91600104 4:39
Secret Alliance (radio edit) Dr Phunk & Korsakoff NLQS91600105 3:52
See the Sky Dr. Phunk & Crude Intentions NLQS91600138 3:55
See the Sky (radio edit) Dr. Phunk & Crude Intentions NLQS91600139 3:01
Set Me Free Dr Phunk NLQS91600134 3:36
Set Me Free (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600135 2:44
Vigorous Dr Phunk NLQS91600092 4:26
Vigorous (radio edit) Dr Phunk NLQS91600185 3:38

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