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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1967Fan TanviolaJan & Dean2:20
1970-05-20Experience in ESam BoghossianviolaCannonball Adderley20:16
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Andromeda’s SufferingviolaAlice Coltrane9:04
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Excerpts From "The Firebird"violaAlice Coltrane5:43
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Going HomeviolaAlice Coltrane10:01
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Lord of LordsviolaAlice Coltrane11:17
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Sri Rama OhnedaruthviolaAlice Coltrane6:12
1976-07-07RainbowsviolaDennis Wilson2:50
1976-07-07RainbowsviolaDennis Wilson2:56
1976-07-07Thoughts of YouviolaDennis Wilson3:06
1976-07-15 – 1976-07-29I Wish I Was in New Orleans (in the Ninth Ward)violaTom Waits4:53
1976-07-15 – 1976-07-29Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)violaTom Waits6:40
1977BarrioSam BoghossianviolaPatrick Williams5:49
1977Blue LightSam BoghossianviolaPatrick Williams2:58
1977Bob Newhart Theme (Home to Emily)Sam BoghossianviolaPatrick Williams5:52
1977Lou Grant ThemeSam BoghossianviolaPatrick Williams2:12
1977Sail OnSam BoghossianviolaPatrick Williams5:38
1978-05-24It’s Not Too LateviolaDennis Wilson4:34
My One and Only LoveviolaDiane Schuur4:18
Nothing Can Change This LoveviolaSam Cooke2:40
Our Love Is Here to StayviolaDiane Schuur3:58
Prelude to a KissviolaDiane Schuur4:55
The More I See YouviolaDiane Schuur4:29
When I Fall in LoveviolaDiane Schuur4:16
You'll SeeviolaDiane Schuur4:22
1975-08Rocky Mountain ChristmasviolaJohn Denver
Living Together, Growing TogetherSamuel BoghossianstringsThe 5th Dimension
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House)violaNatalie Cole