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Uzect Plaush
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2 Air
900 Ghosts
A further series of steps is only visible during the vernal equinox.
A lofty but narrow chamber is contrived in the thickness of the walls and access is gained from a door opening from the masonry platform on which the engine stands.
A pointer indicates on three arms: West, North and East.
A shadow is cast to the East after noon.
A shadow is cast to the East after noon.
A shadow is cast to the West before noon.
Access by observers to each engine is gained by an imperfection which differs from one to another.
Access to any part of the engine is by steps which offer vantage points for various readings.
All the gardens will concur. Here is the mixed engine.
All the lead calibrations are warm to the touch.
And the light falls on the circular arcs.
Another flight of observation steps and the sense of quiet rotation as I ascend.
Another slope with stars for the reading of figures.
At one moment in the year the sun shines through a hole in the wall on to a calibrated arc.
Beneath this circle is an arc of masonry steps for the convenience of observers.
Codex Bast
Days and nights are measured here, and in the measuring seem longer, suspended somehow.
Eliptical Twilight
Entropic Appetites
Every day at noon the sun shines through these apertures for the space of about a minute.
Falling Bodies Alight
Fifth Memory.
First Memory.
First Prologue.
Fourth Memory.
Green Evil
Here I find a central iron pole with hooks facing to the North, South, East and West.
Here is a huge vertical right-angled triangle made of stone.
Here is a room to divide the sun like an orange.
Here is an immense brass circle suspended vertically from stone supports.
Here is the Supreme Engine.
Here was the Supreme Engine.
Hold the machine in the vertical plane.
I Have Observed And Measured For Seven Years
I have observed and measured for seven years.
I have seen charts sent from Portugal but they are flawed and full of error.
I study the vaults of a shell in which we float.
I will build other gardens, other engines.
Into this chamber no ray of light can find its way except through two small squares high in the South wall.
It is inscribed with concentric circles, at the centre of which lies a pointer.
It is only necessary to engrave a scale of the tangents along the rim to obtain a direct reading of the declination.
Near the bottom of the wall facing the South side of the eastern hemisphere there is a hole.
On the East face are inscribed two quadrants of twenty-feet radius.
On the West face is described a semicircle of nineteen-feet, ten-inch radius.
Once complete engine is formed by two differently incomplete parts which combined provide total reference.
One Armed Sun Ascending
Originally cross wires stretched across each hemisphere, East to West and North to South.
Pointing towards the pole an iron pin is fixed at right angles to the centre of a dial.
Second Memory.
Second Prologue.
Seven of the eight rings indicate signs.
Seventh Memory.
Sight Wave Relock
Sighting bars were placed in the slots within the chamber, but none remain now.
Sixth Memory.
Some of the calibrations are now submerged beneath the ground and cannot be read.
Some steps ascend past markings to a platform.
Suspended in the hum of history.
The Alteration
The altitude of the body observed is given while observing the vertically hanging bar through the two brass rings.
The calibrated parts are raised on three-foot pillars.
The central pillars are five feet three inches in diameter.
The chamber is no longer accessible to visitors.
The dial is only visible by starlight.
The engine of amplitude has a function which is no longer known.
The floor and walls are calibrated to read altitude and azimuth.
The image of the sun indicates the sun's position as it passes through a hole in the concurve surface.
The lead calibrations are poisonous to the touch.
The Luxury of Horns
The mosaic of starlight slips back like the lid of an opening eye.
The movement of the engines produces a scent.
The pink masonry charges the twilight with a faint sound.
The plants will steal this engine when we have gone.
The positions and altitudes of heavenly bodies maybe gauged with this engine.
The ramped stair to the North of the two drums vanishes at thirty-two feet.
The rim of each hemisphere is a horizon divided into degrees and minutes.
The roofs of the enclosed drums are implied by shadows.
The shadow can fall in the vacant sector of a drum.
The shadow is cast North/South at noon by an iron pin.
The sky has shaped this place.
The sound of insects here studs the night like a thousand fizzing stars.
The stars are ranged across the inner shell of a vast hollow sphere in which hung the earth.
The stone dish is slotted with figures and shadow.
The sun seen through the pair of brass rings is used by the bar to indicate the time from sunrise until sunrise.
The whole brass circle can be revolved around its vertical diameter so that altitude observations can be taken of any object at any time.
There are arcs made of marble which are calibrated with inlaid lead in degrees and minutes.
There are four of these arcs, two in each chamber.
There are pillars at the centre of each circular wall each open to the sky.
There is a brass pointer fitted with sights and pivoted to the centre of the circle by which altitude observations are made.
There is a huge calibrated sundial on each of its sides.
These arcs are also accessible by numerous flights of stairs.
These are instruments fuelled by shadow, and engines propelled by the sliding of the skies.
These are the cool engines of celestial map-making.
These calibrations are no longer clearly visible.
These steps are worn to a ramp and lead nowhere.
These steps enable the observer to see all aspects of the brass calibration below.
These structures are made in receipt of starlight.
Third Memory.
This chamber is filled with garden tools and broken furniture.
This engine is a rectangular brass plate.
This engine is now only visible in twilight.
This engine is primarily a calculator, though altitudes may be observed using the sighting bar fitted to the back.
This is the North pointer engine.
This room is a lidless drum.
This wall describes accurately the North/South meridian.
Threads can be pegged to the centre of each quadrant and semicircle to enable observation.
To move through these structures is to set them in motion.
Twenty-seven degrees, thirty-seven seconds.
Two hemispheres representing the sphere of heaven comprise the two halves of this engine.
Visible portions of the celestial sphere are represented by this map which has a movable elliptic which pivots at the point representing the pole.
We are closer to the sun now.
XIII sampler Main 14:07
XIV sampler Main 4:34
Second Site: 27° 37' 35" N 77° 13' 05" E percussion Paul Schütze
Second Site: 27° 37' 35" N 77° 13' 05" E steelpan Paul Schütze
A Quick Trip to Alamut Bill Laswell 3:42
The Mongol's Destroy Alamut Bill Laswell 1:15
2 Air Seed 9:59
900 Ghosts Seed 3:03
All That Was Solid... Paul Schütze 6:38
Codex Bast Seed 5:18
Eliptical Twilight Seed 4:54
Entropic Appetites Seed 5:38
Falling Bodies Alight Seed 5:09
One Armed Sun Ascending Seed 4:31
Sight Wave Relock Seed 2:23
The Alteration Seed 6:37
The Luxury of Horns Seed 7:38