Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The movement of the engines produces a scent. Paul Schütze 0:58
The Mutant Beautific Paul Schütze 3:37
The Mutant Beautific Paul Schütze 3:39
The Palms of Both Hands Paul Schütze 14:23
The Past Invented Paul Schütze 1:52
The pink masonry charges the twilight with a faint sound. Paul Schütze 0:59
The plants will steal this engine when we have gone. Paul Schütze 1:00
The positions and altitudes of heavenly bodies maybe gauged with this engine. Paul Schütze 1:00
The Prayer Paul Schütze & Andrew Hulme 10:55
The Pressure of the Text Paul Schütze 3:16
The ramped stair to the North of the two drums vanishes at thirty-two feet. Paul Schütze 1:03
The Rapture of Concealment Paul Schütze 7:23
The Rapture of Metals Paul Schütze 7:05
The Rapture of Ornament Paul Schütze 6:02
The rim of each hemisphere is a horizon divided into degrees and minutes. Paul Schütze 1:00
The roofs of the enclosed drums are implied by shadows. Paul Schütze 1:00
The shadow can fall in the vacant sector of a drum. Paul Schütze 1:02
The shadow is cast North/South at noon by an iron pin. Paul Schütze 0:59
The Skin of the Face and Neck Paul Schütze 3:19
The sky has shaped this place. Paul Schütze 1:01
The Sky Torn Apart, Part1 Paul Schütze 26:12
The Sky Torn Apart, Part2 Paul Schütze 30:39
The Sleeping Knife Dance Paul Schütze 4:47
The Sleeping Knife Dance Paul Schütze 4:45
The sound of insects here studs the night like a thousand fizzing stars. Paul Schütze 0:58
The stars are ranged across the inner shell of a vast hollow sphere in which hung the earth. Paul Schütze 0:49
The stone dish is slotted with figures and shadow. Paul Schütze 1:01
The sun seen through the pair of brass rings is used by the bar to indicate the time from sunrise until sunrise. Paul Schütze 1:01
The Surface Forgets Schütze+Hopkins 8:18
The Surface of the Eye Paul Schütze 8:47
The Tears of Eros Paul Schütze 6:25
The Torture Garden Paul Schütze 4:01
The Velvet Horizon Paul Schütze 6:13
The Walls Paul Schütze 1:52
The whole brass circle can be revolved around its vertical diameter so that altitude observations can be taken of any object at any time. Paul Schütze 0:59
There are arcs made of marble which are calibrated with inlaid lead in degrees and minutes. Paul Schütze 2:01
There are four of these arcs, two in each chamber. Paul Schütze 0:59
There are pillars at the centre of each circular wall each open to the sky. Paul Schütze 0:50
There is a brass pointer fitted with sights and pivoted to the centre of the circle by which altitude observations are made. Paul Schütze 0:49
There is a huge calibrated sundial on each of its sides. Paul Schütze 1:00
These arcs are also accessible by numerous flights of stairs. Paul Schütze 1:00
These are instruments fuelled by shadow, and engines propelled by the sliding of the skies. Paul Schütze 1:11
These are the cool engines of celestial map-making. Paul Schütze 1:01
These calibrations are no longer clearly visible. Paul Schütze 1:00
These steps are worn to a ramp and lead nowhere. Paul Schütze 1:00
These steps enable the observer to see all aspects of the brass calibration below. Paul Schütze 0:40
These structures are made in receipt of starlight. Paul Schütze 0:55
Third Memory. Paul Schütze 0:36
This chamber is filled with garden tools and broken furniture. Paul Schütze 1:00
This engine is a rectangular brass plate. Paul Schütze 1:00
This engine is now only visible in twilight. Paul Schütze 1:00
This engine is primarily a calculator, though altitudes may be observed using the sighting bar fitted to the back. Paul Schütze 1:00
This is the North pointer engine. Paul Schütze 1:00
This room is a lidless drum. Paul Schütze 1:02
This wall describes accurately the North/South meridian. Paul Schütze 1:00
Threads can be pegged to the centre of each quadrant and semicircle to enable observation. Paul Schütze 0:57
Throat Full of Stars Paul Schütze 5:52
Tiga Paul Schütze 7:14
Time Arrested Paul Schütze 2:33
Timeless Paul Schütze 1:13
To move through these structures is to set them in motion. Paul Schütze 0:59
Tombs & Deceptions Paul Schütze 3:18
Topology of a Phantom City Paul Schütze 16:31
Trance Militant Paul Schütze 2:14
Twenty-seven degrees, thirty-seven seconds. Paul Schütze 1:00
Two hemispheres representing the sphere of heaven comprise the two halves of this engine. Paul Schütze 1:11
Two Mirrors Facing Paul Schütze 3:39
Untroden Path Paul Schütze 2:20
Vermillion Sands Lol Coxhill + Paul Schütze 7:44
Visible portions of the celestial sphere are represented by this map which has a movable elliptic which pivots at the point representing the pole. Paul Schütze 1:02
Visions of a Sand Drinker Paul Schütze 4:53
Water Blade Retina Schütze+Hopkins 2:48
We are closer to the sun now. Paul Schütze 1:00
Wings & The Demon Paul Schütze 3:39
Within the Floor Paul Schütze 1:45
Writing on Water Paul Schütze 36:41

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