Coming out of a strong and defining 2008, A Road Less Traveled presses into the future. In May 2008 two songs off their debut album “Rescue” gained national airplay and their single “Save Me” settled into the top 30 at

Showing no sign of slowing, the goal for 2009 is to release the sophomore album called Of a Captive Heart in the fall. “These songs will dive deeper into the struggles and triumphs we have as a band and as individuals. The main goal is to create songs that people love, and love to sing along with,” says lead singer Zach Dietz. “We’ve always had compassion for the struggles that people go through day-to-day, and we won’t waiver from that passion-- but this album will show that same concern in a different light, and slightly different sound.”

Since teaming up with JMA Music INC., A Road Less Traveled has strengthened their front and is sure to push the limits since their beginnings as five good ‘ol boys from Texas. “I was highly impressed with the professionalism of A Road Less Traveled the first time I saw them. Since then, they have proven to be one of the more creative and harder working bands I know. These guys are great at creating an environment for God to move,” comments Michael “Kalel” Wittig, who co-owns JMA Music INC., with Joey Avalos, both formerly from the band Pillar.

The group has also invested time and efforts into different charities and organizations throughout the past and look forward to working in a more hands-on manner with hunger relief organizations and teen crisis centers locally and nationally in the future. “It’s important that we put our faith to action and get out in the community and meet the needs that we sing about from stage,” comments Chris Brown, bassist for the band.
The group’s momentum strengthened in November 2008 when they hit the road with Grammy nominated artists Superchick and their supporting acts, Stellar Kart and Article One for the “Rock What You Got Tour.” Amongst many highlights, the tour solidified a fan base that has proven faithful and unwavering for the group.

“Rock What You Got” was a nation-wide circuit that ended in West Palm Beach, Florida with Toby Mac, Family Force 5 and Reliant K. The festival featured one of the best line-ups in 2008 for Christian concert goers.
ARLT guitarist Shawn Anglin noted, “It’s a great feeling and quite humbling to have fans like we do that support us in every step. Every city we went to we had fans there to see us and support us, and that was a great feeling.”

After winning awards in the past like the “Best Independent Band of 2007” in CCM Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards and establishing themselves as one of the most in-demand indie Christian bands in Texas, the band played over 100 shows in 2008.
They have more to prove. “It’s great to win the awards we have, and I’m beyond grateful for those accomplishments, but I hate to be satisfied with that and ride the coat-tails of success. I hope we can create new success in the future,” says drummer Kuhrt Cowan.

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