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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[no title] vs. Unprepared (a cappella) (live, 2010-04-24: A State of Trance 450: Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland) [unknown] vs. Marco V 4:50
[unknown] Marco V 4:54
10 AM Marco V 2:48
10PM Marco V 4:18
A Great Escape Marco V 5:56
A Great Escape Marco V 5:56
A Journey Into Sound Marco V 7:26
A Journey Into Sound Marco V 5:24
Africa (original mix) (part of a “House Music Top 200: The Ultimate Megamix, Vol. 12” DJ‐mix) Marco V & O.B 1:15
Alosaka (extended mix) Marco V 7:11
Amabazz (original mix) (part of a “House Clubhits Megamix, Vol. 05” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:04
Analogital Marco V 3:27
Analogital Marco V 4:30
Analogital (Bassjackers Remix) Marco V 4:54
Analogital (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) Marco V 6:15
Analogital (original mix) Marco V 5:45
Analogital (original mix) (part of a “Dada Life’s Musical Freedom” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:29
Analogital (Vida Remix) Marco V 7:00
Analogital [First State Remix) Marco V 5:47
Angel on My Shoulder Reaver 76 (Kaskade mashup) Kaskade x Tiësto, Hardwell, EDX & Marco V 4:55
Any Bette, Or? Marco V 4:14
Any Better Or Marco V 7:11
Any Better Or? Marco V 2 3:25
Any Better or...? Marco V 7:11
Any Better, Or Marco V 2:36
Any Better, or, (part of “A State of Trance: Year Mix 2006” DJ‐mix) Marco V 1:08
Any Better, Or? Marco V 4:05
Any Better, Or? Marco V 4:14
Any Better, Or? Marco V 5:08
Any Better, Or? Marco V 3 4:28
Any Better, Or? Marco V 3:08
Any Better, Or? Marco V 3:44
Any Better, Or? (part of a “Armada Trance” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:05
Any Better, Or? (part of a “Grandmix 2006” DJ‐mix) Marco V 1:56
Any Better, Or? (part of a “Victory Mix! Paul Van Dyk: World’s No. 1 DJ 2006” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:33
Any Better, Or? (main mix) Marco V 3:43
Any Better, or... Marco V 1:18
Arpanet Marco V 4:58
Atlanta Marco V 4:51
Atlanta Marco V 6:41
Atlanta (part of a “Ireland Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Marco V 4:31
Atlanta 02.02.02 (part of “DJ Cor Fijneman: Outstanding” DJ-mix) Marco V 5:04
Atlanta 02.02.02 (part of a “Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission” DJ‐mix) Marco V 4:51
Atlanta 02.02.2002 (part of “Sensation 2002: The Black Edition” DJ-mix) Marco V 5:05
Atlanta 02.02.2002 (from the album Con:Fusion) Marco V 4:41
Atlanta 02022002 Marco V 5:58
Auto Manual Marco V 5:48
Automanual Marco V 4:19
Automanual Marco V 4:19
Automanual Marco V 6:00
Automanual Marco V 4:50
Automanual Marco V 5:21
Automanual Marco V 4:20
Automanual Marco V 5:07
Automanual Marco V 2:53
Automanual Marco V 7:33
Automanual Marco V 4:42
Automanual Marco V 7:33
Automanual (2009-04-18: A State of Trance #400, “72 Hours Radio, Part 7: ASOT 182: Yearmix of 2004”) Marco V 0:14
Automanual (part of “Ultimate Trance” DJ-mix) Marco V 4:31
Automanual (part of a “Extreme Euphoria, Volume 5” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:46
Automanual (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Summer Annual 2005” DJ‐mix, Germany) Marco V 5:28
Automanual (part of a “The Best of Trance 2004” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:25
Automanual (extended) Marco V 7:31
Automanual (original extended) Marco V NLE800400057 6:06
Automanual (radio edit) Marco V 2:52
Automanual [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) Marco V 0:55
Automanual On (extended mix) Marco V 4:02
Bash!! Marco V & Jochen Miller 3:12
Bash!! (part of a “MoS: Electro House Sessions 6” DJ‐mix) Marco V & Jochen Miller 2:54
Be There in the Morning Marco V feat. Felix Maginn 6:59
Bugabull (original mix) (part of “House Top 100, Vol. 20” DJ‐mix) Marco V 1:45
C:/ Del*mp3 (original mix) (part of a “Sensation 2003: White Edition” DJ‐mix) Marco V 2:55
C:/del*.mp3 Marco V ?:??
C:\\del *.Mp3 Marco V 5:55
c:\\del*.mp3 Marco V 4:08
C:\del *.mp3 Marco V 6:55
C:\del *.mp3 Marco V 2:14
C:\Del *.MP3 (part of “Trance Nation: America Three” DJ-mix) Marco V 7:32
C:\DEL *.MP3 (Peter's Reconstruction Mix) Marco V 8:11
c:\del*.mp3 Marco V 3:51
C:\del*.mp3 Marco V 5:51
C:\del*.mp3 Marco V 8:03
C:\del*.mp3 (part of a “Godskitchen: Pure Trance Classics” DJ‐mix) Marco V 2 4:13
C:\del*.mp3 (part of a “One Night at Glow Washington D.C.” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:08
C:\Del*.mp3 Marco V 5:02
C:\Del*.mp3 (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 20” DJ‐mix) Marco V 3:33
C:\Del*.MP3 Marco V 3:53
C:\del*.Mp3 (original edit) Marco V 2:49
C:\del*mp3 Marco V 7:08
C:\del*mp3 Marco V 8:04
c:del*.mp3 (part of “Surge 2003” DJ-mix) Marco V 2:14
C:Del*.Mp3 [ASOT Radio Classic] Marco V 6:14
Calling the Shots Marco V 4:24
Calling the Shots Marco V 4:24
Certainly Marco V 5:24
Certainly Marco V 2:40
Certainly Marco V 5:00
Certainly Marco V 4:39
Certainly Marco V ?:??

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