The Killers (American alt. rock)

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Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Language Attributes Rating
A Matter of Time
Song eng
All the Pretty Faces
All These Things That I've Done
Song eng
Andy, You're a Star
Battle Born
Song eng
Be Still
Song eng
Believe Me Natalie
Bling (Confession of a King) Song eng
  • GW34763991 (APRA ID)
  • 322093258 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487919-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5157-3 (JASRAC ID)
Bones Song eng
  • GW34764010 (APRA ID)
  • 322093598 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487923-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0V7-4868-2 (JASRAC ID)
Change Your Mind
Daddy's Eyes
Deadlines and Commitments
Song eng
Enterlude Song eng
  • GW34764532 (APRA ID)
  • 351135676 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487918-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5162-0 (JASRAC ID)
Everything Will Be Alright
Exitlude Song eng
  • GW34764576 (APRA ID)
  • 351136451 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487927-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5172-7 (JASRAC ID)
Flesh and Bone
Song eng
For Reasons Unknown Song eng
  • GW34764657 (APRA ID)
  • 361556158 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487920-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5158-1 (JASRAC ID)
From Here on Out
Song eng
Heart of a Girl
Song eng
Here With Me
Song eng
Hotel California Song eng
  • 380174570 (ASCAP ID)
  • 2158644 (BMI ID)
Human Song eng
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Song eng
Midnight Show
Miss Atomic Bomb
Song eng
Mr. Brightside
Song eng
My List Song eng
  • GW34766014 (APRA ID)
  • 432263875 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487924-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5167-1 (JASRAC ID)
On Top
Read My Mind Song eng
  • GW34766576 (APRA ID)
  • 481310016 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487921-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5160-3 (JASRAC ID)
Romeo and Juliet Song eng
Song eng
Sam’s Town Song eng
  • GW34766670 (APRA ID)
  • 493884796 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487921-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5163-8 (JASRAC ID)
Smile Like You Mean It
Somebody Told Me Song eng
  • 492365116 (ASCAP ID)
The Rising Tide
Song eng
The Way It Was
Song eng
This River Is Wild Song eng
  • GW34767095 (APRA ID)
  • 503291576 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487925-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5168-9 (JASRAC ID)
Song eng
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  • U2 (composer)
  • Bono (lyricist)
Uncle Jonny Song eng
  • GW34767233 (APRA ID)
  • 510446378 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487922-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5161-1 (JASRAC ID)
When You Were Young Song eng
  • GW34625428 (APRA ID)
  • 531845353 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9457608-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0V6-6337-7 (JASRAC ID)
Where the White Boys Dance Song eng
  • GW34767407 (APRA ID)
  • 531880350 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9488357-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5173-5 (JASRAC ID)
Why Do I Keep Counting? Song eng
  • GW34767414 (APRA ID)
  • 531880476 (ASCAP ID)
  • 9487926-001 (GEMA ID)
  • 0W3-5170-1 (JASRAC ID)
Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself