Juanitos (French rock/rock/reggae band from Chambery, France)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Amazons at Louie's The Juanitos 2:42
Apprenons Le Cha Cha Cha Les Juanitos 2:44
Ballad of the Juanitos The Juanitos 2:46
Banana Oow Mow Mow The Juanitos 2:25
Black Samba Juanitos 2:42
Brasilian Reggae Juanitos 2:56
Come on Everybody The Juanitos 2:02
Cool Reggae Party Juanitos 3:03
Daddy Lolo The Juanitos 2:16
Dead Insect Mambo Juanitos 3:42
Del Carnaval Les Juanitos 4:00
Del Walkin' The Juanitos 2:30
Do the Cobra The Juanitos 3:26
Do The Cobra Juanitos 3:25
Do The Kangaroo Juanitos 3:18
El Cha Cha Man Les Juanitos 3:36
El Loco Boogaloo Juanitos 2:58
El Rítmo Juanitos 2:41
En Croisiere Les Juanitos 2:07
Exotica Les Juanitos 3:45
Frankenstein in Shanghai Juanitos 3:04
Funkula Les Juanitos 4:26
Gaboni's Beat The Juanitos 1:16
Gamma Love The Juanitos 3:25
Glitter Bomb Juanitos 2:36
Goin' to Eldorado The Juanitos 1:58
Happy Gladiators The Juanitos 2:04
Heartbeat Dub Juanitos 4:23
Hola Hola Bossa Nova Juanitos 3:27
Hola Hola Bossa Nova Juanitos 3:26
Homesick The Juanitos 2:54
Hot Godzilla Mambo The Juanitos 2:23
I'm Your DJ Juanitos 2:56
In Hawai The Juanitos 2:28
Jungle Feever Revisited The Juanitos 3:51
Killer Klowns From Outer Space Juanitos ?:??
La Black Mustang Foursuite Juanitos 2:15
La Course Les Juanitos 4:14
Latin Fever Juanitos 2:50
Limbodrome Les Juanitos 3:09
Manic Dragster The Juanitos 2:46
Mariachis 2000 Juanitos 2:12
Mister Michallon The Juanitos 1:35
Mondo Wack Juanitos 1:39
Night of the Siren The Juanitos 4:28
No Reason to Complain Juanitos 4:03
Octopussy Les Juanitos 4:10
Ooh La La Boogaloo Juanitos 2:24
Oomp Boomp The Juanitos 2:49
Oriental Fever Les Juanitos 4:51
Pancho Is a Bad Guy Juanitos 3:08
Planeta Batucada Juanitos 3:42
Put the Beat on J Juanitos 2:37
Sai-k-delic Party Juanitos 2:41
Samba de Che Guevara Juanitos 4:35
Sambarama Les Juanitos 4:24
Soul Africa Juanitos 2:40
Soul Walking Juanitos 3:22
Spanish Reggae Juanitos 3:48
Stereophonic Motor Club Juanitos 3:01
Stop The Juanitos 2:08
Strange Italian Song Les Juanitos 4:14
Super Exotic 60's Beat Juanitos 2:37
Supernatural Juanitos 3:33
Tamales & Rock'n'Roll The Juanitos 2:23
Tango Brujo Juanitos 4:18
The Incredible Juanitos 2:59
The Link The Juanitos 2:56
The Smoking Sound Juanitos 2:08
The Snooze The Juanitos 2:58
Twist in Hawaii The Juanitos ?:??
Universal Diddley The Juanitos 2:44
Waves of Gooks The Juanitos 2:06
Woman s Libertation Juanitos 5:01

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