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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1977 Bundle of Joy membranophone Freddie Hubbard 5:45
1977 From Behind membranophone Freddie Hubbard 4:58
1977 From Now On membranophone Freddie Hubbard 4:35
1977 I Don't Want to Lose You membranophone Freddie Hubbard 4:03
1977 Portrait of Jenny membranophone Freddie Hubbard 6:23
1977 Rahsann membranophone Freddie Hubbard 6:40
1977 Rainy Day Song membranophone Freddie Hubbard 4:04
1977 Tucson Stomp membranophone Freddie Hubbard 4:50
1981-04-18 Bags' Groove membranophone Milt Jackson 4:04
1981-04-18 Days of Wine and Roses membranophone Milt Jackson 3:51
1981-04-18 I Owes Ya membranophone Milt Jackson 5:48
1981-04-18 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You membranophone Milt Jackson 5:00
1981-04-18 Look of Love membranophone Milt Jackson 5:25
1987-03 – 1987-04 Birds of Passage membranophone Sadao Watanabe 5:24
1987-03 – 1987-04 Burung Burung "Birds" membranophone Sadao Watanabe 5:39
1987-03 – 1987-04 Just a Touch membranophone Sadao Watanabe 4:36
1987-03 – 1987-04 Salvador membranophone Sadao Watanabe 5:03
1991-02 – 1991-03 As You Say membranophone 渡辺貞夫 4:00
1991-02 – 1991-03 Blue on Green membranophone 渡辺貞夫 5:00
1991-02 – 1991-03 Catch Me in the Sun membranophone 渡辺貞夫 4:08
1991-02 – 1991-03 Old Photograph membranophone 渡辺貞夫 4:40
1991-02 – 1991-03 Only Love membranophone 渡辺貞夫 4:30
1994 Loving You drums (drum set) Nancy Wilson 4:10
After All (love theme from Chances Are) drums (drum set) Cher duet with Peter Cetera 4:04
Alibis membranophone Sérgio Mendes 4:03
All Blues membranophone Greg Mathieson 8:56
Amuseum membranophone Robbie Buchanan, James Newton Howard, Lennie Castro, Nathan East, Mike Landau & Carlos Vega 4:15
As Far as the Eye Can See membranophone Keiko Matsui 4:40
Automatic Man electronic drum set and membranophone Michael Sembello 4:18
Baby You Got What It Takes membranophone Diane Schuur 4:33
Bahia Funk membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:52
Being With You membranophone George Benson 3:54
Believer membranophone 松居慶子 4:37
Best Little Girl membranophone Randy Newman 2:30
Bleeding All Over the Place membranophone Randy Newman 4:16
Both Of Us membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:32
Butterfly membranophone Lee Ritenour 5:11
Cadillac membranophone Michael Sembello 4:14
Can't Keep a Good Man Down membranophone Randy Newman 2:43
Come Softly membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:28
Could You Be The One membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:48
Down South Camp Meetin' membranophone The Manhattan Transfer 3:00
É (Yeah!) membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:42
Earth Run membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:38
Every Now And Then membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:56
First Time electronic drum set Michael Sembello 3:07
For My Friends membranophone Greg Mathieson 4:01
Glory Train membranophone Randy Newman 4:46
Goe membranophone Greg Mathieson 4:10
Harlequin (Arlequim Desconhecido) membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:43
Heart of Stone drums (drum set) Cher 4:18
Here We Are membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:22
Hero membranophone Lee Ritenour 3:53
How Do You Stop membranophone Joni Mitchell 4:09
How Great Our Lord membranophone Randy Newman 2:43
I Do membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:35
I Don't Know membranophone Greg Mathieson 5:06
I Won’t Break Your Heart membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:28
If I’m Dreamin’ (Don’t Wake Me) membranophone Lee Ritenour 5:11
In the Groove membranophone Ronnie Laws ?:??
In The Mist membranophone 松居慶子 3:29
Lake Spirit 湖心 membranophone Osamu Kitajima 3:45
Le Ballade membranophone Robbie Buchanan, James Newton Howard, Lennie Castro, Nathan East, Mike Landau & Carlos Vega 3:42
Life in the Movies membranophone Sérgio Mendes 3:55
Light In The Rain membranophone 松居慶子 4:37
LMNOP membranophone Greg Mathieson 10:13
Love Dance membranophone George Benson 3:18
Love on a Rooftop drums (drum set) Cher 4:28
Love Will Come Again membranophone George Benson 5:44
Maniac electronic drum set Michael Sembello 4:20
Margo's Waltz membranophone Lloyd Cole 4:02
Mas Que Nada membranophone Sérgio Mendes 3:52
Midnight Love Affair membranophone George Benson 3:35
Mover membranophone 松居慶子 4:42
Not to Blame membranophone Joni Mitchell 4:18
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You membranophone George Benson 4:02
On My Own (album version) drums (drum set) Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald 4:50
One More Time membranophone 渡辺貞夫 5:02
Passion Is membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:33
Real Life membranophone Sérgio Mendes 4:00
Relax, Enjoy Yourself membranophone Randy Newman 5:41
Round the Corner membranophone Kazu Matsui Project 4:48
Sailing membranophone 渡辺貞夫 5:57
San Isidro membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:59
Sarara membranophone Sérgio Mendes 4:01
Savada membranophone Greg Mathieson 3:43
Secret Eyes membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:38
Soaring membranophone Lee Ritenour 5:38
Song for My Grandfather membranophone Greg Mathieson 4:52
Sticky Situation membranophone 岩崎宏美 3:20
The First Four Years membranophone 松居慶子 4:48
The Gate membranophone Keiko Matsui 3:52
The Higher You Rise membranophone Robbie Buchanan, James Newton Howard, Lennie Castro, Nathan East, Mike Landau & Carlos Vega 4:08
The Island membranophone Sérgio Mendes 3:38
The Ruins of Sonora membranophone Keiko Matsui 4:57
The Sauce membranophone Lee Ritenour 4:23
The Sound Of One Song membranophone Sérgio Mendes 3:24
There for Her membranophone Lloyd Cole 4:06
Toucan’s Dance membranophone Sérgio Mendes 3:42
Turbulent Indigo membranophone Joni Mitchell 3:34
Unforgettable membranophone Diane Schuur 3:56
Use Me membranophone George Benson 4:23
Walls of the Cave membranophone Keiko Matsui 5:14
Water From the Moon membranophone Lee Ritenour 5:33
We Can Only Try membranophone Diane Schuur 3:18
What a Difference a Day Makes membranophone Diane Schuur 4:54
Willow Pattern 柳模様 membranophone Osamu Kitajima 6:48
Wise to the Lines membranophone Robbie Buchanan, James Newton Howard, Lennie Castro, Nathan East, Mike Landau & Carlos Vega 4:07
Yamamé 山女 membranophone Osamu Kitajima 5:20
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice drums (drum set) [drums] Amy Grant and Kevin Costner 3:39
Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind membranophone Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron Neville
Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind membranophone Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville
Never Die Young percussion James Taylor
Never Die Young membranophone James Taylor
New Moon Shine drums (drum set) [drums] James Taylor
Nine Lives guest and membranophone Bonnie Raitt
Nine Lives (club edition) guest and membranophone Bonnie Raitt
Persona membranophone 浜田麻里
Persona membranophone 浜田麻里
Starting Over membranophone Reba McEntire
To Make Me Who I Am membranophone Aaron Neville
Warm Your Heart membranophone and percussion Aaron Neville
Wish drums (drum set) 岩崎宏美
Different Light additional Bangles
Different Light additional Bangles