Tom Hipskind

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member of:Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band (drums (drum set))
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1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Easy Does ItmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:47
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Harlem Air ShaftmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark3:29
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06I Want A Little GirlmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:36
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06JuniflipmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:09
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'membranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark6:15
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Launching PadmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:38
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06NodidomembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark5:19
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Rockin' In RhythmmembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:08
1995-12-05 – 1995-12-06Squeeze MemembranophoneClark Terry, DePaul University Big Band & Bob Lark4:22
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10A Foggy Daydrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band3:34
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Donny's Tempodrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band6:58
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Fascinatin' Rhythmdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band5:33
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Girl Talkdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band5:28
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Jumpin' At the Westsidedrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band5:47
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10My One and Only Lovedrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band5:53
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10She's Gonedrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band4:56
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Speak Lowdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band2:42
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Stella By Starlightdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band6:05
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Taylor's Waltzdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band7:39
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10The Touch of Your Lipsdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band5:36
1997-01-13 – 1997-02-10Zootdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band3:53
2007-11-05 – 2007-11-18It Might as Well Be Springdrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band6:33
2007-11-05 – 2007-11-18Knee Deep in Riodrums (drum set)Rob Parton's Jazztech Big Band7:53
Blackbirddrums (drum set)Soleil Moon2:27
In Her Eyesdrums (drum set) and percussionBrian Culbertson5:04
Out of the Mistdrums (drum set)Brian Culbertson4:55
Take Me Home to Youcymbal and hi-hatBrian Culbertson6:25
Toi Et Moi (You And Me)drums (drum set)Brian Culbertson4:42
Tomorrow's Worldcymbal and hi-hatBrian Culbertson5:23