collaborator on: C.R.S. (German techno project.)
member of: Item One
Project 69
performs as: The Hidden (German techno producer Johannes Heil)
The Trinity (German producer Johannes Heil)
founded: Exile (Johannes Heil’s & Markus Suckut’s label)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Die Eigene Achse Johannes Heil
Isis & Osiris Johannes Heil
Reality to Midi Johannes Heil
Remix R Us, Part 1 Johannes Heil
Remix R Us, Part 2 Johannes Heil
6 Days
Born in the Light
Brotherhood of Snakes
Calling, Part 1
Calling, Part 2
Chrildren of the Night
Dein Schweiss
Divine Light Force
Ether World, Part 1
Ether World, Part 2
Future Primitive
Golden Dawn
Jump Around
Operation Strange
Paranoid Dancer
Pyramida Del Sol
Refraction of Light
Seven Stars
Take Control
The Chains of Babylon
The Omen
Who Am I The Hidden
6 Days Johannes Heil 4:04
1776 Johannes Heil 4:50
Amerika (D. Schoenemann's Hidden Agenda mix) Johannes Heil 5:22
Amerika (D. Tarrida's Sativae mix) Johannes Heil 4:26
Amerika (Deputy's Hi Pass mix) Johannes Heil 4:36
Amerika (J. Berkovi's Predicaments mix) Johannes Heil 4:12
Born in the Light Johannes Heil 5:41
Brotherhood of Snakes Johannes Heil 6:00
Capuera Johannes Heil 6:31
Cherubim Johannes Heil 12:08
Children of the Night Johannes Heil 3:07
Contact Sven Väth 5:29
Dein Schweiss Sven Väth 4:52
Dein Schweiss (Master mix) Sven Väth 5:00
Dein Schweiss (Thomas P. Heckman remix) Sven Väth 6:13
Divine Light Force Johannes Heil 12:21
Electric Sparkle Frank Lorber 5:59
Ether World, Part 1 Johannes Heil 7:26
Ether World, Part 2 Johannes Heil 5:46
Feiern, Part 1 Johannes Heil 4:34
Future Primitive Johannes Heil 5:35
Golden Dawn Johannes Heil 5:38
Heilstyle Johannes Heil 7:27
Intro Johannes Heil 0:39
Intro Johannes Heil 1:33
Intro (feat. Martin Blechdose) Frank Lorber 1:25
Jailhouse Rocker Frank Lorber 6:33
Jump Around Johannes Heil 6:04
Medizin Frank Lorber 6:40
Operation Strange Johannes Heil 4:17
Outro Johannes Heil 2:18
Paranoid Dancer (Alexander Kowalski remix) Johannes Heil 6:51
Paranoid Dancer (DJ Hell remix) Johannes Heil ?:??
Paranoid Dancer (Don Quixote mix by Heiko Laux) Johannes Heil 6:55
Paranoid Dancer (Re-Mastered original) Johannes Heil ?:??
Pax, Part 3 Johannes Heil 4:48
Play Johannes Heil 5:03
Pyramida Del Sol Johannes Heil 4:03
Refraction of Light Johannes Heil 6:34
Seven Stars Johannes Heil 4:12
Spinal Chord Johannes Heil 5:19
Take Control Johannes Heil 6:44
The Chains of Babylon Johannes Heil 7:54
The Omen Johannes Heil 5:22
Tokyo Johannes Heil 5:11
Tomorrow Started Frank Lorber 4:00
Total Destruction (Johannes Heil remix) additional Ural 13 Diktators 5:34
Calling Johannes Heil
Die Eigene Achse Johannes Heil
Isis & Osiris Johannes Heil
Remix R Us, Part 1 Johannes Heil
Remix R Us, Part 2 Johannes Heil
Bizarre Love Triangle (Johannes Heil remix) Commercial Breakup 6:05
Der Verfall #2 (Johannes Heil - Extrem Verfall mix) Der Verfall 5:30
Graviton (Johannes Heil remix) D.Diggler ?:??
Omen A.M. (Johannes Heil remix I) Sven Väth 6:16
Presence (Golden Dawn mix by Johannes Heil) Heiko Laux 8:22
Tanz mit Laibach (Johannes Heil Crucified remix) Laibach 6:15
The Fortunate Ones (Johannes Heil's Back to 95 mix) Thomas Schumacher 6:32
Total Destruction (Johannes Heil remix) Ural 13 Diktators 5:34
Total Destruction (Johannes Heil remix) Ural 13 Diktators 3:54
Total Destruction (Johannes Heil remix) Ural 13 Diktators 4:30
When I Rock (Johannes Heil mix) Thomas Schumacher 3:30
When I Rock (Johannes Heil mix) Thomas Schumacher 5:51
When I Rock (Johannes Heil remix) Thomas Schumacher ?:??
Paradox Johannes Heil 6:43
Paranoid Dancer Johannes Heil 9:01
[untitled] (The Oldschoolstreet D2/#8)
Cycle Mode
Enter Club
I Love to Beat You, 'Cause I Hate You
Paranoid Dancer
Reality to Midi
Strange Days