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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All Is Not Lost kidkanevil feat. Cuushe & Cokiyu 7:35
Blue Sky re:plus feat. Cokiyu 5:36
Brazil トベタ・バジュン feat. Cokiyu & LAVA JPN351200835 4:56
Drag the Beast cokiyu 3:54
Fluorite (with LASTorder) cokiyu 4:08
Gdb cokiyu 2:38
Gdb (Geskia remix) cokiyu 5:55
Gloomy cokiyu 3:03
Gloomy cokiyu 3:28
Haku (Madegg Remix) cokiyu 9:34
Hedgehog's Wedding cokiyu 4:51
Hoshi No Tame No Komoriuta Blue Foundation feat. Cokiyu 5:40
In the Air cokiyu 4:57
In the Air (Ametsub remix) cokiyu 6:22
Little Waves cokiyu 5:45
Mirror Flake cokiyu 6:19
Mirror Flake cokiyu 6:18
Mirror Flake (Tyme. remix) cokiyu 7:08
More cokiyu 4:14
Org cokiyu 2:04
Piano and Frog cokiyu 4:23
Pulsation (with Geskia!) cokiyu 5:17
Recall cokiyu 4:35
Roadz cokiyu 4:22
Round in Fog cokiyu 3:20
Round in Fog cokiyu 3:18
See the sun cokiyu 2:39
See the Sun cokiyu 5:43
Stagnancy (with nanonum) cokiyu 2:21
Star Takes a Rest cokiyu 5:14
Storm cokiyu 2:21
Textured Clouds cokiyu 3:59
The Other Side Of Love トベタ・バジュン feat. cokiyu 5:37
Tomie kidkanevil feat. Cokiyu 2:03
Twinkle Way cokiyu feat. Baths 3:08
Twinkle Way (with Baths) cokiyu 3:08
Vapor Doll (with 34423) cokiyu 3:54
Volar cokiyu 2:43
With My Umbrella cokiyu 4:47
Your Thorn cokiyu 4:54

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