Dirty (Southern US rap duo)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2 Deep Creepin Dirty 5:02
6 Deep Creepin Dirty 4:29
24 Inches Woodgrain Grippin Dirty 4:29
Ackamonkey Dirty 4:55
Ain't No Sunshine Dirty feat. Mr Blue 5:02
Alabama Dirty 4:38
Behind Ya Duke Dirty 2:57
Bendin' Corners Dirty 4:35
Black Flagg Dirty 2:24
C'Mon Dirty feat. Pastor Troy 4:45
Candyman Dirty 4:55
Check Myself Dirty 5:04
Chevy Rock Dirty 4:18
Chicken Hustlin' Dirty 4:46
Choppa Dirty 4:02
Choppin' Dirty 7:45
Comin Home (Troop Song) (feat. De' Shante Marshall & Kwantasia) Dirty 4:17
Couple Hundred (feat. Rodney Wilkerson) Dirty 4:43
Cry Alone Dirty 3:55
Da Hood Dirty 4:13
Da Hood Back Dirty 2:56
Da Land Dirty 5:23
Deep in da Street Dirty 4:08
Dipped in Blak Dirty 3:15
Discopolis (part of a “MoS: Clubbers Guide to Spring 2011” (AU) DJ‐mix) Dirty ?:??
Everybody Hollin' Dirty 4:03
Everybody Shoot (feat. Lil' Mario) Dirty 3:07
Feel Mi Ni Dirty 4:39
Field Nigga Dirty 4:20
Flexxn Dirty 4:28
Fuck Nigga Dirty 3:16
Fuck Witcha Dirty 4:34
Fuckkk da Police Dirty 4:09
Gangsta Dirty feat. Lil Burn One 4:17
Gangsta Wife Dirty feat. Maxamillion 5:28
Get Stupid Master P feat. Tank and Dirty ?:??
Ghetto Opera Dirty 4:15
Ghetto Ride Dirty 5:11
Gimme Sum Mo Dirty 3:31
Git Cha Handz Off Me Dirty 3:29
Hit da Floe Dirty 5:20
Hit da Floe Dirty 3:48
Hoochie Mama Dirty 4:07
I Got 50 (feat. Paris) Dirty 4:43
I Got 50 (skit) Dirty 0:39
I Wish Dirty feat. Mr. Blue, Lil Burn One, Wicked and Twist 5:00
I'm a Gangsta Dirty 3:30
I'm Main (feat. Lil' Mario) Dirty 4:35
If I Die Tonight Dirty 6:10
Intro Dirty 2:17
Intro Dirty 1:26
Just a Little Bit Mo (feat. Tanya Herron) Dirty 4:26
Just Look at Her (feat. Willie Wheat) Dirty 3:51
Just Venting Dirty 7:11
Just Wanna Hurt Me Dirty 4:46
Keep It Dirty feat. Khao & DBK 4:16
Keep My Name Out Your Mouth Dirty feat. Baby Pacino 4:25
Let's Ride (feat. Lil' Mario) Dirty 3:58
Lose Control (Candyman, Part 2) Dirty feat. Silk & Mr. Blue 5:10
Love Us or Hate Us Dirty 5:14
Makin Money (feat. Parlae) Dirty 4:44
Makin Money (skit) Dirty 2:36
Mo Dough Beelow feat. Dirty & Product ?:??
Moma I'm a Soldier Dirty 4:13
My Cadillac Dirty 3:31
My Pain D-Eazy feat. Dirty 3:50
No More Tears Dirty feat. Maxamillion 6:28
On Them Master P feat. Tank and Dirty ?:??
Outro Dirty 0:50
Paid My Dues Dirty 4:50
Pimp Life Dirty 4:15
Pray for Me Dirty 3:38
Preachers Dirty 5:26
R.I.P. Dirty 6:21
Rearview Mirror Dirty 4:08
Ride Dirty 6:06
Ride 4 Me Dirty 4:58
Rolie Polie (feat. Bun B) Dirty 4:16
Rollin Vogues Dirty 3:51
Ruff Side Dirty 4:10
Run Nigga Run (Skit) Dirty 0:29
Same Old Hood Dirty 3:54
Set Up Dirty 4:41
Sholl Iz Dirty 4:05
Shut Em Down (feat. Killa & J-Ral) Dirty 4:37
Side Bitch Dirty 4:46
Silky Pimp Cutta Dirty 3:48
Slob on My Nobb Dirty 1:43
Snitcher (skit) Dirty 0:57
Sometimes Dirty 4:30
Southern Girl Dirty 3:31
Stop Lyin' (feat. J-Rai) Dirty 4:24
Stop Playin' (feat. Mr. Blue) Dirty 3:33
Sunshine Dirty 3:06
That's Dirty Dirty feat. Mannie Fresh 4:13
That's Dirty Dirty feat. Mannie Fresh, Lil Burn One & Mr. Blue 4:13
That's Why I Dirty feat. Lil Burn One 4:14
The Pimp & Da Gansta Dirty 6:35
Think About You Dirty feat. Ms Flossy 4:20
Thou Shall Not Kill Dirty feat. Twist and Wicked 4:43

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