Current 93

~ Group


additional members: Freya Aswynn
James Blackshaw (British guitarist)
Ben Chasny (American guitarist)
Maja Elliott (pianist) (piano)
David Kenny (member of Aeolian String Ensemble / engineer at IPS Studio)
James Malindaine-Lafayette (harpist)
Rose McDowall
Boyd Rice
Nick Saloman (British guitarist)
Tony Wakeford (neofolk musician)
Joolie Wood
John Balance (1982 – 1996)
Steven Stapleton (UK experimental musician) (1983 –)
John Murphy (industrial and neofolk musician) (1983 – 1985)
Steve Ignorant (1984 – 1985)
Douglas P (Death in June) (1987 – 1993)
Michael Cashmore (1991 –)
Andrew W.K. (2007 –)
collaborator on: Zu93
original members: David Tibet (lead vocals) (1982 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
All the Pretty Little Horses Current 93 2:36
All the Pretty Little Horsies Current 93 2:37
Broken Birds Fly
Calling for Vanished Faces I
Calling for Vanished Faces II
I Have a Special Plan for This World
The Bloodbells Chime
The Death of the Corn
The Frolic
The Inmost Light
The Inmost Light Itself
The Inmost Night
The Long Shadow Falls
This Carnival Is Dead and Gone
Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil
1983 – 2000 The Great in the Small Current 93
Crystal Harry Oldfield
Edda Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson
Meet Their Waterloo The Aryan Aquarians
Meet Their Waterloo The Aryan Aquarians
Tantric Chant of Tibet The Venerable ' Rig.'dzin Lama, Rinpoche
Caresse Current 93 2:15
LAShTAL Current 93 4:05
Salt Current 93 3:48
Just What Do You Mean by 'Antichrist' Tiny Tim, Current 93 & Nurse With Wound 7:14
phonographic copyright
2000 I Have a Special Plan for This World Current 93
The Bells Shall Sound Forever Various Artists