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2013Hypnagogue: A Dream PrologueCurrent 931


1984Dogs Blood RisingCurrent 935
1984Nature UnveiledCurrent 935
1985In Menstrual NightCurrent 934
1987DawnCurrent 936
1987ImperiumCurrent 937
1988Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in SorrowCurrent 934
1988Earth Covers EarthCurrent 933
1988Swastikas for NoddyCurrent 9353
1989Crooked Crosses for the Nodding GodCurrent 933
1990Horse / Lex Talionis / Lumbs SisterCurrent 93 / Sol Invictus / Nurse With Wound1
1990Looney RunesCurrent 933
1991IslandCurrent 93 & HÖH3
1992Thunder Perfect MindCurrent 9345
1994Of Ruine or Some Blazing StarreCurrent 9353
1996All the Pretty Little HorsesCurrent 936
1997HorseyCurrent 934
1997In a Foreign Town, in a Foreign LandCurrent 93 with Thomas Ligotti2
1998Soft Black StarsCurrent 933
1999[untitled]Current Ninety Three / Michael Cashmore / Christoph Heemann1
2000FaustCurrent 932
2000Sleep Has His HouseCurrent 937
2001The Great in the SmallCurrent 933
2001Bright Yellow MoonCurrent 93 and Nurse With Wound33
2001This Degenerate Little TownCurrent 931
2001Who Is the Sufferer?Current 931
2002Music for the Horse HospitalCurrent 93 / Nurse With Wound1
2003HypnagogueCurrent 931
2005Hypnagogue I / Hypnagogue IICurrent 932
2006Black Ships Ate the SkyCurrent 9353
2006Black Ships Eat the SkyCurrent 931
2009Aleph at Hallucinatory MountainCurrent 935
2010Baalstorm, Sing OmegaCurrent 932
2010Haunted Waves, Moving GravesCurrent 932
2010EmblemsCurrent 931
2011HoneySuckle ÆonsCurrent 933
2014I Am the Last of All the Field That FellCurrent 935
2014My Name Is Nearly All That’s LeftCurrent 931
2014Sing OmegaCurrent 931
2015The Moons at Your DoorCurrent 932
2018The Stars on Their HorsiesCurrent 932
2018The Light Is Leaving Us AllCurrent 933
2019Invocations of AlmostCurrent 931
2022If a City Is Set Upon a HillCurrent 934

Album + Compilation

1993Emblems: The Menstrual YearsCurrent 931
1999Calling for Vanished FacesCurrent 931
2002Maldoror Is DeadCurrent 931
2003England’s Hidden ReverseNurse With Wound / Current 93 / Coil1
2004SixSixSix: SickSickSickCurrent 931
2005Judas as Black Moth: Hallucinatory Patripassianist SongCurrent 931
2007The Inmost LightCurrent 931
2008Birth Canal Blues (compilation of studio and live recordings)Current 931
2010Christ and the Pale Queens, Mighty in Their Sorrow / The Red Face of God / Emblems / As the World DisappearsCurrent 931
2010Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes and Rehearsals, Volume I: 1984–1990Current 931
2010Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes and Rehearsals, Volume II: 1991–1995Current 931
2010Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes, Rehearsals and Live 82–95Current 931
2015Swastikas for Noddy / Crooked Crosses for the Nodding GodCurrent 931

Album + Compilation + Remix

2010Like Swallowing EclipsesCurrent 93 dreamt by Andrew Liles2

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2011FACT Mix 253: Current 93Current 931

Album + Live

1986Live at Bar MaldororCurrent 937
1991As the World Disappears…Current 933
1992Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991-03-24Current 93 / Death in June / Sol Invictus1
1993Hitler as KalkiCurrent 931
1999All Dolled Up Like ChristCurrent 931
2001Cats Drunk on CopperCurrent 931
2003Live at St Olave's Church, London 2002Current 93 / Antony and the Johnsons1
2003Live at the Teatro Ibérico, Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday 8 February 2003Current 931
2003Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over LondonCurrent 932
2004HaloCurrent 933
2005How I Devoured Apocalypse BalloonCurrent 931
2007Birdsong in the EmpireCurrent 932
2009Aleph on Docetic MountainCurrent 931
2010Live in Tokyo, 20/21 December 1988Current 931
2010Live in Amsterdam, 8 December 1984 / Live in Hamburg, 16 June 1985Current 931
2011Live at Off Festival 2011, Katowice, Poland 4th August 2011Current 931
2012And When Rome FallsCurrent 931
2015This Ain’t the Summer of LoveCurrent 931

Album + Remix

2003A Little Menstrual Night MusicCurrent 931
2005How He Loved the Moon (Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance)Current 934


1984No Hiding From the Blackbird / Burial of the Stoned SardineCurrent 93 / Nurse With Wound2
1987CrowleymassCurrent 93 & HÖH2
1988Faith’s FavouritesCurrent 93 and Nurse With Wound1
1988The Red Face of GodCurrent 931
1989She Is Dead and All Fall Down / God Has Three Faces and Wood Has No NameCurrent 931
1990Abbatoirs of Love / The Summer of LoveSol Invictus / Current 931
1994TamlinCurrent 931
1995Where the Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight)Current 932
1996When the May Rain ComesCurrent 933
1998A Gothic Love SongCurrent 931
1999Misery FarmCurrent 931
2000Cripple and the Starfish / Immortal BirdCurrent 93 / Antony and the Johnsons2
2004The Courtyard / JerusalemCurrent 931
2006At Sunset Black Ships Ate the SkyCurrent 931
2007Black Ship in the UnderworldCurrent 93 with Sebastian Horsley1
2011Drank Honeysuckle ÆonsCurrent 931
2012Passenger “Aleph” in NameCurrent 931
2013I Arose as Aleph, the Speller, the KillerCurrent 931
2021Soft as the SunCurrent 931

Single + Live

2004Time of the Last Persecution / Black Flowers, PleaseCurrent 931

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