Name ISRCs Rating Length
Arrival in India 4:47
Buddha Imprisons Monkey 2:35
Chased by Bandits 1:29
Dance of the Devil Demons 2:56
Epilogue (Reprise: Happiness is Being a Monkey!) 1:53
Heaven Tries to Co-opt Monkey 6:53
Hell is My Home 5:03
Monkey and Tang Seng Argue and Goddess Kwan Yin Intercedes 3:25
Monkey Decides to Return Home "to Right the Great Wrongs" 2:23
Monkey Meets the Dragon King and Gets a New Weapon 9:43
Monkey to the Rescue 5:12
Monkey Wreaks Havoc in Heaven 18:41
Monkey's Origin 3:35
Ogre's Lament 1:58
Overture - The Journey Begins 5:09
Pig is Happy and Joins the Pilgrims 1:09
Prologue 1:53
Siren Spider Seduction Song 5:28
Sitting Around the Campfire 1:14
Spider Woman Vampire Introduction 3:10
The Allies Arrive: The Gathering of the Tricksters, Guerillas, Womyn Warriors, Outcasts and the Oppressed 4:12
The Coming of Pig 6:57
The Might Battle (the Struggle of all Struggles)! 3:53
The Monkey Strut! 1:26
The Pilgrims Meet Friar Sand, the Ogre 6:50
The Revolution Begins - The Liberation of Flower and Fruit Mountain 5:37
Victory! Kwan Yin is Free! 1:57

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