Beans (US rapper, member of Antipop Consortium)

~ Person


legal name: Robert Stewart
member of: Antipop Consortium
signed by: Warp (UK independent label)
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VIAF ID: VIAF: 53903287 [info]
Wikidata: Q2892832 [info]
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Rose Periwinkle Plum Beans 5:14
Sickle Cell Hysteria Beans 3:20
Xon Beans 2:15
Dystopian Disco Force Moog Antipop Consortium 2:04
Lift membranophone Antipop Consortium 2:23
The Blinds Cage
Morale Crusher Prefuse 73 feat. Beans 1:14
Move Slow New Flesh feat. Beans 3:56
Driving in Circles Antipop Consortium 3:29
Dystopian Disco Force Antipop Consortium 2:04
Ghostlawns / 2 Antipop Consortium 4:12
Lift Antipop Consortium 2:23
Monster Sex Antipop Consortium 0:07
Moon Zero X-M Antipop Consortium 1:03
Nude Paper Antipop Consortium 3:15
Vector Antipop Consortium 2:45
Hot Venom percussion Beans 2:49
Mearle percussion Beans 4:12
Mutescreamer percussion Beans 3:20
Phreek the Beet percussion Beans 3:17
Raping Silence percussion Beans 3:05
Roar percussion Beans 2:21
Rose Periwinkle Plum percussion Beans 5:14
Sickle Cell Hysteria percussion Beans 3:20
Slow Broken percussion Beans 3:10
Walking by Night percussion Beans 3:39
Xon percussion Beans 2:15
St. Catherine St. additional Deltron 3030 0:44
Substance X guest and lead vocals Curse of the Golden Vampire 5:28
The Blinds Cage Mark Pritchard feat. Beans 5:02