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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I Will Survive Capleton 3:51
I Will Survive Capleton 3:31
I'm in Love Capleton ?:??
If You Dis Marcus Capleton 1:27
In & Out Capleton ?:??
In Her Heart Capleton 3:55
In Her Heart Capleton 3:52
In Her Heart Capleton 3:50
In Her Heart Capleton ?:??
In or Out Capleton ?:??
In Your Eyes Capleton 4:20
Inna De Fire Capleton 3:46
Inna Mi Gun (Dub) Capleton 1:13
Intro Capleton 0:25
Intro Capleton 0:59
Intro Capleton ?:??
Intro Capleton ?:??
Intro Mighty Mike (Fire Fm) Capleton ?:??
Invasion Capleton 1:59
Invation Capleton 3:49
Istyic in the Clouds Capleton 3:40
It Was Written Damian Marley feat. Stephen Marley, Capleton & Drag‐On USMO10110787 2 5:58
It Was Written Capleton ?:??
It Was Written Capleton ?:??
It's Meditation Capleton 4:00
It's On Capleton ?:??
Jah by My Side Capleton 3:22
Jah Is Gonna Work It Out Capleton feat. Glen Washington 4:09
Jah Is My Everything Capleton 4:48
Jah Is My Everything Capleton 4:01
Jah Jah Bless Chezidek feat. Capleton 4:01
Jah Jah City Capleton 3:19
Jah Jah City Capelton 3:36
Jah Jah City Capleton ?:??
Jah Jah City Capleton 2:54
Jah Jah City Capleton 3:10
Jah Jah City Capleton 3:22
Jah Jah City Capleton 5:50
Jah Jah City Capleton ?:??
Jah Jah City Capleton ?:??
Jah Jah City Capleton ?:??
Jah Jah City Capleton ?:??
Jah Jah Lift My Head Capleton 3:46
Jah Jah Lives Capleton 3:01
Jah Kingdom Capleton & Luciano 3:47
Jah Lives Capleton 3:44
Jah Protect Us Capleton 3:42
Jah Protect Us Capleton 1:12
Jah Protect Us Capleton 3:42
Judgement Capleton 3:45
Judgement Morning Capleton 3:11
Kill Ya Sound Capleton, KONFAB, Oracle Flo, Ben Sharpa & Terror MC 6:11
Killing Capleton ?:??
Killing Spree Capleton 3:16
King Is A King Capleton 4:05
Kingston Town Fantan Mojah feat. Capleton and Turbulence 3:53
Knock It Capleton 2:55
Know How Fe Work Capleton 3:54
Know WI Capleton ?:??
Leaders Capleton 2:04
Leaders Let the People Down Capleton 4:50
Leaders Let The People Down Capleton 4:52
Leave Babylon Capleton 4:12
Leave Babylon Capleton 4:12
Leave Out the Gun Capleton ?:??
Level Your Heart Capleton 4:01
Liberation Yami Bolo & Capleton 4:04
Liberation Time (Blanco remix) Azad feat. Capleton 4:12
Liberation Time (remix) Capleton feat. Booba 3:12
Lie Dem a Tell Capleton ?:??
Live It Up Gentleman feat. Capleton 3:55
Live Up Capleton 3:43
Living in a Dream Brian & Tony Gold / Capleton 3:39
Lock Up Capleton 2:51
Lock Up Capleton 2:50
Lock Up Capleton 3:25
Lock What Capleton 2:44
Log on Girls Capleton 3:46
Log on Girls Capleton 3:33
Log on Girls Capleton 3:29
Log On Girls Capleton 3:32
Long John Capleton 3:41
Long Time Capleton 0:45
Long Time Capleton 3:02
Long Time Capleton 1:03
Long Way Capleton ?:??
Longest Time Capleton ?:??
Look Goodin Har Clothes Capleton 3:41
Lotion Man Capleton 3:26
Lotion Man Capleton 3:26
Love Capleton 3:56
Love Is Coming at You Capleton 3:39
Love Is Coming at You Capleton 3:39
Love Mama Capleton 3:34
Love the Ghetto Youths Capleton 3:45
Love the One Capleton 3:44
Love the One You're With Capleton 3:44
Loving You Capleton 2:47
Loving You Capleton 1:24
Lyrics With Understanding Capleton 3:49

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