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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
War from ‘Pearl Harbor’Hans Zimmer5:01
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22A Place I've Never BeenhornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:33
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22After BurnerhornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra7:47
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22All BlueshornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:44
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22Back to the KlondikehornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:33
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22Here, There, and EverywherehornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:19
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22IntimationshornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:03
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22Meet Us at the Back DoorhornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra4:59
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22NightfallhornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:44
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22Winds of the HearthornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:22
1999-07-21 – 1999-07-22Yucca FlathornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra7:53
2001-08 – 2003-05Autumn SambaFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:42
2001-08 – 2003-05East of ZamoraFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra9:49
2001-08 – 2003-05El capitanFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra5:55
2001-08 – 2003-05Red ShiftFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:57
2001-08 – 2003-05San Mateo RunFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:00
2001-08 – 2003-05String TheoryFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:25
2001-08 – 2003-05The Road to XanaduFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra4:28
2001-08 – 2003-05Three Day SuckersFrench hornBruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra6:48
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasYvonne S. MoriartyflugelhornChris Botti4:31
Dark at the End of the TunnelYvonne S. Moriartyadditional and French hornOingo Boingo
A Family AffairHans Zimmer & Nick Glennie‐Smith3:34
A Place Among the StarsHans Zimmer3:27
Afraid of TimeHans Zimmer2:32
AirYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer2:21
AngelicaHans Zimmer, Eduardo Cruz featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela4:17
Angry and Dead AgainRodrigo y Gabriela & Hans Zimmer5:34
At Wit’s EndHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Geoff Zanelli, Henry Jackman & Atli Örvarsson8:06
Atmospheric EntryHans Zimmer1:40
Battle for Pride Rock (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer11:01
Beyond My Beloved HorizonGeoff Zanelli2:41
BlackbeardHans Zimmer, Matthew Margeson, Tom Gire & John Sponsler5:05
CalypsoHans Zimmer & Geoff Zanelli3:03
Cornfield ChaseHans Zimmer2:06
CowardHans Zimmer8:26
Davy JonesHans Zimmer3:15
Day OneHans Zimmer3:19
Dead Men Tell No TalesGeoff Zanelli1:51
DeletionHans Zimmer?:??
DetachHans Zimmer6:42
Dinner Is ServedHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Mel Wesson, Nick Glennie‐Smith & Bruce Fowler1:30
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightJohn Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey & Mackenzie Foy1:37
Dreaming of the CrashHans Zimmer3:55
Drink Up Me HeartiesHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Geoff Zanelli & Henry Jackman4:32
DustHans Zimmer5:41
El matador del marGeoff Zanelli & Anthony Willis8:05
Elephant Graveyard (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer6:38
End CreditsHans Zimmer & Geoff Zanelli2:00
First StepHans Zimmer1:47
Flying DroneHans Zimmer1:53
God Yu Tekem Laef Blong MiYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer1:58
Guilty of Being Innocent of Being Jack SparrowHans Zimmer & Matthew Margeson1:43
Hello BeastieHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Tom Gire & John Sponsler10:16
Hoist the ColoursHans Zimmer & Gore Verbinski1:31
I Don’t Think Now Is the Best TimeHans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Henry Jackman, Atli Örvarsson, Tom Gire & John Sponsler10:45
I See Dead People in BoatsHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe & Atli Örvarsson7:09
I’m Going HomeHans Zimmer5:48
I’ve Come With the Butcher’s BillGeoff Zanelli & Steve Mazzaro6:41
I’ve Got My Eye on YouHans Zimmer & Trevor Morris2:25
Imperfect LockHans Zimmer6:54
InsertionHans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch, Steve Mazzaro & Bryce Jacobs?:??
Jack SparrowHans Zimmer6:06
Journey to the LineYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer9:17
Kill the Filthy Pirate, I’ll WaitGeoff Zanelli, Paul Mounsey & Anthony Willis4:50
Kill the SparrowGeoff Zanelli, Paul Mounsey & Phill Boucher6:16
Life’s Not Fair (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer1:44
LightYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer7:20
MermaidsHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli & Eric Whitacre8:05
Message From HomeHans Zimmer1:40
MountainsHans Zimmer3:39
Multiple JacksHans Zimmer & Atli Örvarsson3:52
MutinyHans Zimmer, Matthew Margeson, Tom Gire & John Sponsler2:49
My Name Is BarbossaGeoff Zanelli, Paul Mounsey & Zak McNeil5:34
No Need to Come BackHans Zimmer4:32
No Time for CautionHans Zimmer4:06
No Woman Has Ever Handled My HerschelGeoff Zanelli, Paul Mounsey, Phill Boucher & Zak McNeil3:59
On Stranger TidesHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli & Eric Whitacre2:44
One DayHans Zimmer, Henry Jackman, Tom Gire & John Sponsler4:02
Palm Tree EscapeHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela3:06
ParlayHans Zimmer2:10
Rafiki’s Fireflies (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer1:53
RecklessHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe & Bryce Jacobs?:??
Reflections of Mufasa (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer5:09
Remember (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer3:10
Running OutHans Zimmer1:57
S.T.A.Y.Hans Zimmer6:23
SalazarGeoff Zanelli4:27
Scar Takes the Throne (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer2:51
ShansaGeoff Zanelli & Phill Boucher3:12
She Needs the SeaGeoff Zanelli & Phill Boucher2:32
SilenceYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer5:05
Simba Is Alive! (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer3:38
SingaporeHans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Geoff Zanelli, Tom Gire, John Sponsler & Atli Örvarsson3:41
South of Heaven's Chanting MermaidsRodrigo y Gabriela & Hans Zimmer5:49
Stampede (The Lion King - 2019 version)Hans Zimmer7:47
StayHans Zimmer6:52
Stone in My HeartYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer4:28
The Brethren CourtHans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Lorne Balfe & Atli Örvarsson2:21
The Brightest Star in the NorthGeoff Zanelli6:00
The Coral AtollYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer8:00
The Devil’s TriangleGeoff Zanelli, Paul Mounsey & Phill Boucher2:45
The Dying GullGeoff Zanelli & Paul Mounsey1:01
The KrakenHans Zimmer6:55
The LagoonYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer8:36
The Pirate That Should Not BeRodrigo y Gabriela & Hans Zimmer3:56
The Power of the SeaGeoff Zanelli & Phill Boucher4:07
The VillageYvonne S. MoriartyHans Zimmer5:52
The WormholeHans Zimmer1:30
Tia DalmaHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli & Lorne Balfe3:58
TreasureGeoff Zanelli5:43
Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)Tom Gire & John Sponsler1:14
Up Is DownHans Zimmer & Henry Jackman2:42
VayenthaHans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski & Benjamin Wallfisch?:??
VeniceHans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch & Steve Mazzaro?:??
What Happens Now?Hans Zimmer2:26
What Shall We Die ForHans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski & Nick Glennie‐Smith2:03
Wheel of FortuneHans Zimmer, Tom Gire & John Sponsler6:46
Where We’re GoingHans Zimmer7:41
You Look Good JackHans Zimmer5:34
You Speak of the TridentGeoff Zanelli, Phill Boucher & Zak McNeil1:58
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackYvonne S. MoriartyadditionalHans Zimmer and Junkie XL
HannibaladditionalHans Zimmer
Hannibal: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackadditionalHans Zimmer
Outlander (Limited Edition)Yvonne S. MoriartyGeoff Zanelli
The Bourne IdentityJohn Powell
The Bourne IdentityJohn Powell
The Dark Knight RisesYvonne Suzette MoriartyHans Zimmer
The Last Samurai: Original Motion Picture ScoreHans Zimmer
The Pacific: Music From the HBO MiniseriesHans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli & Blake Neely
The RockNick Glennie‐Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson‐Williams
The RockNick Glennie‐Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson‐Williams
The Rock: Original Motion Picture ScoreNick Glennie‐Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson‐Williams
Transformers: The ScoreSteve Jablonsky
Alexander Platz / Abbotts Confesses
Barbossa Is Hungry
Berlin Foot Chase
Bim Bam Smash
Blood Ritual
Bootstrap's Bootstraps
Fog Bound
Funeral Pyre
Gathering Data
He's a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
Moonlight Serenade (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
Moscow Wind Up
Nach Deutschland
New Memories
One Last Shot
Skull and Crossbones
Swords Crossed (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
The Drop
The Medallion Calls (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
To the Pirates' Cave!
To the Roof (The Bourne Supremacy)
Underwater March
Walk the Plank
Will and Elizabeth