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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
At the Mall Skee-Lo 4:06
At the Mall (Urban mix) Skee-Lo 4:05
Boomerang Skee-Lo feat. Rhett Fisher 3:31
Bounce Back Skee-Lo 4:14
Club Song Skee-Lo feat. Nivel & KG 3:40
Come Back to Me Skee-Lo 3:27
Crenshaw Skee-Lo 3:54
Dime Piece Skee-Lo 4:57
Do It Tonight Skee-Lo 4:43
Do It Tonight (bonus mix) Skee-Lo 4:26
Done Done-It Skee-Lo 4:11
Friday Night Skee-Lo feat. Falcon Fly 3:47
Got What You Like Skee-Lo 4:43
Heaven Sakes Skee-Lo 3:47
Hip Hop Skee-Lo feat. Kidd Kutta 3:30
Holdin On Skee-Lo 4:02
Holdin' On Skee-Lo 3:15
Holdin’ On (Cooly’s Jeep mix) Skee-Lo 3:57
Holdin’ On (Colly’s Jeep mix) (part of “The Black Mix 98” DJ‐mix) Skee-Lo 3:51
Holdin’ On (Cooly’s Jazz mix) Skee-Lo 1 3:40
Holdin’ On (The Flip Da Scrip remix) Skee-Lo 4:02
I Can't Stop Skee-Lo 3:56
I Love L.A. Skee-Lo 3:53
I Wish Skee-Lo USVR10300417 3.65 4:10
I Wish Skee-Lo 6:15
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:57
I Wish Skee-Lo 4:00
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:33
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:39
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:54
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:54
I Wish Skee-Lo 4:04
I Wish Skee-Lo 4:08
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:13
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:55
I Wish Skee-Lo 2:52
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:48
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:03
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:25
I Wish Skee-Lo 2:24
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:53
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:43
I Wish Skee-Lo 4:39
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:32
I Wish Skee-Lo 3:57
I Wish Skee-Lo 4:10
I Wish (part of “1996 Hit Mix” DJ-mix) Skee-Lo 1:40
I Wish (part of “Chilled Hip Hop” DJ‐mix) Skee-Lo 4:01
I Wish (part of “MTV Presents Spring Dance Mix ’96” DJ‐mix) Skee-Lo 0:31
I Wish (part of “Pure Grooves” DJ-mix) Skee-Lo 2:26
I Wish (part of “Summertime: The Mixtape” DJ-Mix) Skee-Lo 1:31
I Wish (part of “The Mix of the Century, II” DJ-Mix) Skee Lo 1:45
I Wish (part of “These Are the Breaks” DJ-mix) Skee-Lo 3:49
I Wish (part of a “MoS: 90s Groove, Volume II” DJ‐mix) Skee-Lo 3:35
I Wish (part of a “MTV Party to Go, Volume 8” DJ‐mix) Skee-Lo 4:31
I Wish (part of Mix ’o’ Matic DJ-mix) Skee-Lo 3:08
I Wish (a cappella) Skee-Lo 5:36
I Wish (ARP extended edit) Skee-Lo 7:44
I Wish (Blend With Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full) Skee-Lo 3:35
I Wish (Concrete Jungle mix) Skee-Lo 4:32
I Wish (Drunkmaster Flex Refix) Skee-Lo ?:??
I Wish (Mama’s dub) Skee-Lo 4:47
I Wish (Mama’s street dub) Skee-Lo 4:42
I Wish (Old School dub) Skee-Lo 4:57
I Wish (radio edit) (part of “Club Mix 96” DJ-mix) Skee-Lo 2:44
I Wish (San Holo Remix) Skee-Lo 3:44
I Wish (Small Professor remix) Skee-Lo 3:56
I Wish (street mix) Skee-Lo 4:42
I Wish (Street mix) Skee-Lo 4:43
I Wish (Street mix) Skee-Lo 4:44
I Wish (Street mix) Skee-Lo 4:49
I Wish (Stylus Flava cut) Skee-Lo 3:53
I Wish (Stylus Flava mix) Skee-Lo 5:48
Just Like That (When I Was Comin' Up) Skee-Lo 4:23
Never Crossed My Mind Skee-Lo 4:04
Now You See My Life Deuce feat. Skee-Lo 4:18
Part of the Game Skee-Lo 4:07
R-U-A Player Skee-Lo 4:19
Raw Skee-Lo 3:16
Real Skee-Lo feat. KG & Tony Summers 3:10
Riding on Empty Skee-Lo feat. Rod Oakes 3:52
Street Life Skee-Lo 5:37
Superman Skee-Lo 4:11
Superman Skee-Lo 3:35
The Burger Song Skee-Lo 3:36
The Tale of Mr. Morton Skee-Lo 4:05
This Is How It Sounds Skee-Lo 3:25
Top of the Stairs Skee-Lo 4:32
Top of the Stairs Skee-Lo 3:23
Top of the Stairs (Hood mix) Skee-Lo 4:15
Top of the Stairs (Skee Funk mix - club) Skee-Lo 4:45
Top of the Stairs (Soul Inside mix) Skee-Lo 4:17
Top of the Stairs (Street radio mix) Skee-Lo 3:37
Top of the Stairs (vocal radio mix) (vocal radio mix) Skee-Lo 4:21
Untouchable Skee-Lo feat. C. Moe 4:30
Vibe Is Right Skee-Lo 4:39
Waitin' for You Skee-Lo 3:27
We On! Skee-Lo feat. A.C. 3:13
You Ain't Down Skee-Lo 3:50

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