Get Get Go (two-piece screamo band)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
... Doesn't Make You a Hero 0:42
Blood Stains Aren't So Apparent on Brown Carpet 1:13
Breakdown 0:24
Breaking and Entering Fr the Sake of a Goodnite Kiss 3:17
Breakup 1:52
Cheap Thrills and Platinum Girls 2:01
Crime Scene Photos Fr Yr Art School Portfolio 0:53
Dead Babies as a Reason Fr Getting Into Politics 1:12
Don't Forget to Thank Mom Fr Packing Yr Lunch 1:07
Fallen Over and Punched by Summer 1:12
Fucking Yr Mom Still Makes You a Virgin 1:07
Heartattacks Aren't Recreational Activities 0:10
If You Live Forever, You'd Die of Cancer Anyways 1:49
It's Like Having an Estranged Girlfriend in Northern Iowa 1:17
Molestation in the Eighth Grade Locker Room 1:02
My Job Was to Connect the Dots 1:14
Running Over the Community Service Worker 1:06
The Go Attack 8:14
Was It Domestic 0:39

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