Hectic E.P.Operation Ivy7" Vinyl6
Lookout! Records3
EnergyOperation Ivy12" Vinyl19
  • US1989-03-15
Lookout! RecordsLookout 010
Ramones EPOperation Ivy12" Vinyl6
Metröpolis Records (German bootleg label)[none]
Operation IvyOperation IvyCD27
  • US1991-07-01
Lookout! RecordsLookout 10CD763361001023
Operation IvyOperation IvyCD27
Lookout! RecordsLOOKOUT 10CD[none]
EnergyOperation IvyCassette27
Lookout! RecordsLookout Records Number 10 Cassette763361001047
Plea for PeaceOperation Ivy7" Vinyl4
'69 NewportOperation Ivy7" Vinyl2
Very Small RecordsVSR 511
SeedyOperation IvyCD11
Karma KreditKARCD-1
Lint: The King of SkaOperation Ivy7" Vinyl3
1988-xx-xx: East Bay: Bay Area, CA, USAOperation Ivy7" Vinyl3
57 Ink Records
Unity: The Complete CollectionOperation IvyCD22
Berkeley Archive RecordsB.A.R. CD002063361001024
Unreleased EnergyOperation IvyCD30
  • -1996
Red Robin Records (German (?) bootleg label)ROB-1051[none]
Operation IvyOperation Ivy(unknown)27
  • GB2000-03-06
Sound SystemOperation Ivy(unknown)14
Operation IvyOperation Ivy(unknown)27
  • GB2001-05-21
EnergyOperation Ivy(unknown)19
Operation IvyOperation IvyCD27
  • US2007-11-06
Hellcat Records86893-2045778689323
EnergyOperation Ivy12" Vinyl19
  • US2012-04-17
Hellcat Records86893-1045778689316
Live at GilmanOperation Ivy7" Vinyl4
The Rare ShitOperation Ivy12" Vinyl17
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
1987-08-24: Gilman Street Project, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)16
1988-02-21: Gilman Street Project, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)12
1988-03-17 AUDa: KSPC Radio, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)14
1988-03-17 AUDb: KSPC Radio, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)10
1988-04-15: Norwalk, CT, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)16
1988-04-21: WFMU Radio, East Orange, NJ, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)12
1988-04-22: Electric Banana, Pittsburgh, PA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)15
1988-05-08: Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)16
1988-07-09: Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)15
1988-11-09: Cotati Cabaret, Santa Rosa, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)16
1988-xx-xx: Bay Area, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)18
1988-xx-xx: Energy Session Demos, Bay Area, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)10
1988-xx-xx: Gilman Street Project, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation Ivy(unknown)8
1989-05-28: Lint Rides Again: Gilman Street Project, Berkeley, CA, USAOperation IvyCD20
Greatest HitsOperation Ivy(unknown)30
Radio DazeOperation IvyCD26
Unreleased GilmanSt. DemosOperation Ivy(unknown)22
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