Caater (Estonian eurodance group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Love Caater 4:01
Made in Sweden Caater 5:03
Make My Day Caater 4:37
Master Tune Caater 5:28
Master Tune (DJ Zerox remix) Caater 6:05
Master Tune (extended version) Caater 5:31
Master Tune (radio version) Caater 3:28
Mind Caater 4:34
Mis tegema nüüd pean Caater 3:31
Music Caater 3:25
My Brain Hurts Caater 4:48
My Brain Hurts (Braindead mix) Caater 4:46
Never Ever Caater 3:35
Never Ever Trinity feat. Caater 3:32
No Drugs Caater 5:12
No Matter Caater 3:38
O si nene Caater 3:27
O si nene (Coobalt mix) Caater 6:18
O si nene (extended mix) Caater 6:07
O si nene (radio edit) Caater 3:32
Oi Beibi IV (Caater-mix) (klubiedit) Raptori vs. Caater 5:53
Oi Beibi IV (Caater-mix) (radioedit) Raptori vs. Caater 3:46
ÕnnelikTaas Caater 5:14
OverD Caater 4:37
Phantom Caater 3:29
Phantom Caater ?:??
Phantom (Coobalt DJ remix) Caater 5:46
Phantom (dream radio version) Caater 3:29
Phantom (extended vocal version) Caater 5:19
Phantom (extended vocal version) Caater 6:22
Phantom (vocal radio version) Caater 3:27
Psycho Caater 5:34
Quartz Caater 4:30
Radio Is Dead Caater 4:21
Reality Caater 5:44
Reality Caater 5:46
Reality Caater 5:10
Reality (original club edit) Caater 6:00
Reality (original club edit) Caater 7:03
Reliikvia Caater 3:43
Saturn 5 Caater 4:39
Saturn 5 Caater 4:36
Secret Place Caater 7:56
Self Powered Caater 5:00
Sellel ööl Caater 3:48
Seven Caater 5:08
Seven Caater 5:06
Seven Caater 5:06
Sind otsima jään Caater feat. Hannah 3:36
Sinuta Caater feat. Hanna Pruuli 3:35
Solar System Caater 3:51
Somebody Caater 3:16
Somebody (Coobalt remix) Caater 8:05
Somebody (Disaster Recovery remix) Caater 9:31
Somebody (extended version) Caater 7:38
Somebody (K‐System vs. Superflow remix) Caater 5:13
Somebody (radio version) Caater 3:16
Somebody (Skydive remix) Caater 9:16
Somebody (Skydive remix) Caater 9:10
Still Waiting for You Caater 3:36
Stranger Caater 3:28
Supersized Darude & Caater 5:56
Tell Me Why Caater 3:10
The Entering Caater 5:31
The Night Caater 4:03
The Queen of Night Caater 3:25
The Queen of Night Caater ?:??
The Queen of Night (In House mix) Caater 3:32
The Queen of Night (Originalmix) Caater 6:48
The Queen of Night (radio version) Caater 3:39
The Queen of Night (Sunshine remix edit) Caater 3:00
The Queen of Night (Sunshine remix) Caater 2:59
The Queen of Night (Supersonic remix) Caater 4:42
The Queen of Night (Supersonic remix) Caater 4:44
The Queen of Night (Zerox extended) Caater 5:31
The Sun Caater 4:30
Time Caater 4:32
Time Caater 5:38
Time (radio cut) Caater 3:35
Time (Spyglass remix) Caater 6:46
Time Flies Caater 5:21
U Wanna Dance Caater 4:07
Ultra Light Caater 5:35
X X X Caater 4:44
You Caater feat. Anaconda 3:51
С4 Caater 5:30

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