ActionBlack ’n Blue3:36
Another Piece ff Meat (live, 1984)Scorpions5:28
Another Piece of Meat (live, 1984)Scorpions3:38
Anytime (You Want It) (demo song)Scorpions5:16
As Soon as the Good Times RollScorpions5:03
AutoblastBlack ’n Blue3:51
Bad Boys Running Wild (live, 1984)Scorpions3:53
Bad Boys Running WildScorpions3:56
Believe in LoveScorpions5:24
Believe In LoveScorpions4:03
Big City Nights (remix, 1989)Scorpions3:57
Big City NightsScorpions4:09
Big City Nights (live, 1984)Scorpions4:59
Blackout (live, 1984)Scorpions3:40
Blackout (live, 1984)Scorpions4:05
Bound to FailAccept5:08
Can’t Get Enough (Part I) (live, 1984)Scorpions1:59
Can’t Get Enough, Part 1 (live, 1984)Scorpions2:24
Can’t Get Enough, Part 2 (live, 1984-04-26: San Diego, CA, USA)Scorpions1:53
Can’t Live Without YouScorpions3:47
Can’t Live Without You (live, 1984)Scorpions5:33
Chains Around HeavenBlack ’n Blue3:59
China WhiteScorpions6:58
Coast to Coast (live, 1984)Scorpions5:14
Coast to Coast (live, 1984)Scorpions4:40
Coast to Coast (live)Scorpions4:53
Coming HomeScorpions5:00
Coming Home (live, 1984)Scorpions3:17
Coming Home (demo version)Scorpions3:17
Countdown (live, 1984)Scorpions0:41
Dancing in the Moonlight (demo version)Scorpions3:09
Dogs on LeadsAccept4:24
Don’t Stop at the TopScorpions4:04
Dynamite (live, 1984)Scorpions7:05
Dynamite (live)Scorpions6:51
Edge of Time (Demo Version)Scorpions3:42
Every Minute Every DayScorpions4:22
Fast and Furious (Demo)Scorpions3:11
First Sting Jam No. 1 (demo)Scorpions1:25
Hold On to 18Black ’n Blue4:12
Holiday (live, 1984)Scorpions3:23
I Can’t ExplainScorpions4:37
I Can’t ExplainScorpions2:46
I’m Leaving YouScorpions4:18
I’m the KingBlack ’n Blue3:42
Living at Night (demo song)Scorpions4:14
Living for Tomorrow (demo version)Scorpions3:39
Living for ToniteAccept3:34
Love on the RunScorpions3:38
Loving You Sunday Morning (live, 1984)Scorpions4:42
Make It Real (live, 1984)Scorpions3:51
Make It Real (live, 1984)Scorpions3:27
Media OverkillScorpions3:34
Metal HeartAccept5:24
Midnight MoverAccept3:07
No One Like You (live, 1984)Scorpions4:10
No One Like YouScorpions3:57
One for the MoneyBlack ’n Blue4:19
Passion Rules the GameScorpions4:09
Passion Rules the GameScorpions3:59
Rhythm of LoveScorpions3:48
Rhythm of LoveScorpions3:48
Rock You Like a HurricaneScorpions4:13
Rock You Like a Hurricane (live, 1984)Scorpions4:15
School of Hard KnocksBlack ’n Blue3:58
Screaming for a Love‐BiteAccept4:06
Show Me the NightBlack ’n Blue4:01
Six String Sting (live, 1984)Scorpions5:16
Still Loving You (live, 1984)Scorpions5:49
Still Loving YouScorpions6:28
Still Loving You (demo version)Scorpions5:46
Taste of Love (Demo Song)Scorpions4:38
Teach Us to SurviveAccept3:33
The Same ThrillScorpions3:32
The Strong Will RockBlack ’n Blue4:06
The Zoo (live, 1984)Scorpions5:55
Too High to Get It RightAccept3:47
Up to the LimitAccept3:47
Walking on the EdgeScorpions5:08
We Let It Rock… You Let It RollScorpions3:39
Wicked BitchBlack ’n Blue4:17
Wrong Is RightAccept3:09
You Give Me All I NeedScorpions3:38
Bring On the NightSting
Love at First Sting (50th anniversary deluxe edition)Scorpions
(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen1:27
A Kind of Magic (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen6:26
Always Somewhere (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions4:11
Arizona (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:47
Blackout (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:40
Blackout (demo version)Scorpions4:05
Can’t Get Enough (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions6:17
Can’t Live Without YouScorpions3:47
Can’t Live Without You (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions6:34
China WhiteScorpions6:58
Coming Home (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:14
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen4:55
Dynamite (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions6:20
God Save the Queen (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen1:24
Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen1:40
Holiday (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:04
Is This the World We Created…? (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen2:49
Loving You Sunday Morning (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions4:46
Make It Real (not broadcast) (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:33
No One Like You (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions3:53
No One Like YouScorpions3:57
Running for the Plane (demo song)Scorpions4:10
Searching for the Rainbow (demo song)Scorpions3:59
Sugar Man (demo song)Scorpions4:28
The Zoo (not broadcast) (live, 1983-12-17: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany)Scorpions7:12
Under Pressure (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen3:38
Vocal Improvisation (live in Mannheim, Germany, June 1986)Queen1:03
When the Smoke Is Going Down (original album version)Scorpions3:52
You Give Me All I NeedScorpions3:38
1987-08 – 1987-10Animal HouseU.D.O.
1987-08 – 1987-10Animal HouseU.D.O.
1987-08 – 1987-10Animal HouseU.D.O.
1987-08 – 1987-10Animal HouseU.D.O.
Mortal Way of LiveSodom