Kamaya Painters

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Summerbreeze NLE710800208 6:30
Summerbreeze 6:30
Summerbreeze (part of a “In Search of Sunrise 2” DJ‐mix) 4:18
Waste Land (Chab’s remix) 5:01
Wasteland 4:27
Wasteland 4:07
Wasteland 2:44
Wasteland 5:08
Wasteland 7:38
Wasteland 5:26
Wasteland 7:42
Wasteland 2:16
Wasteland 7:40
Wasteland ?:??
Wasteland (part of a “Eye-Trance 02” DJ‐mix) 4:34
Wasteland (Chab remix) 6:51
Wasteland (Chab remix) 6:12
Wasteland (Chab remix) 4:03
Wasteland (Chab remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual Spring 2001” DJ‐mix) 4:54
Wasteland (Chab's 'Tribute to Bedrock' remix) (part of a “Balance 001: Sean Quinn” DJ‐mix) 7:10
Wasteland (Chab's Tribute to Bedrock remix) 4:10
Wasteland (Chab's Tribute to Bedrock remix) (DJ‐mix from “DJ Convention: Code Thirteen”) 5:21
Wasteland (DJ Hitchhiker remix) NLE710800207 6:59
Wasteland (Hitchhiker remix) 6:59
Wasteland (original mix) NLE710800206 7:40
Wasteland (original mix) (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation 2001” DJ‐mix) 2:58

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