Name ISRCs Rating Length
Artex Died in Truth or Consequences, NM 3:20
Aubrey Debauchery 1:38
Closeminded Is as Closeminded Does You Femi-Nazi Hypocrite 4:05
Coming Around Like the Karate Kid ?:??
Deirdre 4:08
Dinwiddie 3:57
Dispersing the Veil 3:42
Double You See Is an Acronym Four 6:02
Edited 2:15
Flip Flops Sandals and Thongs 2:44
For My Friends 2:47
Gary's Valentine's Day Song 4:44
Gas Masks at the Barbeque Beach Party Make-Out Session 2:21
Giving This Song a Title Wouldn't Give You Any Idea of What Its 2:05
Gorilla Biscuits 2:35
I Am a Normal Healthy Person Which Means I Have Lots of Problems 2:08
I Believe in True Love/Bottle All These Bad Days to Pour Out When it Rains 4:09
I Thought All My Girl Problems Would Go Away When I Turned Gay 4:15
I'll Only Believe in True Love If Micah Marries Camille 2:03
I'm Pretty Sure This Is Someone Else's Song, but I Couldn't Figure Out Whose So I'm Keeping It! 3:13
If You Were a Soc, I'd Be a Greaser 3:28
It Ends With Red, Violet, and Orange ?:??
It Starts With Indigo, Orange, and Green ?:??
It’s Illegal to Frown in Pocatello ?:??
Julia Gulia Sounded Horrible to Me Too 6:13
Kevin Costner Is the Barry Manilow of Actors 3:05
Know Your History Before You Become Part of the Repetition ?:??
Le Premier Chagrin ?:??
Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen 4:07
My Life Is Like Swimming Across the Atlantic and I'm Drowning 1:55
Nirvana 2:26
Non à McMerde 1:09
Optimus Prime Is Dead 2:22
Postponing Alaska ?:??
Rainbow Days Come After Rain and Both Make Life a Little Less Plain ?:??
Red Rock Virgin’s Encounter With Winter Nights ?:??
The Joy of Yesterday Seems So Far Away 2:56
The Religion of Me 3:06
The Train Has a Family, the Road Has No Home, There's No Right & Wrong in the Choice Alone 3:07
These Windy Days Make for Winded Nights 4:04
This Is My Favorite Song on the Album 4:31
This Is My Mom and Dad’s Favorite Song ?:??
Tree on Wheels ?:??
When Darkness Abounds ?:??
Will Oldham 2:55
You're Blocking the Doorway 1:40
ヒーロー見参 (Hero Kensan) 5:35

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