E (Mark Oliver Everett, founder of Eels)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Most Unpleasant Man E 3:21
Angel E 4:38
Are You & Me Gonna Happen (album version) E 3:03
Are You & Me Gonna Happen (preview) E 0:55
E's Tune (album version) E 2:56
Eight Lives Left E 3:10
Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas E 3:24
Fitting In With the Misfits (album version) E 3:11
Fitting in With the Misfits (preview) E 0:38
Friends E 2:42
Hello Cruel World E 3:58
Hello Cruel World E 3:57
Hello Cruel World (album version) E 3:53
I've Been Kicked Around (album version) E 3:26
Jennifer Eccles E 3:10
Just Like Jerusalem Ben Lee feat. E 2:46
L.A. River E 2:28
L.A. River E 2:31
Looking Out the Window With a Blue Hat On (album version) E 2:20
Manchester Girl E 3:23
Mass E 4:29
Mockingbird Franklin (album version) E 3:05
My Old Raincoat E 4:00
Nowheresville E ?:??
Nowheresville (album version) E 3:26
Nowheresville (preview) E 0:54
Permanent Broken Heart E 3:30
Pray (album version) E 2:48
She Loves a Puppet E 2:47
Shine It All On E 4:04
Shine It All On E 4:07
Someone to Break the Spell E 2:52
Standing at the Gate E 3:31
Strawberry Blonde E ?:??
Symphony for Toy Piano in G minor (album version) E 0:35
The Day I Wrote You Off E 3:29
The Only Thing I Care About E 2:41
Tomorrow I'll Be Nine E 2:52
Tomorrow I'll Be Nine E 2:55
You'll Be the Scarecrow (album version) E 3:22

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