members:Nigel Perrin (from 1970 until 1980: countertenor vocals)
Anthony Holt (baritone) (from 1970 until 1987: baritone vocals)
Bill Ives (from 1978 until 1985: tenor vocals)
Jeremy Jackman (from 1980 until 1990: countertenor vocals)
Colin Mason (bass-baritone) (from 1982 until 1987: bass vocals)
Bob Chilcott (from 1986 until 1997: tenor vocals)
Bruce Russell (baritone) (from 1987 until 1996: baritone vocals)
Stephen Connolly (bass) (from 1987 until 2010: bass vocals)
David Hurley (countertenor) (from 1990 until 2016-08: countertenor vocals)
Nigel Short (counter-tenor, conductor) (from 1994 until 2000: countertenor vocals)
Philip Lawson (from 1994 until 2012-02: baritone vocals)
Gabriel Crouch (baritone / conductor / producer) (from 1996 until 2004: baritone vocals)
Paul Phoenix (Tenor) (from 1997 until 2014: tenor vocals)
Robin Tyson (from 2001 until 2009: countertenor vocals)
Christopher Gabbitas (from 2004-02 to present: baritone vocals)
Timothy Wayne-Wright (from 2009-01 to present: countertenor vocals)
Jonathan Howard (from 2010-09 to present: bass vocals)
Christopher Bruerton (from 2012-01 to present: baritone vocals)
Julian Gregory (tenor) (from 2014-09 to present: tenor vocals)
Patrick Dunachie (from 2016-09 to present: countertenor vocals)
original members:Martin Lane (countertenor) (in 1968: countertenor vocals)
Richard Salter (baritone) (in 1968: baritone vocals)
Alastair Thompson (British tenor vocalist) (from 1968 until 1978: tenor vocals)
Brian Kay (from 1968 until 1982: bass vocals)
Simon Carrington (baritone, conductor, and double bass player) (from 1968 until 1993: baritone vocals)
Alastair Hume (from 1968 until 1993: countertenor vocals)
voice of:Frog Chorus (Muppet characters)
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Angelus ad VirginemThe King’s Singers1:59
Nowell Sing We NowThe King’s Singers3:54
Spanish Carols: "Ríu, ríu, chíu"The King’s Singers1:29
My Heart is a Holy Place (for men's voices)
We are
House of Winter, op. 125
liner notes
The Golden Age: Siglo de OroThe King’s Singers
BBC Music, Volume 25, Number 3: A King’s Singers ChristmasThe King’s Singers
1991American PieThe King’s Singers6:34
1991CeciliaThe King’s Singers2:57
1991Texas Girl at the Funeral of her FatherThe King’s Singers2:37
1991That Lonesome RoadThe King’s Singers2:38
1992Alice in WonderlandThe King’s Singers2:25
1992Dein Herzlein mildThe King’s Singers2:09
1992Down with loveThe King’s Singers2:33
1992I get along without you very wellThe King’s Singers2:36
1992If music be the food of loveThe King’s Singers2:26
1992Le papillon et la fleurThe King’s Singers2:40
1992Love's PhilosophyThe King’s Singers1:38
1992Phyllis is my only joyThe King’s Singers1:53
1992She's like the SwallowThe King’s Singers4:12
1992Wenn ich in deinen Augen seh'The King’s Singers2:01
1994Ave verum corpusThe King’s Singers4:36
1994If ye love meThe King’s Singers2:35
1994Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: DalethThe King’s Singers3:07
1994Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: De lamentationeThe King’s Singers1:46
1994Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: GimelThe King’s Singers2:19
1994Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: HethThe King’s Singers2:46
1994Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: JerusalemThe King’s Singers2:39
1994Laudibus in sanctisThe King’s Singers4:37
1994Sing joyfullyThe King’s Singers2:15
1994Te lucis ante terminum (I)The King’s Singers2:20
1994Te lucis ante terminum (II)The King’s Singers1:57
1994Viri galilaeiThe King’s Singers2:40
1995Ave MariaThe King’s Singers1:57
1995Pater NosterThe King’s Singers1:34
1995Piispa ja pakanaThe King’s Singers9:08
1995Prayer: Mary modyrThe King’s Singers6:15
1995Prologue: Ave rex angelorumThe King’s Singers3:15
1995Scherzo: TutivillusThe King’s Singers1:55
1995Sermons and Devotions: A flower at sun-risingThe King’s Singers3:19
1995Sermons and Devotions: A statue of snoweThe King’s Singers3:05
1995Sermons and Devotions: Poore intricated soule !The King’s Singers3:07
1995Sermons and Devotions: The bell doth tollThe King’s Singers3:57
1995The LambThe King’s Singers3:22
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Cantate DominoHans Leo Hassler1:45
And I Love You SoNana Mouskouri4:01
The Reluctant DragonJohn Rutter21:34
The Wind in the WillowsJohn Rutter28:22
On the Beautiful Blue Danube (The King's Singers)Johann Strauss II
RenaissanceJosquin Desprez; The King’s Singers
Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy ThursdayGesualdo; The King’s Singers
The King's Singers Madrigal History TourThe King’s Singers, The Consort of Musicke, Anthony Rooley
1970Blow Away the Morning DewThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:00
1970Cherry RipeThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:42
1970Linstead MarketThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:15
1970None but the Lonely HeartThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:52
1970Scarborough FairThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio3:27
1970ShenandoahThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio3:24
1970SummertimeThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:20
1970The Green Leaves of SummerThe King’s Singers2:58
1970The Oak and the AshThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:53
1970The Peanut VendorThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:39
1970Time WasThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:50
1970What Kind of ThingsThe King’s Singers1:54
1970Wives and LoversThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio2:21
1974Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho!The King’s Singers1:58
1974Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Four Arms, Two Necks, One WreathingThe King’s Singers1:59
1974Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Since Robin HoodThe King’s Singers1:09
1974Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: The Nightingale, the Organ of DelightThe King’s Singers1:05
1974Balletts and Madrigals to Five Voices: Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints AboveThe King’s Singers2:56
1974Canzonets to 3 Voices: Though Philomela Lost Her LoveThe King’s Singers0:58
1974First Set of Madrigals: Cruel, Behold My Heavy EndingThe King’s Singers2:55
1974Madrigals to Four Voyces: Weep, o Mine EyesThe King’s Singers2:22
1974Second Set of Madrigals: O Wretched ManThe King’s Singers3:37
1974The First Booke of Balletts to Five Voyces: Now Is the Month of MayingThe King’s Singers1:52
1974The First Set of English Madrigals: Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All AloneThe King’s Singers1:18
1975-05-13 – 1978-05-01Baisez-moiThe King’s Singers2:16
1975Time PieceThe King’s Singers12:13
1976A Little Pretty Bonny LassThe King’s Singers1:16
1976Shoot, False LoveThe King’s Singers2:32
1976Weep No More Thou Sorry BoyThe King’s Singers2:54
1977The Slow TrainThe King’s Singers3:31
1980You Are the New DayThe King’s Singers2:32
1981Short PeopleThe King’s Singers2:43
1982Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Lord! When I ThinkThe King’s Singers1:52
1982Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Strike It Up, TaborThe King’s Singers1:36
1982Air or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices: Tan Ta Ra, Cries MarsThe King’s Singers1:35
1982Balletts and Madrigals to Five Voices: All at Once Well MetThe King’s Singers1:22
1982Canzonets or Little Short Aers to Five and Sixe Voices: Cruel, Wilt Thou PerseverThe King’s Singers2:15
1982Canzonets to Four Voices: Construe My MeaningThe King’s Singers1:59
1982First Booke of Ballets to Five Voyces: Sing We and Chant ItThe King’s Singers1:43
1982First Set of English Madrigals: Why Should I Love?The King’s Singers2:47
1982First Set of Madrigals: Have I Found HerThe King’s Singers1:47
1982First Set of Madrigals: Lady Your Words Do Spite MeThe King’s Singers1:54
1982Firste Booke of Songes: Come AgainThe King’s Singers2:21
1982Madrigals to Foure Voyces: On a Fair MorningThe King’s Singers1:18
1982Psalmes, Songs and Sonnets: This Sweet and Merry Month of MayThe King’s Singers2:01
1982Second Booke of Songes: Fine Knacks for LadiesThe King’s Singers2:29
1982Second Set of Madrigals: Oft Have I VowedThe King’s Singers3:32
1982Songs and Psalms: Were I a KingThe King’s Singers2:33
1982Songs of 3-6 Parts: See, See the Shepherd's QueenThe King’s Singers2:02
1982Songs of Sundrie Natures: Is Love a Boy?The King’s Singers3:47
1982The First Booke of Balletts to Five Voyces: I Love, Alas I Love TheeThe King’s Singers1:22
1982The First Booke of Songes or Ayres: Farwell, Dear LoveThe King’s Singers2:30
1982Third Book of Songs: Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find, D 58The King’s Singers1:56
1983-01 – 1983-06Ach ElsleinThe King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:52
1983-01 – 1983-06Ach weh des LeidenThe King’s Singers3:05
1983-01 – 1983-06Alla cazzaThe King’s Singers1:16
1983-01 – 1983-06Amor vittoriosoThe King’s Singers0:43
1983-01 – 1983-06Bon jour: et puis, quelles nouvelles?The King’s Singers1:11
1983-01 – 1983-06Cucú, cucúThe King’s Singers0:58
1983-01 – 1983-06Das G'läut zu SpeyerThe King’s Singers1:07
1983-01 – 1983-06Fair PhyllisThe King’s Singers1:18
1983-01 – 1983-06Fatal la parteThe King’s Singers0:54
1983-01 – 1983-06Faulte d'argentAnthony Holt, Bill Ives, The King’s Singers, Alison Crum, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Erin Headley, Jonathan Morgan2:00
1983-01 – 1983-06Fine knacks for ladiesThe King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:27
1983-01 – 1983-06Herzliebstes BildBill Ives, The King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley1:37
1983-01 – 1983-06Il bianco e dolce cignoThe King’s Singers2:05
1983-01 – 1983-06Il est bel et bonThe King’s Singers, Rachel Beckett, David Corkhill, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Jonathan Morgan, Margaret Thorby1:25
1983-01 – 1983-06La bella FranceschinaAnthony Holt, The King’s Singers, Erin Headley, Robin Jeffrey, Anthony Rooley2:21
1983-01 – 1983-06La bombaThe King’s Singers8:56
1983-01 – 1983-06La GuerreThe King’s Singers6:08
1983-01 – 1983-06La tricoteaThe King’s Singers, Alison Crum, Trevor Jones, Catherine Mackintosh1:35
1983-01 – 1983-06La, la, la, la je ne l'ose direThe King’s Singers0:46
1983-01 – 1983-06Lirum bililirumThe King’s Singers, Erin Headley, Robin Jeffrey, Anthony Rooley1:38
1983-01 – 1983-06Margot labourez les vignesThe King’s Singers1:08
1983-01 – 1983-06Mignonne, allons voir si la roseSimon Carrington, The King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:31
1983-01 – 1983-06Now is the month of mayingThe King’s Singers, David Corkhill, Andrew Watts2:25
1983-01 – 1983-06Of all the birds that I do knowThe King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:16
1983-01 – 1983-06Or si rallegri il cieloThe King’s Singers1:44
1983-01 – 1983-06Tanzen und SpringenThe King’s Singers, Rachel Beckett, Alison Crum, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Erin Headley, David Corkhill, Catherine Mackintosh, Jonathan Morgan, Margaret Thorby, Andrew Watts, Trevor Jones1:44
1983-01 – 1983-06The Silver SwanJeremy Jackman, The King’s Singers, Alison Crum, Erin Headley, Trevor Jones, Catherine Mackintosh1:24
1983-01 – 1983-06Too much I once lamentedThe King’s Singers3:31
1983-01 – 1983-06Tres morillas m'enamoranAlastair Hume, The King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:27
1983-01 – 1983-06Triste estaba el rey DavidJeremy Jackman, The King’s Singers, Anthony Rooley2:09
1983-01 – 1983-06Ultimi mei sospiriThe King’s Singers3:21
1983-01 – 1983-06Un gentil amoureuxThe King’s Singers, Rachel Beckett, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Jonathan Morgan, Margaret Thorby2:33
1983-01 – 1983-06Vitrum nostrum gloriosumThe King’s Singers, Rachel Beckett, Alison Crum, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Erin Headley, David Corkhill, Catherine Mackintosh, Jonathan Morgan, Margaret Thorby, Andrew Watts, Trevor Jones1:30
1983-01 – 1983-06Who made thee, Hob, forsake the plough?Simon Carrington, Anthony Holt, The King’s Singers, Alison Crum, Erin Headley, Trevor Jones, Catherine Mackintosh1:22
1984Now Is the Month of MayingThe King’s Singers2:23
1985The Oak and the AshThe King’s Singers3:06
1985Veronika, der Lenz ist daThe King’s Singers2:31
1986BlackbirdThe King’s Singers2:42
1986Humpty DumptyThe King’s Singers3:33
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Autumn Leavesother vocalsThe King’s Singers3:30
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Beauty Is but a Painted Hellother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:52
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Blow Away the Morning Dewother vocalsReginald Owen Morris1:58
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Brigg Fairother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:41
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Bring Us in Good Aleother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:04
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Deep in My Soulother vocalsThe King’s Singers3:59
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Gibberishother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:03
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Hilli-Ho! Hilli-Ho!other vocalsThe King’s Singers1:25
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23I Have Loved Flowers That Fadeother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:23
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Matthew, Mark, Luke and Johnother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:10
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Music, When Soft Voices Dieother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:55
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23My Spirit Sang All Dayother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:31
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23My Tocher’s the Jewelother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:46
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23O Weary Hearts!other vocalsThe King’s Singers3:05
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Quick! We Have but a Secondother vocalsThe King’s Singers0:39
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Restother vocalsThe King’s Singers3:04
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Spring, the Sweet Springother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:18
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23Sweet Day, So Coolother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:38
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23The Beeother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:19
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23The Little Green Laneother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:52
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23The Seeds of Loveother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:29
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23There Comes a New Moonother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:12
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23To a Lady Seen From the Trainother vocalsThe King’s Singers1:47
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23To Daffodilsother vocalsThe King’s Singers2:05
1987-07-20 – 1987-07-23When Winds That Move Notother vocalsThe King’s Singers6:03
1987Là-bas dans le LimousinThe King’s Singers1:52
1988-05 – 1988-06AmericaThe King’s Singers4:02
1988-05 – 1988-06Bridge Over Troubled WaterThe King’s Singers4:28
1988-05 – 1988-06Homeward BoundThe King’s Singers4:13
1988-05 – 1988-06If You Leave Me NowThe King’s Singers4:40
1988-05 – 1988-06It's Lonely at the TopThe King’s Singers4:14
1988-05 – 1988-06Scissors CutThe King’s Singers4:21
1988-05 – 1988-06Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing BearThe King’s Singers3:56
1988-05 – 1988-06The Sound of SilenceThe King’s Singers5:26
1988-05 – 1988-06VincentThe King’s Singers7:20
1988-05 – 1988-06Wichita LinemanThe King’s Singers4:49
1988Chi chilichi?The King’s Singers2:46
1988My Spirit Sang All DayThe King’s Singers1:28
1988Resonet in laudibusThe King’s Singers3:15
1989-10-04M. L. K.The King’s Singers, Jeremy Jackman2:05
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26American PieThe King’s Singers6:34
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26And So It GoesThe King’s Singers3:10
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26CeciliaThe King’s Singers2:57
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Father to SonThe King’s Singers3:23
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Fifty Ways to Leave Your LoverThe King’s Singers3:26
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Freddie Feel-goodThe King’s Singers4:12
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Good VibrationsThe King’s Singers3:50
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Seaside Rendez-VousThe King’s Singers2:26
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Some Folks' Lives Roll EasyThe King’s Singers3:17
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26Texas Girl at the Funeral of her FatherThe King’s Singers2:37
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26That Lonesome RoadThe King’s Singers2:38
1991-06-15 – 1991-09-26The BoxerThe King’s Singers4:00
1992All I ask of youThe King’s Singers3:27
1992Chanson d'AmourThe King’s Singers3:15
1992Chitarra d'amorThe King’s Singers3:27
1992Con amores, la mia madreThe King’s Singers2:23
1992La Valse à mille tempsThe King’s Singers4:13
1992LydiaThe King’s Singers2:24
1992My RomanceThe King’s Singers3:44
1992Now Those Days Are GoneThe King’s Singers3:25
1992Plaisir d'amourThe King’s Singers3:06
1992Quand tu dors pres de moiThe King’s Singers3:41
1992Who is Sylvia?The King’s Singers2:47
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Ave verum corpusThe King’s Singers4:36
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Beata viscera Mariae VirginisThe King’s Singers1:53
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Haec diesThe King’s Singers2:05
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26If ye love meThe King’s Singers2:35
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: DalethThe King’s Singers3:07
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: De lamentationeThe King’s Singers1:46
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: GimelThe King’s Singers2:19
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: HethThe King’s Singers2:46
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Deuxieme partie: JerusalemThe King’s Singers2:39
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Premiere partie: AlephThe King’s Singers2:14
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Premiere partie: BethThe King’s Singers2:55
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Premiere partie: Incipit lamentatioThe King’s Singers1:07
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Lamentations de Jeremie - Premiere partie: JerusalemThe King’s Singers1:27
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Laudibus in sanctisThe King’s Singers4:37
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth, our QueenThe King’s Singers3:41
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Sing joyfullyThe King’s Singers2:15
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Te lucis ante terminum (I)The King’s Singers2:20
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Te lucis ante terminum (II)The King’s Singers1:57
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26VigilateThe King’s Singers4:25
1994-03-21 – 1994-07-26Viri galilaeiThe King’s Singers2:40
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Ave MariaThe King’s Singers1:57
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Epilogue: Blessed JesuThe King’s Singers5:13
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Funeral IkosThe King’s Singers7:14
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Pater NosterThe King’s Singers1:34
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Piispa ja pakanaThe King’s Singers9:08
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Prayer: Mary modyrThe King’s Singers6:15
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Prologue: Ave rex angelorumThe King’s Singers3:15
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Scherzo: TutivillusThe King’s Singers1:55
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Sermons and Devotions: A flower at sun-risingThe King’s Singers3:19
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Sermons and Devotions: A statue of snoweThe King’s Singers3:05
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Sermons and Devotions: Poore intricated soule !The King’s Singers3:07
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Sermons and Devotions: The bell doth tollThe King’s Singers3:57
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Sermons and Devotions: The Seasons of his merciesThe King’s Singers6:23
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23The LambThe King’s Singers3:22
1995-02-21 – 1995-02-23Totus tuusThe King’s Singers9:17
1997-07-25A siolo flasiquiyoThe King’s Singers3:28
1997-07-25AbendliedThe King’s Singers2:54
1997-07-25AbendständchenThe King’s Singers2:41
1997-07-25Ave verum corpusThe King’s Singers5:02
1997-07-25Die NachtThe King’s Singers3:01
1997-07-25Drop, Drop Slow TearsThe King’s Singers1:47
1997-07-25Hosanna to the Son of DavidThe King’s Singers2:21
1997-07-25La bombaThe King’s Singers9:11
1997-07-25NachtliedThe King’s Singers3:17
1997-07-25Nachtwache 1The King’s Singers2:30
1997-07-25Nachtwache 2The King’s Singers1:16
1997-07-25Piispa ja pakanaThe King’s Singers9:00
1997-07-25Praeter rerum serium: MagnificatThe King’s Singers10:43
1997-07-25The GiftThe King’s Singers2:14
1997-07-25Viri GalileiThe King’s Singers2:36
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26HorizonsThe King’s Singers6:53
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: E-GoliThe King’s Singers2:49
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: IlihuboThe King’s Singers1:03
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: Lala MntwanaStanley Glasser, The King’s Singers3:11
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: Mambabo!The King’s Singers2:04
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: Uhambo NgesitimelaThe King’s Singers1:31
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Lalela Zulu: Umdanso WasegoliThe King’s Singers2:15
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Return of the Moon: Blue Mist Like SmokeThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie1:41
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Return of the Moon: In a Far Off PlaceThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie3:20
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Return of the Moon: Prayer to the New MoonThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie4:18
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Return of the Moon: Rainmaking With a BowstringThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie3:15
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Return of the Moon: Song of the Broken StringThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie3:35
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Street Songs: Green GravelThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie5:22
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Street Songs: Jenny JonesThe King’s Singers8:09
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Street Songs: Oranges & LemonsThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie4:55
1997-10-01 – 1997-11-26Street Songs: Poor RogerThe King’s Singers, Evelyn Glennie3:19
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19BenedictusThe King’s Singers7:46
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Christus factus estThe King’s Singers0:56
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 1st Nocturn: Ecce vidimus eumThe King’s Singers7:25
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 1st Nocturn: In Monte OlivetiThe King’s Singers4:40
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 1st Nocturn: Tristis est anima meaThe King’s Singers4:44
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Amicus meus osculiThe King’s Singers3:54
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Judas mercator pessimusThe King’s Singers2:36
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 2nd Nocturn: Unus ex discipulis meisThe King’s Singers6:09
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Eram quasi agnus innocensThe King’s Singers5:11
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Seniores populi consiliumThe King’s Singers6:24
2004-01-14 – 2004-01-19Responsories from 3rd Nocturn: Una hora non potuistisThe King’s Singers3:29
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Esti dalThe King’s Singers3:17
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Even Such Is TimeThe King’s Singers2:50
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11House of WinterThe King’s Singers11:52
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11RakastavaThe King’s Singers7:45
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Remembered LoveThe King’s Singers8:27
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Scenes in America DesertaThe King’s Singers14:57
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Taaveti laulud: Õnnis on inimeneThe King’s Singers2:09
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Taaveti laulud: Taaveti laul 22The King’s Singers4:49
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Taaveti laulud: Taaveti laul 121The King’s Singers3:27
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11Taaveti laulud: Taaveti laul 141The King’s Singers2:26
2006-05-09 – 2006-05-11The Seasons of His MerciesThe King’s Singers6:39
2009-07-15ConceitThe King’s Singers3:46
2009-07-15HallelujahThe King’s Singers5:04
2009-07-15My Heart Is a Holy PlaceThe King’s Singers4:04
2009-07-15Out of the WoodsThe King’s Singers4:15
2009-07-15Pie JesuThe King’s Singers3:18
2009-11-30Arie: Bereite dich, ZionThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band6:33
2009-11-30Arie: Erleuchtet auch meine finstre SinnenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band7:04
2009-11-30Arie: Frohe Hirten, eilt, ach eiletThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band5:10
2009-11-30Arie: Ich will nur dir zu Ehren lebenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band6:55
2009-11-30Arie: Nur ein Wink von seinen HändenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band5:38
2009-11-30Arie: Schlafe, mein LiebsterThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band10:43
2009-11-30Arie: Schließe, mein HerzThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band5:52
2009-11-30Chor mit Rezitativ: Wo ist der neugeborne KönigThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:45
2009-11-30Chor: Fallt mit Danken, fallt mit LobenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band10:03
2009-11-30Chor: Herrscher des Himmels, erhöre das LallenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band4:39
2009-11-30Chor: Jauchzet, frohlocketThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band9:56
2009-11-30Chor: Lasset uns nun gehen gen BethlehemThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:25
2009-11-30Choral: Ach, mein herzliebes Jesulein!The King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:24
2009-11-30Choral: Dein Glanz all Finsternis verzehrtThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band2:53
2009-11-30Choral: Nun seid ihr wohl gerochenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band5:26
2009-11-30Choral: Seid froh dieweilThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band3:10
2009-11-30Rezitativ mit Choral Rezitativ: Wohlan! dein NameThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:48
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Als sie nun den König gehöret hattenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:24
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Da berief Herodes die Weisen heimlichThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:58
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Da das der König Herodes hörteThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:17
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Da Jesus geboren warThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:31
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Du Falscher, suche nur den Herrn zu fällenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:58
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Es begab sich aber zu der ZeitThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:37
2009-11-30Rezitativ: So geht! GenugThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:54
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und da acht Tage um warenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:38
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und da der Engel von ihnen gen HimmelThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:17
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und das habt zum ZeichenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:32
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und der Engel sprachThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:46
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und die Hirten kehrten wieder umThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:31
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und es waren HirtenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:47
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und Gott befahl ihnen im TraumThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:25
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und ließ versammeln alle HohenpriesterThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:48
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und sie gebarThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:42
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Und sie kamen eilend und funden beideThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band1:17
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Warum wollt ihr erschrecken?The King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:43
2009-11-30Rezitativ: Was will der Höllen SchreckenThe King’s Singers & WDR Big Band0:49
2010-08The Stolen ChildEric Whitacre Singers, The King’s Singers, Laudibus, Eric Whitacre8:45
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Ad te levaviThe King’s Singers7:19
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Benedicimus Deum cœliThe King’s Singers2:18
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Cantate DominoThe King’s Singers1:42
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre GottesThe King’s Singers4:12
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Domine Dominus nosterThe King’s Singers2:51
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Ego sum panis vivusThe King’s Singers3:23
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Holy Is the True LightThe King’s Singers1:54
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s SakeThe King’s Singers2:16
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Masses, Book 2: Missa Papae Marcelli: SanctusThe King’s Singers3:45
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Notre PèreThe King’s Singers1:25
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Oculi omniumThe King’s Singers1:24
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Pater nosterThe King’s Singers1:37
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Pater nosterThe King’s Singers1:20
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Pater nosterThe King’s Singers4:38
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Pater nosterThe King’s Singers1:28
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Popule meusThe King’s Singers6:11
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Quatre Petites Prières de François dʼAssise: O mes très chers frèresThe King’s Singers1:55
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Quatre Petites Prières de François dʼAssise: Salut, Dame sainteThe King’s Singers2:15
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Quatre Petites Prières de François dʼAssise: Seigneur, je vous en prieThe King’s Singers1:21
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Quatre Petites Prières de François dʼAssise: Tout Puissant, très saintThe King’s Singers1:21
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Remember Not, Lord, Our OffencesThe King’s Singers2:47
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24The Lord’s PrayerThe King’s Singers1:52
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24The Lord’s PrayerThe King’s Singers2:28
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24Vater unserThe King’s Singers2:01
2012-03-23 – 2012-03-24VigilateThe King’s Singers4:28
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Dum vastos Adriae fluctusThe King’s Singers7:52
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Musae Jovis á 4The King’s Singers5:47
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Musae Jovis á 6The King’s Singers5:32
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Nymphes, nappésThe King’s Singers2:26
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12O mors inevitabilisThe King’s Singers2:51
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: Agnus DeiThe King’s Singers2:33
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: CommunioThe King’s Singers2:44
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: GradualeThe King’s Singers5:11
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: IntroitusThe King’s Singers5:15
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: KyrieThe King’s Singers3:37
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: OffertoriumThe King’s Singers6:39
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Requiem in Memoriam Josquin Desprez: Sanctus / BenedictusThe King’s Singers3:15
2012-09-10 – 2012-09-12Salve reginaThe King’s Singers4:37
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Al mormorar de liquidi cristalliThe King’s Singers2:37
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13All'apparir di Dori anzi del soleThe King’s Singers2:16
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13All'ombra d'un bel faggioThe King’s Singers2:49
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Da lo spuntar de matutini alboriThe King’s Singers2:36
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Di pastorali accentiThe King’s Singers2:40
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Dori à quest'ombre e l'auraThe King’s Singers2:02
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Dove sorge piacevoleThe King’s Singers2:49
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Eran ninfe e pastoriThe King’s Singers2:08
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Giunta qui Dori, e pastorelli amantiThe King’s Singers3:05
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Hor ch'ogni vento taceThe King’s Singers3:22
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13In una verde piaggiaThe King’s Singers2:12
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13L'inargentato lidoThe King’s Singers2:35
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Leggiadre ninfe a pastorelli amantiThe King’s Singers2:43
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Lungo le chiare linfeThe King’s Singers1:46
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Mentr'à quest'ombr'intornoThe King’s Singers2:59
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Mentre pastori e ninfeThe King’s Singers1:57
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Nel tempo che ritornaThe King’s Singers2:30
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Ninfe e danzar veniteThe King’s Singers1:50
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Ove tra l'herbe e fioriThe King’s Singers2:33
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Più trasparente veloThe King’s Singers2:32
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Quand'apparisti o vag'o amata DoriThe King’s Singers2:23
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Quando dal terzo cieloThe King’s Singers2:25
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Quando lieta vezzosaThe King’s Singers2:20
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Se cantano gl'augelliThe King’s Singers2:30
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Smeraldi eran le rive il fium'argentoThe King’s Singers2:16
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Sotto l'ombroso specoThe King’s Singers2:44
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Sù le fiorite spondeThe King’s Singers2:14
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Un giorno a Pale sacroThe King’s Singers3:06
2013-09-10 – 2013-09-13Vaghe ninfe selvaggeThe King’s Singers2:44
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Ayihlome/Qula kwediniThe King’s Singers3:03
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Bread and RosesThe King’s Singers3:30
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Cielito lindoThe King’s Singers3:35
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Ein feste BurgThe King’s Singers2:49
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Heliseb väljadelThe King’s Singers2:44
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13If I Can Help SomebodyThe King’s Singers3:36
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Mu isamaa on minu armThe King’s Singers3:40
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Ne irascaris, Domine – Civitas sancti tuiThe King’s Singers8:11
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrikaThe King’s Singers3:11
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13O, chì, chì mI na mòrbheannaThe King’s Singers3:14
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13One DayThe King’s Singers2:49
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13One Last TimeThe King’s Singers4:22
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13PrayingThe King’s Singers4:20
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Puirt a’ BheulThe King’s Singers2:38
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13S’Dremlen FeyglThe King’s Singers4:11
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Shen khar venakhiThe King’s Singers3:22
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13Strange FruitThe King’s Singers3:30
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13This Little Light of MineThe King’s Singers3:03
2019-06-10 – 2019-06-13TsintskaroThe King’s Singers3:40
A l'ombre d'ung buissonetThe King’s Singers1:52
A la mort / MonstraThe King’s Singers1:41
A Lover's Journey: I. In the Still GardenThe King’s Singers2:52
A Lover's Journey: II. St Valentine's DayThe King’s Singers4:27
A Lover's Journey: III. Will You, Nill YouThe King’s Singers1:02
A Lover's Journey: IV. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?The King’s Singers2:57
A Rough Guide to the Royal Succession (It’s just one damn King after another…)The King’s Singers12:48
A Spotless RoseThe King’s Singers3:00
A ThanksgivingThe Concordia Choir, The King’s Singers, René Clausen3:32
A ThanksgivingThe King’s Singers, The National Youth Chamber Choir2:54
AbendliedThe King’s Singers2:54
Abendlied, Op. 69 No. 3The King’s Singers2:47
Abendständchen, Op. 42 No. 1The King’s Singers2:37
Absolve quaesumuschoir vocalsSimon Carrington, Robert Chilcott, Stephen Connolly, Alastair Hume, David Hurley, The King’s Singers, Bruce Russell3:49
Absolve quesumusThe King’s Singers3:47
Ach ElsleinThe King’s Singers2:56
Across the UniverseThe King’s Singers, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel3:12
Across the Universe (5.1 mix)The King’s Singers, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel3:12
After the Gold RushThe King’s Singers2:39
After the Gold RushThe King’s Singers2:46
After the GoldrushThe King’s Singers3:06
Ah, Robin, gentle RobinThe King’s Singers2:26
Alice in WonderlandThe King’s Singers2:40
All meine HerzgedankenThe King’s Singers2:54
All My Sense Thy Sweetness GainedThe King’s Singers3:23
All of meThe King’s Singers5:44
Allegez moiThe King’s Singers1:24
Allegez MoyThe King’s Singers1:29
AloneThe King’s Singers3:32
An die Heimat, op. 64 no. 1The King’s Singers6:09
And I Love HerThe King’s Singers3:05
And so it goesThe King’s Singers3:45
AndromedaThe King’s Singers4:18
AngelThe King’s Singers5:27
Angelus ad VirginemThe King’s Singers1:59
ArrirangThe King’s Singers3:00
As Vesta was from Latmos hill descendingThe King’s Singers3:19
Au joly jeuThe King’s Singers1:26
Ave MariaThe King’s Singers2:55
Away in a MangerThe King’s Singers2:33
Banquet Fugue (from The Wind in the Willows)The King’s Singers, City of London Sinfonia, Richard Hickox1:05
Basiés moyThe King’s Singers1:34
Basiés moyThe King’s Singers1:52
Basiez moi!The King’s Singers2:04
Be not afeardThe King’s Singers2:49
Beata viscera Maria virginisThe King’s Singers2:08
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young CharmsThe King’s Singers2:28
Benedicta esThe King’s Singers6:24
Bethlehem DownThe King’s Singers3:59
Billy BoyThe King’s Singers1:29
Black horse and the cherry treeThe King’s Singers3:27
BlackbirdThe King’s Singers2:49
Blow thy horn, hunterThe King’s Singers2:23
Blue SkiesThe King’s Singers3:26
Bobby ShaftoeThe King’s Singers1:13
Bogoróditse DyévoThe King’s Singers1:03
Born on a New DayThe King’s Singers2:49
Botany BayThe King’s Singers3:09
Breathe Soft Ye WindsThe King’s Singers2:24
By the TimeThe King’s Singers3:09
Calme des NuitsThe King’s Singers3:12
Calme des Nuits, op. 68 no. 1The King’s Singers3:16
Can't Buy Me LoveThe King’s Singers1:16
Canzone villanesche alla napolitana: O dolce vita miaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:21
Canzone villanesche alla napolitana: O dolce vita miaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia4:35
Canzone villanesche alla napolitana: Vecchie letroseThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:08
Canzoni alla napolitana: Chi passa per 'sta stradaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia3:18
Carol of the BellsThe King’s Singers2:40
Ce povre / Pauper sum egoThe King’s Singers1:35
Charm Me AsleepThe King’s Singers3:13
Chi chilichi?The King’s Singers2:46
Chi la gagliardaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia3:18
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: ConcordThe King’s Singers2:25
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: Country GirlsThe King’s Singers1:17
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: Final Dance of HomageThe King’s Singers2:20
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: Rustics and FishermenThe King’s Singers1:00
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: TimeThe King’s Singers1:51
Choral Dances from “Gloriana”: Time and ConcordThe King’s Singers1:46
Civitas sancti tuiThe King’s Singers5:06
ColascioneThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia1:47
Come Sweet MargueriteThe King’s Singers2:53
Come, blessed birdThe King’s Singers2:27
Con amores, la mi madreThe King’s Singers2:45
Contigo ApprendiThe King’s Singers3:19
Could It Be MagicThe King’s Singers4:35
Coventry CarolThe King’s Singers2:45
Crux fidelischoir vocalsKing João IV of Portugal9:56
Danny BoyThe King’s Singers3:13
Das G'läut zu SpeyerThe King’s Singers1:05
Das ist je gewißlich wahrThe King’s Singers4:35
Days, from "Even such is time"The King’s Singers1:59
Dayton OhioThe King’s Singers2:41
Dayton Ohio - 1903The King’s Singers2:30
De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boychoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Der Abend, op. 64 no. 2The King’s Singers, Roger Vignoles4:55
Der Gondelfahrer, D 809The King’s Singers, Roger Vignoles3:18
Dessus le marché d'ArrasThe King’s Singers1:28
Didn’t WeThe King’s Singers3:08
Die NachtThe King’s Singers2:48
Die Nacht, D 983cThe King’s Singers2:52
Die Nacht, Op. 17 No. 4The King’s Singers2:44
Ding a DongThe King’s Singers2:27
Ding Dong! Merrily on HighThe King’s Singers2:21
Do You Hear What I Hearchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Don't Let GoThe King’s Singers4:11
Don't worry about meThe King’s Singers3:39
Down by the riversideThe King’s Singers3:59
Down with loveThe King’s Singers2:55
Downderry DownThe King’s Singers2:14
Draw On Sweet NightThe King’s Singers5:28
EgoliThe King’s Singers3:12
El Cancionero de Medinaceli: Corten espadas afiladasThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:21
El VitoThe King’s Singers2:51
En l'ombre d'un buissonetThe King’s Singers1:40
Es dunkelt schon in der HeideThe King’s Singers3:22
Es ist ein Ros entsprungenThe King’s Singers2:44
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungenchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers2:40
Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungenThe King’s Singers2:35
Esti DalThe King’s Singers2:56
Esti DalThe King’s Singers3:16
Even Such Is Time: I. Anyone Lived in a Pretty How TownThe King’s Singers3:38
Even Such Is Time: II. A Flower Given to My DaughterThe King’s Singers2:35
Even Such Is Time: III. DaysThe King’s Singers1:56
Even Such Is Time: IV. Even Such Is TimeThe King’s Singers2:53
Exultate DeoThe King’s Singers1:28
Fair Oriana, beauty’s QueenThe King’s Singers2:21
Feller from FortuneThe King’s Singers3:14
Festa, risoThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia1:22
Fifty Ways to Leave Your LoverThe King’s Singers3:25
Flow, O my tearsThe King’s Singers1:37
Frosty vs. Rudolph: the Re-bootThe King’s Singers3:41
Frühe, op. 137, no. 4The King’s Singers, Michael Thompson Horn Quartet4:09
Funeral IkosJohn Tavener7:13
Funeral Ikoschoir vocalsBob Chilcott, Stephen Connolly, David Hurley, The King’s Singers, Philip Lawson, Bruce Russell, Nigel Short7:15
Gagliarda secondaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:13
Gentil señora miaThe King’s Singers4:18
George JonesThe King’s Singers2:18
Girl TalkThe King’s Singers4:11
GloriaThe King’s Singers5:53
Gloria (Heil'Ge Nacht Auf Engelschwingen)choir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemenchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
God Rest You Merry, GentlemenThe King’s Singers2:53
Goodnight, Goodnight, BelovedThe King’s Singers3:34
GreensThe King’s Singers2:34
GreensleevesThe King’s Singers3:03
GreensleevesThe King’s Singers3:05
Haec DiesThe King’s Singers2:06
HallelujahThe King’s Singers5:03
Handmade ProverbsThe King’s Singers5:31
Hänsel und Gretel: Abends will ich schlafen gehn (for oboe & choir)The King’s Singers, Albrecht Mayer4:06
Happy Christmaschoir vocals and guestCanadian Brass4:29
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasThe King’s Singers2:44
Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmaschoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
He That Hath A Pleasant FaceThe King’s Singers1:28
Hears Not My PhyllisThe King’s Singers2:36
Here Comes the SunThe King’s Singers3:10
Here Is the Little DoorThe King’s Singers3:21
Here's That Rainy DayThe King’s Singers5:31
Hey, trolly lolly lo!The King’s Singers3:56
Hide and seekThe King’s Singers5:12
Hide and SeekThe King’s Singers5:11
High FlightThe Concordia Choir, The King’s Singers, René Clausen5:48
Hodie Christus natus estThe King’s Singers2:16
Hodie Christus natus estThe King’s Singers3:39
HomeThe King’s Singers3:53
HomeThe King’s Singers3:50
Home is a special kind of feeling (from The Wind in the Willows)The King’s Singers, City of London Sinfonia, Richard Hickox4:39
Home They Brought Her Warrior DeadThe King’s Singers2:26
HorizonsThe King’s Singers7:03
Humpty DumptyThe King’s Singers3:33
Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a WordThe King’s Singers2:09
I Saw Three ShipsThe King’s Singers3:15
I'll follow the sunThe King’s Singers2:28
I'm a TrainThe King’s Singers1:46
I'm yoursThe King’s Singers3:39
I'm YoursThe King’s Singers3:38
I’m a TrainThe King’s Singers1:54
Il Est Né Le Divin Enfantchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Il terzo libro delle villotte alla napolitana: Catalina, Catalina!The King’s Singers, Tragicomedia3:19
In Ducli Jubilochoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
In dulci jubiloThe King’s Singers0:56
In ieiunio et fletuThe King’s Singers2:50
In ieiunio et fletuchoir vocalsDiogo Dias Melgás2:51
In manus tuasThe King’s Singers2:04
In Monte OlivetiThe King’s Singers4:42
In the Bleak MidwinterThe King’s Singers4:55
It Came Upon the Midnight ClearThe King’s Singers4:12
It is to me a right great joyThe King’s Singers1:33
It Was Almost Like a SongThe King’s Singers2:15
It's a Great Little WorldThe King’s Singers2:01
It's a New WorldThe King’s Singers4:03
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ChristmasThe King’s Singers2:58
Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdagThe King’s Singers3:43
Jenk´s Vegetable CompoundThe King’s Singers4:29
Jesus dulcis memoriaThe King’s Singers3:32
Jingle BellsThe King’s Singers1:39
Jingle Bellschoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Johann Strauss IIchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
KeleleThe King’s Singers3:09
King's Singers RagThe King’s Singers2:48
KokomoThe King’s Singers3:48
L'amanza miaSimon Carrington, The King’s Singers, Tragicomedia4:31
La Belle MargariteThe King’s Singers1:38
La peregrinaciónThe King’s Singers3:14
La PeregrinaciónThe King’s Singers3:10
Là-bas dans le limousinThe King’s Singers1:52
Lágrimas de mi consueloThe King’s Singers4:08
Lalela zulu: I. Ilihubo (chant)The King’s Singers1:07
Lalela zulu: II. Mambabo! (wow!)The King’s Singers1:59
Lalela zulu: III. Lala Mntwana (berceuse)The King’s Singers3:08
Lalela zulu: IV. Uhambo ngesitimela (voyage en train)The King’s Singers1:35
Lalela zulu: V. Egoli (Johannesburg)The King’s Singers2:39
Lalela zulu: VI. Umdanso Wasegoli (Johannesburg Dance)The King’s Singers2:14
Lamentationschoir vocalsAlonso Lobo18:23
Lamentations de Jérémie, partie 1Thomas Tallis1:08
Lamentations de Jérémie, partie 2Thomas Tallis2:14
Lamentations de Jérémie, partie 3Thomas Tallis2:55
Lamentations de Jérémie, partie 4Thomas Tallis1:29
LamornaThe King’s Singers1:52
Lass of Richmond HillThe King’s Singers1:58
LaughingThe King’s Singers1:43
Lazy Bones / Up a Lazy RiverThe King’s Singers4:53
Le BaylereThe King’s Singers3:05
Le Papillon et la fleurThe King’s Singers2:45
Le papillon et la fleur, Op. 1 No. 1The King’s Singers2:41
Les Marins de KermorThe King’s Singers7:50
Let Maids Be False, So Wine Be TrueThe King’s Singers2:22
Libera mechoir vocalsAlonso Lobo8:46
Liebe, op. 17 no. 2, D. 983aThe King’s Singers2:41
Light Of My SoulThe King’s Singers2:23
Lightly she whipped o’er the dalesThe King’s Singers3:11
Lightly she wipped o'er the dalesThe King’s Singers3:13
Little David Play On Your HarpThe King’s Singers1:49
Little Drummer Boychoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Loch lomondThe King’s Singers3:06
Long live fair OrianaThe King’s Singers2:39
Love is here to stayThe King’s Singers2:37
Love, op. 18 no. 2The King’s Singers2:53
Lullabye (Goodnight, my angel)The King’s Singers4:04
Lullay My LikingThe King’s Singers4:27
Lux AurumqueThe King’s Singers3:42
Lux AurumqueThe King’s Singers3:41
Ma Belle MargueriteThe King’s Singers2:11
Madrigali: Qual dolcezza giamaiThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia6:41
Maria Durch Ein Dornwald GingThe King’s Singers3:41
Marry a Woman Uglier Than YouThe King’s Singers2:22
Marry a Woman Uglier Than YouThe King’s Singers2:37
Mary's Boy Childchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Mass "Mille Regretz": Kyriechoir vocalsCristóbal de Morales4:51
Master of MusicThe King’s Singers5:52
Master Tresham: His DuckeThe King’s Singers, Concordia13:53
Mein kleiner gruner KaktusThe King’s Singers2:32
Mille regretzThe King’s Singers1:54
MLKThe King’s Singers2:17
Mon cuer en vousThe King’s Singers1:56
Mon Dieu, j'ai en toi espéranceThe King’s Singers4:38
Mondenschein, D 875Neill Archer, The King’s Singers, Roger Vignoles5:14
Money, Money, Money / Summer NightsThe King’s Singers3:22
MorgengesangThe King’s Singers2:20
Motecta liber primus: Ave virgo sponsa DeiThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia8:38
Music, When Soft Voices DieThe King’s Singers2:15
Music, When Soft Voices DieThe King’s Singers2:14
Musica Dei donumThe King’s Singers4:13
My heart is a holy placeThe King’s Singers4:02
My Love Is Like a Red, Red RoseThe King’s Singers3:41
My Spirit Sang All DayThe King’s Singers1:28
Nachtgesang im Walde, D 913The King’s Singers, Michael Thompson Horn Quartet6:07
Nachtlied, op. 138The King’s Singers3:36
Nachtlied, Op. 138 No. 3The King’s Singers3:22
Nachtwache I, op. 104 no. 1The King’s Singers2:34
Nachtwache II, op. 104 no. 2The King’s Singers1:17
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)The King’s Singers4:34
Nigra sumThe King’s Singers3:43
Noël NouveletThe King’s Singers2:24
Non t'aricordiThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia1:58
Nouveau PoorThe King’s Singers2:38
Now Is the Month of MayingThe King’s Singers2:23
Nowell Sing We NowThe King’s Singers3:54
Nymphes des boysThe King’s Singers5:38
Nymphes nappeesThe King’s Singers3:16
O Du Fröhlichechoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
O Happy Eyes, op. 18 no. 1The King’s Singers3:06
O Little One SweetThe King’s Singers2:13
O magnum mysteriumThe King’s Singers3:10
O Nata LuxThe King’s Singers4:12
O virgo prudentissimaThe King’s Singers8:11
O virgo virginumchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers5:59
O virgo virginumThe King’s Singers6:04
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-DaThe King’s Singers4:09
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaThe King’s Singers4:04
Oculi OmniumThe King’s Singers2:24
One DayThe King’s Singers2:43
Op. 30: I. I Laid Me Down to SlumberThe King’s Singers2:08
Op. 30: III. Little ThoraThe King’s Singers2:17
Op. 30: IV. Kwallin's HallingThe King’s Singers2:20
Op. 30: VI. When I Take a StrollThe King’s Singers1:19
Out of the woodsThe King’s Singers4:12
Parmi di starThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia7:16
PasionalThe King’s Singers3:57
Pastime with good companie (The King’s Ballad)The King’s Singers1:53
Pastime With Good CompanyThe King’s Singers1:29
Pater noster / Ave MariaThe King’s Singers7:37
Pavana d'EspañaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:27
Pavanechoir vocalsThe King’s Singers, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Carl Davis6:03
Pavane, op. 50The King’s Singers6:06
Petite camusetteThe King’s Singers1:10
Petite CamusetteThe King’s Singers1:15
Phil the Fluter’s BallThe King’s Singers2:51
Phyllis Is My Only JoyThe King’s Singers1:36
Pia et dolorosa materchoir vocalsDiogo Dias Melgás2:23
Plainchant in procession: Hodie Christus natus estThe King’s Singers2:19
Plaisir d'amourThe King’s Singers2:58
Pokarekare AnaThe King’s Singers4:42
Pour souhaitterThe King’s Singers1:41
Puppet on a StringThe King’s Singers1:53
Quand tu dors près de moiThe King’s Singers3:30
Quand tu dors près de moiGeorges Auric & Françoise Sagan3:42
Quatre petites prières de Saint François d' AssiseThe King’s Singers6:26
Quem vidistus pastores diciteThe King’s Singers2:48
Recipe for LoveThe King’s Singers3:07
Recipe for LoveThe King’s Singers3:06
Regretz sans finThe King’s Singers6:55
Remember, O Thou ManThe King’s Singers3:10
Resonet in laudibusThe King’s Singers3:43
Resonet in laudibusThe King’s Singers3:15
RestThe King’s Singers3:00
RestThe King’s Singers3:28
Revecy venir du printansThe King’s Singers2:47
Ritornelle, op. 65 no. 1The King’s Singers2:56
RomanceThe King’s Singers1:54
RomanceThe King’s Singers1:54
Romance du soirThe King’s Singers2:42
Romance du Soir, op. 118The King’s Singers2:53
Santa Claus is Coming to TownThe King’s Singers2:48
Scarborough FairThe King’s Singers3:16
See you againThe King’s Singers2:41
September 15th / Keeper of the SeasonsThe King’s Singers7:51
Sérénade d'HiverThe King’s Singers5:29
She's always a woman to meThe King’s Singers3:22
ShenandoahThe King’s Singers3:13
Shir hama'a lot. Ashrei ki yere (Psalm 128)The King’s Singers3:53
Shir hamma'alot ledavid (Psalm 124)The King’s Singers2:34
Short PeopleThe King’s Singers2:43
Si congié prensThe King’s Singers3:12
Sicut cervusThe King’s Singers2:54
Silent LoveThe King’s Singers3:24
Silent LoveThe King’s Singers3:26
Silent Nightchoir vocals and guestErich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra3:22
Silent NightThe King’s Singers4:18
Sing JoyfullyThe King’s Singers2:26
Sing LullabyThe King’s Singers3:08
Singapore GirlThe King’s Singers3:11
Sleigh RideThe King’s Singers2:28
Some folks' lives roll easyThe King’s Singers3:27
Somerset Wassailchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Spem in aliumThe King’s Singers8:31
Ständchen, D 920The King’s Singers, Roger Vignoles6:54
Steal awayThe King’s Singers2:56
Still, Still, StillThe King’s Singers3:23
Still, Still, StillThe King’s Singers3:35
Stille Nachtchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers2:52
Stille Nacht (Silent Night)choir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Stille Nacht, Heilige NachtThe King’s Singers3:18
Straighten up and fly rightThe King’s Singers4:08
Straighten Up and Fly RightThe King’s Singers4:06
Street MusicThe King’s Singers2:46
Sunday AfternoonThe King’s Singers3:11
Suo GanThe King’s Singers3:47
Sweet Gingerbread ManThe King’s Singers2:07
Swimming over LondonThe King’s Singers3:12
Swimming Over LondonThe King’s Singers3:11
Swing low, sweet chariotThe King’s Singers3:02
Szcso to Za PrediwoThe King’s Singers2:23
That lonesome roadThe King’s Singers2:47
The Ash GroveThe King’s Singers3:23
The Bell Doth Toll (from Sermons and Devotions)The King’s Singers3:13
The BluebirdThe King’s Singers3:38
The Christmas Songchoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
The Christmas SongThe King’s Singers3:24
The Coventry CarolThe King’s Singers2:47
The Crown of RosesThe King’s Singers3:12
The First NowellThe King’s Singers4:55
The Fool on the HillThe King’s Singers3:26
The GamblerThe King’s Singers3:34
The gift to be simpleThe King’s Singers2:09
The GoslingsThe King’s Singers2:52
The Half-Of-It-Dearie BluesThe King’s Singers4:45
The Jimmy Brown SongThe King’s Singers4:22
The LambThe King’s Singers3:24
The LambThe King’s Singers3:23
The LetterThe King’s Singers2:43
The Little Boy that Santa Claus ForgotThe King’s Singers3:27
The Little green laneThe King’s Singers2:19
The Long Day ClosesThe King’s Singers4:21
The Long Day ClosesThe King’s Singers3:54
The Lord's PrayerThe King’s Singers2:27
The MermaidThe King’s Singers2:55
The Oak and the AshThe King’s Singers3:10
The Oak and the AshThe King’s Singers3:06
The Prayer of King Henry VIThe King’s Singers1:51
The Reluctant Dragon: Banquet Fuguechoir vocalsJohn Rutter1:03
The Reluctant Dragon: Finale: Let's begin againchoir vocalsJohn Rutter5:06
The Reluctant Dragon: Introductionchoir vocalsJohn Rutter2:37
The Reluctant Dragon: Planning the tournament: First he waves his spear aroundchoir vocalsJohn Rutter1:50
The Reluctant Dragon: The boy visits the dragon's cavechoir vocalsJohn Rutter3:37
The Reluctant Dragon: The tournamentchoir vocalsJohn Rutter3:08
The Reluctant Dragon: The villagers and St George arrivechoir vocalsJohn Rutter1:25
The Reluctant Dragon: Trio: I say, old boychoir vocalsJohn Rutter2:41
The Rhythm of LifeThe King’s Singers2:17
The RoseThe King’s Singers3:46
The Silver SwanThe King’s Singers1:46
The Silver SwanThe King’s Singers1:46
The Silver Swan (Round)The King’s Singers2:00
The Slow TrainThe King’s Singers3:31
The Star of the County DownThe King’s Singers3:53
The Stolen ChildThe Concordia Choir, The King’s Singers, René Clausen8:50
The Summer KnowsThe King’s Singers3:17
The Triumph of VictoriaThe King’s Singers2:33
The Way To Build A Boat Or, Jack´s OpinionThe King’s Singers2:16
The Wind in the Willows (opening extract)[traditional]5:09
The Wind in the Willows: Court scenechoir vocalsJohn Rutter2:39
The Wind in the Willows: Finale: Home is a special kind of feelingchoir vocalsJohn Rutter4:43
The Wind in the Willows: Introductionchoir vocalsJohn Rutter3:05
The Wind in the Willows: Rat and Mole meet: A life on the riverchoir vocalsJohn Rutter2:46
The Wind in the Willows: Scene at Badger's housechoir vocalsJohn Rutter4:04
The Wind in the Willows: The banquet at Toad Hallchoir vocalsJohn Rutter0:51
The Wind in the Willows: The recapture of Toad Hall: Let's wallop a weaselchoir vocalsJohn Rutter3:58
The Wind in the Willows: Toad in gaol: Let me tickle your fancychoir vocalsJohn Rutter1:54
The Wind in the Willows: Toad's carchoir vocalsJohn Rutter1:55
The Wind in the Willows: Toad's song: I've got stylechoir vocalsJohn Rutter2:32
There Are Bad Times Just Around the CornerThe King’s Singers2:32
There Is a FlowerThe King’s Singers3:55
There Is No RoseThe King’s Singers2:26
This Is the Truth Sent From AboveThe King’s Singers2:40
This MarriageThe King’s Singers2:23
This MarriageThe King’s Singers2:45
Thou, my love, art fairThe King’s Singers3:38
Though Amaryllis dance in greenThe King’s Singers1:12
Tico Tico no FubaThe King’s Singers2:49
To her beneath whose steadfast starThe King’s Singers4:51
To Us in Bethlehem CityThe King’s Singers2:48
Toccata e gagliardaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia3:43
Toutes les nuitzThe King’s Singers3:27
Trattado de Glosas: Recercada quarta sobre la FolíaThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:16
Traumlicht, op. 123 no. 2The King’s Singers5:47
Tres libros de música en cifra para vihuela, Book I No. 12: Fantasía X que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de LudovicoThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:34
Tri ciechi siamoThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia2:50
Tuoll on mun kultaniThe King’s Singers2:53
Tutivillus (from Wymondham Chants)The King’s Singers2:08
Twelve Days of Christmaschoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
ValparaisoThe King’s Singers3:49
Veni, Veni, EmmanuelThe King’s Singers3:06
Versa est in luctumchoir vocalsSebastián de Vivanco5:25
Versa est in luctumchoir vocalsTomás Luis de Victoria3:32
Versa est in luctumchoir vocalsJuan Gutiérrez de Padilla3:24
Versa est in luctumchoir vocalsAlonso Lobo5:04
Versa est in luctumThe King’s Singers3:24
Versa est in luctumThe King’s Singers4:27
VigilateThe King’s Singers4:27
Villancico CatelanL'Arpeggiata, The King’s Singers, C. Pluhar3:28
Voud ne I'arez pasThe King’s Singers1:50
Vous l'arez s'il vous plaistThe King’s Singers1:44
Waldesnacht, op. 62 no. 3The King’s Singers5:12
Waters Of ElleThe King’s Singers2:45
We All Stand Togetherchoir vocalsPaul McCartney and the Frog Chorus4:24
We areThe King’s Singers2:52
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasThe King’s Singers2:20
We Wish You a Merry Christmaschoir vocalsThe King’s Singers?:??
Weep, O mine eyesThe King’s Singers2:44
Weep, Weep Mine EyesThe King’s Singers5:43
What's in a Tune?The King’s Singers3:37
When Pa Was Courtin' MaThe King’s Singers2:03
While Shepherds WatchedThe King’s Singers2:20
White ChristmasThe King’s Singers3:04
Who can dwell with greatness?The King’s Singers3:07
Who is SylviaThe King’s Singers2:49
Widdicombe FairThe King’s Singers3:08
Wie Schön Leuchtet Der MorgensternThe King’s Singers1:47
Winter WonderlandThe King’s Singers4:31
Wish You Were HereThe King’s Singers3:55
With You on My MindThe King’s Singers3:45
You are the new dayThe King’s Singers2:40
You Are the New DayThe King’s Singers2:32
You Are the New DayThe King’s Singers2:34
You'd Have to Be a RosieThe King’s Singers3:57
Zai no yao yuan de di fangThe King’s Singers2:10
Zur guten Nacht, D 903The King’s Singers, Roger Vignoles4:24
1999-05-26 – 1999-05-29Fire-Water: The Spirit of Renaissance SpainThe King’s Singers, The Harp Consort, Andrew Lawrence‐King
La dolce vita: Music in Renaissance NaplesThe King’s Singers, Tragicomedia
Music of the BeatlesErich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra feat. King's Singers
VespersPachelbel; The King’s Singers, Charivari Agréable, Kah-Ming Ng