Bionic Sheep

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
. . . But No Good Came Of It 2:29
A Brief Distraction 1:43
A Final Prayer 0:50
A Final Prayer 0:35
A Menacing Snarl at Boring Youth 2:21
A Thousand Worlds and I Don't Even Exist (Go Back To Watching Reality TV and Dreaming of a Future) 3:00
Ai I Oh, Who Are You (Low Go Ahead Quality Cheers Mate) 3:08
Alice the Camel Has Four Lights (Double White Rabbit to Go, Please) 2:00
And Yet, Hope 2:52
Audiovisual Interactive Experience (Stations Pre-Set, Unit Sealed) 3:25
Ay Ess Dee Eff Jay Kay Ell SEMICOLON (5-Time Empty House OC Echoes) 2:32
Backseat Experimentation (Sounded Like a Machine Gun) 1:04
Beats and Shit 3:19
Cheap 2:27
Cheerful March of the Laser Death Zombies 2:44
Communist Masters of Deceit 3:55
Communist Masters of Deceit 3:52
Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Diamond (A Nihilist's Last Stand) 2:17
Crunching Cheerfully Through the Grass Like a Ride On Mower (This is What Eating Tastes Of) 1:33
Desktop Nightmares 3:12
Diatribal Likeness 2:08
Disconnection 3:21
Drilling My Way Out of This Conciousness Using Nothing But My Mind (k q z x m m m blue colors) 1:19
Drywipe Instagib (Clean Up, Start Over) 2:57
Electronic Shouting And Screeching in Pain . . . Violins in my Head (There Is No Computer) 2:10
Erratic Sympholitic Blistercakes 2:38
Everybody Talks 2:34
F/Mx (Suburban Interactionism) 1:20
Girderland 6:01
Give You More (Press Play & Walk Away remix) 3:52
Global Rebellion 2:08
Grind Shuffle Shimmy Repeat 2:56
Honey, I AM Music (Thank You, Thank You, You've Been Very Kind, Now Turn Around Slowly) 3:48
I Am Incredibly Gay and Famous on Kat's MSN (INTERNET FRIENDS) 2:27
I'm Standing Right Behind You 1:30
Intro 0:26
Jonestown Retrospect 3:45
Laugh It Up, One Day We'll Rule the World (Industrial Grade Waste) 1:59
Moral Decay 2:47
Moral Decay 2:44
Mustard Gas Horizon 3:03
New, Interesting Things, Built Out of Metal (When You Talk, All I Hear is This) 2:15
Newstand Obscenity 3:06
Newstand Obscenity 3:06
No Yearly Resolutions (SHOUT LOUDER) 1:41
Other Peoples Friends 3:37
Party Dynamite 3:21
Plenty of Life In Her Yet 4:51
Science Museum Noise Rod ('Non nobis' and 'Te Deum') 1:43
The Bleeping Of The Machines Was Strangely Melodic As They Processed Our Crimes (One Step Forward, Two Legs Bad) 1:22
The Great One Note Fetish 4:18
The Internet Is a Series Of Tubes 3:42
The Propaganda Channel 1:35
This Isn't Music, It Has No Rhythm, It Has No Soul, You Can't Hear Anything (Effort Is Overrated) 0:47
We Are Not Alone 3:51
You Are a Pirate Licker (Lazytown vs. Aphex Twin) 1:54
You Can See Where I'm Coming From Though, Right? (Nu-Whatever Hip-Hop With Strange Noises) 1:39
Your Wings Were Made of Cardboard Tubes and Bin Bags (No-One Wants 'em) 1:21

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