Scientist (Jamaican dub producer Hopeton Brown)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Seconds Away Scientist 3:13
Seconds Away Scientist 3:15
See A Dub Face Scientist 3:05
Send Them Dub Scientist 3:45
Separation (12" version) Scientist 5:31
Seventh Dangerous Match Scientist 3:38
Shaolin Dub Scientist 3:15
Shit Easy Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:26
Sir George the Atomic Scientist ?:??
Sitting & Skanking Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:21
Sixth Dangerous Match Scientist 3:36
Skylarking Dub Scientist 4:10
Slave Master Dub Scientist 3:30
Smerf Wak Head Beat Scientist ?:??
Solve It Dub Scientist 3:22
Some Dub Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:32
Some Dub Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:10
Something on My Mind Dub Scientist 2:25
Something on My Mind Dub Scientist 2:24
Something on My Mind Dub Scientist 2:25
Something On My Mind Dub Scientist 2:24
Space Invaders Re-Group Scientist 3:17
Spacetime Continuum Scientist 4:11
Stalin Dub Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:07
Step It Up Scientist 4:39
Step It Up Scientist 4:35
Step It Up (Dan Donovan for Don Letts Dub Cartel remix) Scientist 2:19
Step It Up (Dan Donovan for Don Letts dub Cartel) Scientist 4:36
Steppers Scientist 3:58
Steve Biko Scientist 4:19
Steve Biko Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:36
Stick Herb Dub Scientist 4:14
Stick Herb Dub Scientist 3:25
Stokely Carmichael Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:14
Stop And Frisk ( The New Jim Crow) Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 4:53
Stop Nuclear War Dub Scientist ?:??
Stop Spreading Dub Scientist 4:00
Storming the Death Star Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:08
Straight Left Scientist 3:01
Straight Left Scientist 3:06
Straight to Jammys Chest Scientist 4:12
Streight in the Boy Coxsone Chest Scientist 4:35
Subject to Change Dub Scientist 2:24
Sugar Cane Man Dub Scientist 4:22
Sunny Place Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:51
Sunshine Version Scientist 3:31
Supernova Explosion Scientist 2:35
Supreme - Quadril Scientist ?:??
Take a Dub Scientist 3:29
Take a Fight Scientist ?:??
Taxi to Baltimore Dub Scientist 4:01
Tenth Dangerous Match Scientist 2:21
The Alien Aborts Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:21
The Antichrist Scientist 3:35
The Big Issue Dub Scientist 3:14
The Corpse Rises Scientist 3:27
The Crushing of the Stormtroopers Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:16
The Dark Secret of the Box Scientist 3:47
The Death of Mr. Spock Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:06
The Girls Them Love Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:38
The Greatest Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:35
The Greatest Dub Scientist 3:20
The Greatest Dubber Scientist 3:20
The Hermit Scientist 3:33
The Humble Shall Be Blessed Scientist 3:49
The Long Hard Road Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:42
The Man Never Immetiate Always Orriginate Scientist 3:08
The Mix Master's Dub Scientist 2:55
The Mummy's Shroud Scientist 4:26
The Mummy's Shroud Scientist 1:27
The President Scientist 3:13
The Princess Takes Her Revenge Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:29
The Ruler Scientist 2:44
The Son of Darth Vader Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:06
The Struggle Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 5:05
The Vatican Scientist 3:27
The Voodoo Curse Scientist 3:49
The Winner Scientist 3:05
Their Hands in Blood Scientist 3:38
Thief in the Night Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:22
Third and Fourth Generation Scientist 2:58
Third Dangerous Match Scientist 3:04
Third Extra Time Scientist 3:09
Third Generation Scientist ?:??
Third Generation Scientist 3:42
Third Generation Dub Scientist ?:??
This Is A Takeover Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 5:11
Thunder and Lightning Dub Scientist 3:10
Time and Place for Dub Scientist 2:24
Time Is Cold Scientist & The Roots Radics 3:10
Time Is Cold Dub Scientist 3:10
Time Is Cold Dub Scientist & The Roots Radics Band 3:11
Time Is Cold Dub Scientist & Roots Radics 3:11
Time Passage Scientist 3:10
Time Warp Scientist 2:51
To Go Where No Dub Has Gone Before Scientist 4:41
Tom the Great Sabaean Scientist ?:??
Too Many Pills!! Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:18
Toussaint L'Ouverture Scientist with The Forces of Music 2:38
Tribute to the King Dub Scientist ?:??

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