Scientist (Jamaican dub producer Hopeton Brown)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lab Explosion Scientist ?:??
Lam's Dub Scientist 3:08
Landing Scientist 2:59
Laser Attack Scientist 3:43
Late Night Dub King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist 3:32
Lazer in the Sky Dub Scientist ?:??
Lee Perry in Action Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:25
Leggo Badness Scientist 2:50
Let the Land Be Fruitful Scientist 3:48
Level Dub (Never Let You Go) King Tubby & Scientist 3:31
Life Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:54
Light and Dub Scientist 2:40
Livelihood Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 4:07
Lloyd the Matador Scientist ?:??
Load the Chalice Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:38
Look Out - Behind You! Scientist 2:33
Lord Tippertone Scientist ?:??
Love Is Universal Scientist 3:37
Love You Dub Scientist 3:23
Lovers Scientist 2:42
Lovers Scientist 2:31
Makandal Daaga Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:27
Malcolm X Scientist 5:17
Malcolm X Scientist with The Forces of Music 5:17
Malicious Intent Scientist 3:41
Man From Afar Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:29
Man-Trap Scientist 3:01
Marcus Mosiah Garvey Scientist 5:24
Marcus Mosiah Garvey Scientist with The Forces of Music 5:26
Martin Luther King Scientist 4:01
Martin Luther King Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:28
Martini Dub Scientist 3:25
Mass Murder & Corruption Scientist 10:06
Mass Murder and Corruption Scientist 3:27
Meet the People Dub Scientist 4:37
Meet The People Dub Scientist 4:28
Meteorite Scientist 2:55
Midnight Special Scientist ?:??
Miss Know It Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:25
Miss Know It Scientist 3:21
Miss Know It All Scientist 3:22
Miss Know It All Scientist 3:24
Miss Know It All Scientist 3:22
Miss Seducer Scientist ?:??
Mission Impossible Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:19
Mohamed Ali Scientist 4:36
Mohammed Ali Scientist with The Forces of Music 4:35
Money Love Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:45
Monkey Spanner Scientist 3:54
Moonlight Dub Scientist 4:00
More Rain After Prayers Scientist 3:06
Morning Glory Scientist ?:??
Movie Star Dub Scientist 3:13
Moving Away to Dub Scientist 3:36
Mr. Babylon Dub Scientist 2:48
Mr. Landlord Scientist 3:21
Mr. Main Squeeze Scientist ?:??
Mr. Special Scientist ?:??
Mr. Unforgettable Scientist ?:??
Murderer Style Scientist 2:51
My Babylon Dub Scientist ?:??
My Heart Is Dub Scientist 4:02
My Lady's Dub Scientist 2:36
Mystic Dub King Tubby & Scientist 3:53
Mystical Dub King Tubby & Scientist 4:01
Nelson Mandela Scientist 3:28
Nelson Mandela Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:40
Never Stop Fighting Scientist 3:36
Never Trouble Dub Scientist 2:58
Next Door Dub Scientist 3:29
Next Door Dub Scientist 3:16
Night of the Living Dead Scientist 4:14
Ninth Dangerous Match Scientist 2:50
No Dub Island Scientist 3:08
No Entry Scientist 2:39
No Genetics Dub Scientist ?:??
No More Sorrow for the Poor Scientist 3:22
No More War Scientist 4:14
No Terrorist Scientist 5:18
Nuh Brother (Heavenless) Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:39
Nuh Brother Fight (Heavenless) Scientist 3:37
Number One Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 3:19
On Line Dub Scientist ?:??
One Man Dub Scientist 3:30
One Million Dub Scientist ?:??
One Ton of Megaton Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:46
One Way Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:11
One Way Scientist 3:08
One-Two Scientist 3:12
Original Stylee King Tubby / Jammy / Scientist ?:??
Over 32 Under 21 Scientist 2:20
Party Time on the Enterprise Scientist ?:??
Patrice Lumumba Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:30
Peace on Earth Scientist 3:43
People's Choice the Lion Scientist ?:??
People's Choice, the Lion Scientist ?:??
Photon Phaser Phever Scientist 4:02
Pick Up The Dub Scientist 3:30
Piece in the Middle East Scientist 5:04
Plague of Zombies Scientist 2:49

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