Scientist (Jamaican dub producer Hopeton Brown)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Eggred Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:04
Eighth Dangerous Match Scientist 2:53
El Suzie a Go-Go Disco Scientist ?:??
Elasticated Scientist 2:40
Emperor's Faith - Sound System Scientist ?:??
English Dub Scientist 4:04
Enjoyment Dub Scientist 2:36
Entertainer Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 4:03
Ethiopia Rock Scientist 3:28
Ethiopian High Priest Scientist 3:46
Evening Time Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:34
Eveready Dub Scientist 3:26
Everlasting Version Scientist 5:10
Everlasting Version Scientist 5:07
Everlove Dub Scientist 3:35
Every Dub Shall Scrub Scientist 3:41
Facts of Dub Scientist 2:43
Fall in Love With Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:43
False Start Scientist 2:50
Father of Mercy Scientist 3:32
Feast Not Famine on the Land Scientist 3:10
Feed Back Dubstyle Scientist 3:13
Fifth Dangerous Match Scientist 2:21
Fifth Extra Time Scientist 3:42
Fighting Radics Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:44
Fighting Radics Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:30
Find Him in a Hole Scientist 4:54
First Dangerous Match Scientist 3:37
First Extra Time Scientist 2:44
Fisherman Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 3:34
Fission Scientist 2:36
Fission Scientist 2:36
Flabba Is Wild Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:36
Flabba Is Wild Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:15
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:45
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker Scientist & Jammy & The Roots Radics 3:44
Flying at Night Scientist 3:57
Forgive Them Oh Jah Scientist 3:27
Forgive Them Oh Jah Scientist 4:11
Forward Dis Ya Dub Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:28
Forward Dis Ya Dub Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 3:25
Fourth Dangerous Match Scientist 3:28
Fourth Extra Time Scientist 3:00
Free South Africa Dub Scientist ?:??
Frontline Scientist 2:25
Full House Dub Scientist 3:32
Full House Dub Scientist 4:04
Gad Man the Prophet Scientist 3:48
Galaxy Scientist 2:57
Galaxy Scientist 3:00
Gambling (Mama Say) Scientist Meets Roots Radics 4:45
George Jackson Scientist 3:52
George Jackson Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:52
Geronimo's Free Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 4:59
Get Ready to Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:53
Ghetto Dub King Tubby & Scientist 3:46
Ghost of Frankenstein Scientist 3:21
Gigabyte Dub Scientist ?:??
Girls Like it Dub Scientist ?:??
Give a Little Love Scientist 3:38
Give A Little Love Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 4:10
Give Me a Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 3:16
Give Thanks Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:06
Give Them Dub Coxsone Scientist 3:29
Gloria ' Mama Do It' Mahadio,Kingston 11,Jamaica Scientist 4:09
Glory Glory Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 4:13
God Man the Prophet Scientist 3:33
Golden Goal Scientist 2:41
Goodtime Scientist 2:30
Gothic Fiction Dub Scientist 3:18
Great Dub Vibes Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:11
Groovin Dub Scientist 2:56
Guided Missiles Scientist 4:09
Gunman Scientist Meets the Roots Radics 4:29
Gunman Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:45
Gunshot Scientist Meets Roots Radics 3:27
Gunshot Scientist 3:24
Hail Him in Dub Scientist 4:39
Hard Drive Dub Scientist ?:??
Hard Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 4:20
Harriot Dub Scientist 2:43
Having Fun With the Klingons Scientist ?:??
Heal the Nation Dub Scientist 3:51
Heal The Nation-The Royals Scientist 3:50
Hear It in Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 2:55
Heavenless Dub Scientist 3:27
Henri Christophe Scientist with The Forces of Music 3:33
Hero to Hero Dub Scientist 3:44
Hillview Terrace Dub King Tubby & Scientist 3:47
Holy Dub King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist 2:44
Home Version Scientist 2:52
House On The Rock Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's 4:14
Hungarian Ghoulash Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:27
Hungarian Goulash Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:31
I Am the Only in Dub Scientist 4:10
I Don't Mind Dub Scientist 3:15
I'll Never Let Go Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:31
Iguana Dance Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:05
Imperialist Illusion Dub Scientist 3:26
In The Dance Dub Scientist 4:39

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