Scientist (Jamaican dub producer Hopeton Brown)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Chemistry Scientist 2:53
City of Gold Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:59
Clean Hands and Pure Heart Scientist 3:53
Clock Wise Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:44
Clockwise Dub Scientist 3:42
Cloning Process Scientist 4:16
Cocksman Get Wicked (Coxs) Dub Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:36
College Dub King Tubby / Jammy / Scientist ?:??
Collie Dub Scientist 3:40
Come Dub King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist 3:21
Come in Dub Scientist 3:03
Conquest Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:53
Contact Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:26
Conversation With Kahn Scientist ?:??
Cool Operator Scientist 2:32
Copper Shot Dub (Music Is My Occupation) King Tubby & Scientist 3:34
Count Raja The Joker Scientist 3:57
Counter Intelligence Dub Scientist 2:35
Coxsone a Chemist in a Dis Scientist 2:56
Coxsone Feel This One Scientist 2:56
Crisp Dub King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist 2:21
Cry of the Werewolf Scientist 4:25
Crying for Peace Scientist 4:43
Cultural Vibes Scientist 3:15
Cultured Dub Scientist 3:56
Curton Dub Mad Professor meets Scientist 4:26
Cutting Edge Dub Scientist 2:53
Cyber Dub Scientist ?:??
Dance Hall Dub Jah Thomas & Scientist 2:46
Dance of the Vampires Scientist 3:26
Dancehall We Deh Dub (Teasing) King Tubby & Scientist 3:26
Dark Side Scientist 3:35
Dedan Kimathi Scientist 4:08
Dematerialise Scientist 2:47
Dematerialize Scientist 2:25
Denial Scientist & Prince Jammy 3:38
Desmond Tutu Scientist 3:40
Disciple Dub Scientist 2:32
Don't Fuck With America Scientist 3:27
Don't Give Up Your Culture Dub Scientist 3:49
Don't Rush The Dub Scientist 2:58
Dread in a Remulacks Dub Scientist ?:??
Dreader Dub King Tubby / Jammy / Scientist ?:??
Drum Song Dub Scientist 3:41
Drumalie Skank Scientist 2:20
Dub 16 Scientist 3:51
Dub A Byte Scientist ?:??
Dub Analyzed Scientist 2:33
Dub Belly Scientist 3:45
Dub Bible Scientist 2:54
Dub Bible Scientist & Soul Syndicate 2:53
Dub Fall Scientist 3:29
Dub from the Ghetto Scientist 2:51
Dub From the Ghetto Scientist 2:49
Dub From the Ghetto Scientist 2:51
Dub Hold I Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:45
Dub It Right Dub It Right (Cd bonus Scientist dub) Scientist 3:23
Dub Livity Scientist 3:28
Dub Modem Scientist ?:??
Dub Next Door Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:17
Dub of Conciousness Scientist 3:02
Dub of Crazyness Scientist 3:04
Dub of Excellence Crazy Mad Professor & Scientist 2:27
Dub of Execellence Scientist 2:27
Dub of Gladness Scientist 3:09
Dub of Gladness Scientist 3:10
Dub of Gladness Scientist 3:07
Dub of Happiness Scientist 3:51
Dub of Integrity Scientist 4:26
Dub of Madness Scientist 3:12
Dub of Reason Scientist 3:28
Dub of the Dancehall Scientist 3:15
Dub of the Drifter Scientist 3:21
Dub of the Good Vibes Scientist 3:29
Dub of the Righteous Scientist 3:29
Dub of the Traveler Scientist 3:27
Dub of the Traveller Scientist 3:24
Dub of the Traveller Scientist 2:38
Dub of the Traveller Scientist 3:25
Dub of the Traveller (bonus Beats) Scientist 3:12
Dub of the Wise Scientist 2:54
Dub of the Working Class Scientist 3:22
Dub of the Working Man Scientist 3:16
Dub of War Scientist 4:18
Dub of Wisdom Scientist 3:20
Dub of Wrath Scientist 3:14
Dub of Wrath Scientist 3:14
Dub Ovation Scientist ?:??
Dub Ovation Scientist 3:46
Dub Science Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 2:56
Dub Searched Scientist 3:23
Dub This Sound Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:40
Dub to Skaville Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:50
Dub Ware Scientist ?:??
Dub With Everybody Lee “Scratch” Perry & Scientist 3:07
E=mc² Scientist 3:18
Earth Scientist & Prince Jammy 2:58
Earths Rightful Ruler Scientist 3:10
East of Scientist Corner (II Pieces) Scientist 3:04
Echo Chamber King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist 3:22

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