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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Deeper Thirst and a Lack of True Clarity 1:49
A Farewell to Solipsism 0:58
A Minimal Blip in the Beer-Da-Dumb-Durm Casionical Backbeatimus 1:29
A Slow Drift Through TG-001x 2:24
An Introduction to Solipsism 0:29
An Ultra Serotonin Explosion 2:23
An Ultra Serotonin Explosion 2:24
Ana Ng 3:10
And Winter Came Slowly 3:29
Annual Cowardly Dose 2:31
Aquatic Ambiance 2:24
Back Right Corner 1:41
Baretune 2:09
Beat on the Brat 2:24
Big ol' Sassy River 2:21
Bombshell 1:02
Bubbleman Stage 1:47
Castlevania II Medley 2:38
Catlanta 2:33
Ceremony 3:33
Chili Chili Shiitake 1:00
Crushed to Bits ?:??
Cursed Gifts of Brilliance and Fatigue 3:10
Cursed Gifts of Brilliance and Fatigue 3:05
Danny Boy 1:18
Desert of Radical Solitude 2:35
Double Dragon Medley 3:15
Drunk Swimming in Sweet Binary Oblivion ?:??
Ecstasy Is a Hot Shower 2:10
El Negro Y Naranja ?:??
Enter the Dim Mak Library 1:33
Eventually I'll Be a Manatee 1:47
Everything Pine Needles 2:16
Everything Pine Needles 2:17
From the Abysmal Catacombs to the Star Grazing Turrets 2:02
From the Abyssmal Catacombs to the Star Grazed Turrets ?:??
Furious Berzerker 2:22
Her Brain Hurts 2:59
Hex Type Thing 2:25
Hybrid Moments 1:36
I Will If You Won't 1:48
If Only You Would Have Parried... 2:26
Ind I Fjeldkamrene 0:58
Innermy 3:14
Intro ?:??
It's Not Cypress Ruin vol.2 0:50
Julairppel 2:39
Kallith, the Octagonal Orifice ?:??
Maniac Mansion (Razor's Theme) 1:47
Midtown Meltdown 1:25
Minas Ithil 2:16
Mommy Spicepants^The Collapse of History (ATR remix) 2:11
Mr Scott and the Lightning Over the Old Castle ?:??
No Answer in Flakesville 1:07
Numerous Reasons to Smite Thee 2:12
Obligatory Interlude 1:04
Ode to the Primordial Stromatolites 1:22
Oh, You Mean This Isn't Short Music for Short People 0:30
Planting the Seed of Mental Unrest ?:??
Prelude to a Scorch 1:41
Rasferatu and His Pastafarian Mendicants 2:44
Rim of the Beggars Cup 2:30
Sandwiched Deep Within a Von Kaiser Roll 3:05
Satan, Please Let My Whisk Arm Be STRONG 3:29
Seetee Mormegil 0:38
Servo the Circuits 1:21
Shade in This Oppressive Heat Wave 1:34
Silver Bells 1:26
Sir, That Does Not Qualify as a Backbone 0:34
Spitting Ice Cubes at the Center of the Center of the Sun ?:??
Spitting Ice Cubes at the Center of the Sun 2:06
Starman 3:58
Stop Saying Chipthrash 0:19
Succumbing to Synesthesia and Ethereal Vibrations 2:55
Take Your Trap and Shove It 1:53
The Beatdown in Midtown 1:18
The Beatdown in Midtown 1:19
The Frozen Winds of Mount Casio ?:??
The Frozen Winds of Mount Casio 1:31
The Infinite Fucking Bonus Stage 2:23
The Infinite Fucking Bonus Stage!!! 2:25
The Legend of Zelda Medley 2:26
The Octagonal Orifice 4:06
These Not-So-Legendary Wings 2:20
These Not-So-Lendary Wings ?:??
This Is a Labyrinth, Not a Song ?:??
This Which Has Yet to Be Named 1:04
To Jump and Shoot in 2D 3:00
To Jump and Shoot in 2D 2:57
Torpedophile of Wonder and Joy 2:23
Transmission ?:??
Unce Upon a Time 2:33
Unkempt and Leisurely Passage 2:21
Untold Whispers From Beyond the Solipsistic Mind 3:11
Wielding the Arcane Cypress Knee 2:34
Xmas on Cart Ridge (live) 1:19
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby 2:56

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