Connie Kupka

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1976-10Day DanseviolinChick Corea4:27
1976-10El Bozo, Part IIIviolinChick Corea5:04
1976-10Spanish Fantasy, Part IIIviolinChick Corea3:07
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:56
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:57
A New Life (alternate 1)violinJerry Goldsmith5:41
A New Life (alternate 2)violinJerry Goldsmith3:17
Arthur's FanfareviolinJerry Goldsmith0:45
Arthur's FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:27
Arthur’s FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:28
Boat TripviolinJerry Goldsmith2:05
Boat Trip (alternate segment)violinJerry Goldsmith1:08
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:20
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:40
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith5:39
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith4:04
DirgestringsThe Verlaines4:08
Does It Please You / Look At MeviolinJerry Goldsmith3:27
Escape from the CaveviolinJerry Goldsmith3:28
Gauntlet DrumsviolinJerry Goldsmith1:53
Got to Find My Own PlaceviolinStanley Clarke3:18
Meet the QueenviolinJerry Goldsmith0:47
Modern ManviolinStanley Clarke3:29
Never SurrenderviolinJerry Goldsmith5:43
Never Surrender (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith5:20
Night BattleviolinJerry Goldsmith5:55
Night BattleviolinJerry Goldsmith5:40
No Joy / Try Her / Wedding Plans / I Will FightviolinJerry Goldsmith3:00
Open the Door /No One MoveviolinJerry Goldsmith1:59
Promise MeviolinJerry Goldsmith2:22
Promise MeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:06
Prove ItviolinJerry Goldsmith2:57
Raid on LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith4:28
Raid on LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith5:12
The Ambush / First Sight (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith5:48
The CaveviolinJerry Goldsmith2:16
The Gauntlet / No KissviolinJerry Goldsmith2:05
The KissviolinJerry Goldsmith2:00
The Legend of CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith1:00
To LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith3:25
To LeonesseviolinJerry Goldsmith3:27
To Leonesse (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith2:44
True Love / The Ambush / First SightviolinJerry Goldsmith6:26
Village RuinsviolinJerry Goldsmith3:21
Village RuinsviolinJerry Goldsmith3:23
Village Ruins (alternate)violinJerry Goldsmith3:31
Walls of AirviolinJerry Goldsmith1:35