TIFFANY (American/South Korean singer)

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original member of: Girls’ Generation-TTS (2012-04-29 –)
original member of (as Tiffany): Girls’ Generation (2007-08-05 –)
signed by: S.M.Entertainment (2007-08-05 –)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
유리아이 (Lost in Love) 소녀시대 3:59
Baby Maybe background vocals 소녀시대 3:24
Cabi Song 소녀시대 & 2PM 3:20
Dancing Queen background vocals and spoken vocals 소녀시대 3:35
Day by Day (좋은일만 생각하기) 티파니 소녀시대 3:51
Express 999 background vocals 소녀시대 3:26
I Got a Boy background vocals 소녀시대 4:31
Look at Me background vocals 소녀시대 3:01
Show Girls background vocals Girls’ Generation 3:39
XYZ background vocals 소녀시대 3:15
말해봐 (Talk Talk) background vocals 소녀시대 2:46
유리아이 (Lost in Love) background vocals 소녀시대 3:59
카라멜 커피 (Talk to Me) 티파니 소녀시대 3:27