Jah Wobble

~ Person


Legendary bass player, heavily influenced by Jamaican dub.

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Legal name: John Joseph Wardle



1980The Legend Lives On… Jah Wobble in “Betrayal”Jah Wobble3
1980V.I.E.P.Jah Wobble1
1982Full CircleHolger Czukay, Jah Wobble & Jaki Liebezeit44
1983Jah Wobble’s Bedroom AlbumJah Wobble1
1985Neon MoonJah Wobble + Ollie Marland1
1987PsalmsJah Wobble1
1995SpinnerBrian Eno & Jah Wobble46
1996Heaven & EarthJah Wobble2
1996The Inspiration of William BlakeJah Wobble2
1997RequiemJah Wobble1
1998Umbra SumusJah Wobble3
1998The Five Tone DragonJah Wobble presents Zi Lan Liao1
1998The Light ProgrammeJah Wobble1
1999Deep SpaceJah Wobble1
2001Passage to HadesJah Wobble & Evan Parker1
2001Shout at the DevilJah Wobble & Temple of Sound1
2001Radioaxiom: A Dub TransmissionJah Wobble and Bill Laswell3
2002FlyJah Wobble1
2004Elevator Music, Volume 1AJah Wobble3
2005MuJah Wobble2
2006Alpha One ThreeJah Wobble1
2006Alpha One ThreeJah Wobble1
2006Jah Wobble and the English Roots BandJah Wobble1
2007Heart & SoulJah Wobble1
2009Chinese DubJah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra2
2009Car Ad MusicJah Wobble1
2010Japanese DubJah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble2
2010Welcome to My WorldJah Wobble1
2011Psychic LifeJah Wobble and Julie Campbell1
20117Jah Wobble & The Modern Jazz Ensemble1
2012Yin & YangJah Wobble & Keith Levene1
2012Dub the WorldJah Wobble1
2013AnomicJah Wobble & Marconi Union1
2013Odds & Sods & EpiloguesJah Wobble1
2013Kingdom of FitzroviaJah Wobble & Bill Sharpe1
2014InspirationJah Wobble presents PJ Higgins1
2018Maghrebi JazzJah Wobble & Momo1
2018Dream WorldJah Wobble1
2018The Butterfly EffectJah Wobble2
2019Realm of SpellsJah Wobble & Bill Laswell2
2020Acid Punk Dub ApocalypseYouth Meets Jah Wobble1
2020Nocturne in the City (Ambient Jazz Grooves)Jah Wobble1
2020End of Lockdown DubJah Wobble2
2021GuanyinJah Wobble’s Family1
2021Metal Box - Rebuilt In DubJah Wobble1
2023The Bus Routes of South LondonJah Wobble1
2023Red MistTian Qiyi featuring Jah Wobble1
2023A Brief History of NowJah Wobble1
Elevator MusicJah Wobble1

Album + Compilation

199930 Hertz CollectionJah Wobble1
2001The Early YearsJah Wobble1
2004I Could Have Been a ContenderJah Wobble1
2015Redux – Anthology 1978–2015Jah Wobble1
2016In DubJah Wobble1
2017The Lago YearsJah Wobble21
2017In TranceJah Wobble1
2020In Dub IIJah Wobble1
2023Dark Luminosity: The 21st Century CollectionJah Wobble1

Album + Soundtrack

2003FureurJah Wobble1

Album + Live

2005Live in LeuvenJah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit & Philip Jeck1
2015Access All AreasJah Wobble1


1978Dreadlock Don't Deal in WedlockJah Wobble1
1981Fading:NocturnalJah Wobble1
1982A Long, Long WayJah Wobble with Animal1
1984VoodooJah Wobble, Ollie Marland & Polly Eltes1
1985Blow OutJah Wobble1
1998I Offer You EverythingJah Wobble1
Mount ZionJah Wobble1


1981How Much Are They?Holger Czukay & Jah Wobble & Jaki Liebezeit2
1983Snake CharmerJah Wobble, The Edge & Holger Czukay2
1987Island ParadiseJah Wobble1
1997Magical ThoughtJah Wobble1
2011Psychic Life EPJah Wobble & Julie Campbell1
2012EPJah Wobble & Keith Levene2
2014Watch How You Walk (single)Jah Wobble & P.J. Higgins1
2019The Electro Dub Extravaganza EPJah Wobble1
2019Thames SymphonyJah Wobble1

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