DRS (Manchester drum'n'bass MC Delroy Pottinger - NOT "Fatta")

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2012 Enei feat. DRS 5:07
2017-03-03: One Mix #87 Calibre & DRS 58:36
Ain't That Bad DJ Patife & Vangeliez feat. DRS 5:22
Autonomic DRS feat. dBridge 4:59
Be There Calibre feat. DRS ?:??
Between the Night DRS feat. Silent Dust 4:08
Bitter Taste Icicle feat. DRS 4:07
Blackhearted DRS feat. Lynx 3:45
Blind Eye Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS 5:32
Bootleg Moiré feat. DRS 3:48
Break the Chains Dub Phizix ft. DRS 8:52
Break the Chains (part of a “FabricLive 84: Dub Phizix” DJ‐mix) Dub Phizix & DRS 4:57
Bun Ya DRS feat. Chimpo, Dub Phizix, Konny Kon, Fox, Skittles, Strategy & T Man 5:39
Bun Ya Too DRS feat. Chimpo, Fox, Marcus Intalex, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy 4:43
Can I Get Some The Colonel feat. MC DRS GBEUE1200243 4:46
Captivity DRS feat. Lynx 4:35
Catching Lightning LSB feat. DRS 2:14
Changes Big Bud feat. DRS 6:57
City Life MISTiCAL feat. DRS 5:26
City Life Calibre w/ DRS 5:11
City of Injustice Anile feat. DRS 4:51
Closing Doors Calibre feat. DRS 4:54
Coldest Hearts DRS feat. Drumsound & Bassline Smith 3:16
Colour of Blood Zero T feat. DRS 4:29
Concrete Blocks DRS feat. Addison Groove & DJ Die 3:54
Constellation LTJ Bukem feat. DRS 5:59
Could You Handle It Utah Jazz feat. DRS 1:34
Could You Handle It Utah Jazz feat. DRS 2:58
Count to Ten DRS feat. Enei 5:19
Count to Ten (part of a “FabricLive 62: Kasra” DJ‐mix) MC DRS feat. Enei 3:02
Count to Ten (VIP) (part of a “FabricLive 84: Dub Phizix” DJ‐mix) DRS feat. Enei 0:44
Deep Meditation The Bluntskins feat. DRS 3:45
Diablo DRS feat. Dub Phizix 5:24
Do What You Do DRS feat. True Tiger 3:12
Do What? DRS feat. Genotype 3:20
Emergency DRS feat. Marcus Intalex 5:53
Eschaton Calibre feat. MC DRS 5:17
Fade to Red Seba feat. Trickykid & DRS 5:30
Falling Stars Foreign Concept & DRS 5:06
Falling Stars Foreign Concept feat. DRS 5:19
Fear of Letting Go Calibre feat. MC DRS 6:04
Grateful Lenzman feat. DRS 4:48
Habitual DRS feat. Calibre 4:56
Holding On DRS feat. Lenzman, Jehst & Riya 5:12
Hustlin' (part of a “FabricLive 35: Marcus Intalex” DJ‐mix) Calibre feat. DRS 4:37
I Don't Wanna Hear That (DJ Q remix) Toddla T, Jammer & Danny Weed feat. AK, C4 & DRS 4:02
I Will DRS feat. DJ Patife & Vangeliez 5:42
Intro (part of a "Soul:ution, Volume 1" DJ mix) M.I.S.T. feat. MC DRS 1:06
It Aint Easy DRS feat. Kim Nishikawara, Marcus Intalex & Tyler Daley 4:46
Jetlag Lynx feat. DRS & Marcus Intalex 2:47
Judgement Day Calibre feat. DRS 5:36
Just Can't Take Lenzman feat. DRS 5:15
Just Can't Take Lenzman feat. DRS 3:39
Just Can't Take (Dbridge remix) Lenzman feat. DRS 4:02
Keep the Faith DRS feat. Calibre 4:48
Keep the Faith (part of a “FabricLive 68: Calibre” DJ‐mix) DRS feat. Calibre 4:45
Lessons Enei & Kasra feat. DRS 4:37
Let It Rain Zero T & Unitsouled feat. DRS 4:54
Lost Souls Zed Bias feat. DRS 5:38
Lost You Moiré feat. DRS 4:06
Lost You (instrumental) Moiré feat. DRS 4:06
Love's Too Tight to Mention Calibre feat. DRS 5:54
Make Believe Om Unit feat. DRS 4:10
Make Way Marcus Intalex feat. DRS 6:10
Manouevre Roy Green, Protone & The Insiders feat. DRS ?:??
Mid Mic Crisis DRS feat. Terri Walker & Toddla T 3:43
Missing You LSB feat. Tyler Daley & DRS 6:48
Music to Me DRS feat. Marcus Intalex 4:00
My friend alone Dominick Martin feat. DRS 4:36
New Day LSB feat. DRS 5:20
No Answers DRS feat. Skeptical 3:42
No Sound L-Side feat. DRS 6:31
No Sound (Original Mix) L-Side, DRS 6:30
No Wave Craggz & Parallel feat. DRS 4:27
Obsession Enei & MC DRS ?:??
Obsession (Foreign Concept remix) (part of a “FabricLive 62: Kasra” DJ‐mix) Enei & MC DRS 2:59
One and Only DRS feat. Sticky Blood 5:17
Pass the Buck Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS 4:40
People Never Change Calibre feat. DRS 5:14
Playing With Fire DRS feat. Dub Phizix 6:25
Pushing the Vibe Nookie feat. DRS 8:33
Raindrops DRS feat. Lenzman & Pete Simpson 5:54
Raptors DRS feat. DJ Die 5:01
Renegade DRS feat. Kemo & SPY 5:21
Rzor Addison Groove feat. DRS & Sam Binga 3:31
Salvation Makoto feat. DRS 4:09
Shadows on the Wall Silent Dust feat. DRS 5:04
Sin DRS feat. Utah Jazz 4:33
Slums Calibre feat. DRS 4:40
So They Say Verb T feat. DRS 3:53
Something to Believe In DRS feat. Calibre 5:35
Soul Remembers DRS feat. Dub Phizix & Fox 5:16
Stakeout (part of the artist album “The Music” DJ‐mix) Blame feat. DRS GBDLM1000031 4:07
Stand Alone S.P.Y feat. DRS 4:07
Star Voyager DRS feat. Jenna G & SPY 4:18
Still Standing (Lenzman remix) Children of Zeus feat. DRS 5:14
Sunsets Tokyo Prose with LSB & DRS 5:59
The Eleventh Hour MISTiCAL feat. DRS 4:10
The Hurt Redeyes feat. DRS 5:14
The Medicine Man Zed Bias feat. DRS 4:05

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