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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Black Dreams Open Doors Enrapture 4:32
Dysfunction Poster Girl [U Can Have Her] Enrapture 6:13
Flavor of the Month Enrapture 6:10
Forbidden Pleasures v2.0 Enrapture 6:13
Genesis (Genix remix) Dreas vs. Enrapture 5:47
Genesis (Genix remix) Dreas vs. Enrapture 5:00
Genesis (Genix remix) (2005-07-17: A State of Trance #205) Dreas vs. Enrapture 7:23
Give It Up (Morning After mix) Enrapture 4:02
I Hate [Trance] Enrapture 1:28
Intoxicating Enrapture 5:21
Lost but not Forgotten Enrapture 6:10
Make [Me] Believe Enrapture 6:13
Morbid Curiosity (feat. Morbid Monja) Enrapture 5:03
Of the Flesh Enrapture 6:19
Of the Flesh v1.0 Enrapture 6:20
Predator and Prey Enrapture 5:20
Random [Fate] Enrapture 6:18
Self Fulfilled Prophecy Enrapture 5:10
Sista Darknez Enrapture 5:42
Soul Catcher (Morbid Monja Adaptation) Enrapture 4:46
Still Haunted (Black Dreams Part II) Enrapture 4:20
The Empty Center of Affection Enrapture 5:33
The Last Dance Enrapture 6:57
The Last Dance Enrapture 6:57
The Seduction Enrapture 6:15
The Siren's Kiss Enrapture 5:53
The Siren's Kiss Enrapture 5:51
The Underworld Is My Bitch Enrapture 5:10
Thicker than Blood Enrapture 5:09
Time Stands Still (Blueprint Edit) Enrapture 4:22
Torn Enrapture 6:32
Touch [Me] Enrapture 6:09
Where She Ends [and I begin] Enrapture 6:30
Your Every Desire Enrapture 6:30

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