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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
*smoke break Shigeto 2:25
A Child's Mind Shigeto 4:14
A Close Keeper Shigeto 3:28
A Decision Is Made Shigeto 3:05
A2D (AAPV) Shigeto ft. ZelooperZ & Silas Green 4:21
Abandoned Mall Utopia Heathered Pearls feat. Shigeto 5:42
After the Smoke Shigeto 3:11
And We Gonna Shigeto 4:00
And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks remix) Shigeto 3:23
Ann Arbor, Part 1 Shigeto 4:08
Ann Arbor, Part 1 (Charles Trees Ypsi-Arbor remix) Shigeto 4:13
Ann Arbor, Part 2 Shigeto 2:46
Ann Arbor, Part 3 & 4 Shigeto 4:21
Bakers Blunt Basics Shigeto 3:23
Barry White Shigeto ft. ZelooperZ 5:35
Beginnings Shigeto 1:17
Bitter Sweet Shigeto 2:19
Blazea Shigeto 3:49
Brown Eyed Girl Shigeto 3:50
Children at Midnight Shigeto 2:34
Children at Midnight Shigeto 2:39
Children at Midnight (Beautiful Bells Grade School remix) Shigeto 3:12
Circles Shigeto x Devonwho 2:31
City Dweller Shigeto feat. Ian Finkelstein 3:46
Constellate Shigeto x Devonwho 4:03
Cork Town Get Down Shigeto 5:52
Deep Jupiter (Shigeto Remix) Paul Chin & Shigeto 4:56
Deep Jupiter (Shigeto Remix) Paul Chin & Shigeto 4:56
Deepbreathing Shigeto 1:51
Detroit Part 1 Shigeto 4:51
Detroit Part 1 Shigeto 3:51
Detroit Part 1 Shigeto 4:51
Detroit Part II Shigeto featuring Marcus Elliot 6:51
Detroit, Part II Shigeto 7:28
Do My Thing. Shigeto 3:35
Don’t Trip Shigeto ft. Silas Green 6:23
Embrace The Cold Shigeto 6:21
En el Mes de Agosto A Setting Sun & Shigeto 3:47
Escape From the Incubator Shigeto 3:27
Escape From the Incubator (Sun Hammer remix) Shigeto 5:11
Eternal Life Shigeto 2:36
Evergreen Shigeto 5:42
Evergreen (remix) Shigeto 5:42
Field Day (Braille remix) Shigeto 5:31
Field Trip Shigeto 4:17
Fight Club Shigeto 4:22
First Saturn Return Shigeto 2:13
French Kiss Power Up Shigeto 3:48
Gently Shigeto 2:15
Girls and Boys Want Boyfriends and Girlfriends A Setting Sun & Shigeto 6:07
Grandma’s Words / Rise Out of the Stone Shigeto 8:10
Hear Me Out Shigeto 4:44
Helicopter In The Sky Shigeto 4:29
Huron River Drive Shigeto 2:39
Huron River Drive (Evenings remix) Shigeto 3:20
Huron River Drive (Sun Hammer remix) Shigeto 4:55
I Gave in to It Shigeto 5:15
Ice Breaker Shigeto 6:36
In Case You Forgot Shigeto 2:57
Into the Sun, Out in the Cold Shigeto 3:35
Is This All for Real Shigeto 2:32
Is This All for Real - Shotly International - Moodgadget Recordings Shigeto 2:33
Keep It Simple Stupid The Gaslamp Killer feat. Shigeto 1:47
Lake in View Shigeto 2:34
Lamp Lighting Shigeto 6:11
Lineage Shigeto 3:08
Lineage (Prologue) Shigeto 2:55
Lineage (Sun Glitters remix) Shigeto 4:41
Look at All the Smiling Faces Shigeto 5:04
Look at All the Smiling Faces (Take remix) Shigeto 3:51
May Shigeto 4:46
May Shigeto 4:44
Miss U Shigeto 5:42
Mois de Mars A Setting Sun & Shigeto 3:31
Mois De Mars Shigeto 3:50
Need Nobody Shigeto 4:03
New Crossings Shigeto 5:11
New Light Shigeto 3:54
No Better Time Than Now Shigeto 4:45
Nothing Had Ever Happened A Setting Sun & Shigeto 5:58
Nubes Niña Dioz feat. Shigeto 3:04
Olivia Shigeto 3:08
Olivia (Seams Remix) Shigeto 4:23
Ooh Ooh Shigeto 3:40
Perfect Crime Shigeto 5:14
Please Stay Shigeto 3:52
Polaroid Romance A Setting Sun & Shigeto 4:43
Polaroid Romance Shigeto 3:36
Porcelain Heathered Pearls feat. Shigeto 5:47
Pulse Shigeto 7:07
Relentless Drag Shigeto 4:08
Relentless Drag (Mike Slott remix) Shigeto 4:07
Reren Shigeto x Devonwho 5:17
Ringleader Shigeto 6:01
Rising Sun over Smiling Lovers A Setting Sun & Shigeto 7:11
Rising Sun Over Smiling Lovers Shigeto 7:13
Ritual Howl Shigeto 4:24
Sacrificial Shigeto 3:47
Sacrificial (Om Unit remix) Shigeto 5:44
Safe in Here Shigeto 2:48

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