Roy Harper (English folk singer)

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Sometimes it is a puzzle as to why some artists have so much missing... especially someone as big as Roy. Been a blast of updates, changes, additions, links, missing works, missing releases added. Feedback and checks would be good. Thanks

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1967Sophisticated BeggarRoy Harper6
1968Come Out Fighting Ghengis SmithRoy Harper6
1969FolkjokeopusRoy Harper54
1970Flat Baroque and BerserkRoy Harper32
1971StormcockRoy Harper6
1973LifemaskRoy Harper5
1974ValentineRoy Harper3
1975HQRoy Harper2
1977BullinamingvaseRoy Harper2
1978Commercial BreaksRoy Harper2
1980The Unknown SoldierRoy Harper2
1982Work of HeartRoy Harper2
1984Born in CaptivityRoy Harper2
1985Whatever Happened to Jugula?Roy Harper & Jimmy Page34
1988...Descendants of SmithRoy Harper1
1988Looney on the BusRoy Harper1
1990OnceRoy Harper1
1992Death or Glory?Roy Harper2
1998The Dream SocietyRoy Harper2
2000The Green ManRoy Harper1
2013Man & MythRoy Harper44

Album + Compilation

1994An Introduction to...Roy Harper1
2001Hats OffRoy Harper1
2001East of the SunRoy Harper1
2005Counter CultureRoy Harper1
2011Songs of Love and LossRoy Harper2
2012The Roy Harper CollectionRoy Harper2

Album + Compilation + Live

2007The BBC Tapes: 6 Volume SetRoy Harper1

Album + Spokenword

1997Poems, Speeches, Thoughts and DoodlesRoy Harper1

Album + Live

1974Flashes From the Archives of OblivionRoy Harper52
1986In Between Every Line (live in Your Living Room)Roy Harper2
1993UnhingedRoy Harper1
1996Live at Les CousinsRoy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume I: 1969-1973Roy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume II: In Concert 1974Roy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume V: 1975-1978Roy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume VI: In Concert 1978Roy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume III: 1974Roy Harper1
1997The BBC Tapes, Volume IV: In Concert 1975Roy Harper1


1966Take Me in to Your EyesRoy Harper1
1975When an Old Cricketer Leaves the CreaseRoy Harper1
1990Burn the WorldRoy Harper1
1992Death or Glory?Roy Harper1
2005The Death of GodRoy Harper1

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