Karizma (house producer Kris Klayton)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
4 the Love Karizma feat. DJ Spen 2:41
4 the Love Karizma feat. DJ Spen 6:50
4 the Love Karizma feat. DJ Spen 2:22
4 the Love Karizma feat. DJ Spen 6:49
4 the Love (original mix) (part of “Testament of House: The Third Prophecy” DJ-mix) Karizma feat. DJ Spen 5:04
4 the Love (The main vocal club mix) Karizma feat. DJ Spen 5:46
33rd Street Anthem Karizma 7:19
33rd Street Anthem (long version) / The Rock Solid All-Stars - What God Has Chosen (Jimpster a capella) Karizma 4:11
A MInd Of Its Own Karizma 2:07
All Teched Out Karizma 6:21
Bedouin Dance Karizma 3:38
Church Chords Karizma 7:10
Dakka (original mix) / Gabryelle Vs 4 the Love (a cappella) Those Usual Suspects / Karizma vs. DJ Technic 5:28
Darqness Karizma 4:16
Darqness (part of “Scottie B: Pure Funky House” DJ-mix) Karizma 2:57
Darqness (Tru remix edit) Karizma 2:36
Darqness (Tru remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Sound of UK Funky” DJ‐mix) Karizma 3:46
Didn't See It Comin' Karizma 9:17
Drumz Nightmare Karizma 8:50
Earth These Beats Karizma 10:02
FACT Mix 286: Karizma Karizma 1:00:05
For the Love Karizma 7:18
For the Love (Of House) (vocal mix) Karizma feat. DJ Spen 7:32
Gabryelle vs. 4 the Love Karizma vs. DJ Technic 6:29
Gabryelle vs. 4 the Love (part of “World Series: Live: Paris” DJ-mix) Karizma vs. DJ Technic 4:47
George Karizma 4:25
God Made Me Phunky Karizma 5:30
God Made Me Phunky (part of a “Kiss Presents: Booty House” DJ‐mix) Karizma 3:52
God Made Me Phunky (Karizma Re-Rub) (part of “Urban House” DJ-mix) Karizma ?:??
Good Knight (Kay Outrolude) Karizma 3:17
Good Morning (Rock Da Bellsalude) Karizma 1:33
Groove ‘A’ K Ordingly (Atjazz Floor dub) Karizma GBEQT1001674 7:43
Groove A 'K' Ordingly Karizma 6:03
Haarder Karizma 5:00
I C U Karizma 8:58
I.C.U. (Jazztronik DJ-Mix) Karizma 1:19
It's Serious Cooly G feat. Karizma 3:52
Its Serious Cooly G feat. Karizma 3:47
Jealousy / 4 the Love (part of “Simon "Defector" Dunmore (Defected)” DJ-mix) Martin Solveig / Karizma feat. DJ Spen 7:27
K.O.N.G. Karizma 8:56
K3 Karizma 0:56
Kaytro Karizma 0:03
Klearkut Karizma 6:27
Neccessarry Maddness Karizma 6:05
Neke's Theme (part of a “AM:PM” DJ‐mix) Karizma 5:11
On My Way Karizma 4:15
Requiem for a DJ K2 5:43
Ride (part of “Bargrooves: Summer Sessions” DJ-mix) Karizma 7:25
Ride (part of “Pete Gooding: Café Mambo Ibiza” DJ-mix) Karizma 5:43
Ride (original mix) Karizma GBCPZ0401004 10:12
Ride (original mix) Karizma GBCPZ0401004 10:13
Rimaniss Karizma 2:12
S.I.L.U Karizma 4:47
Sad Isn't It Karizma 6:33
Saturn Karizma 1:39
Serenia Karizma 3:16
So Let the Wind Come (remix) / 4 The Love (a cappella) (part of a “Defected in the House: Miami 2006” DJ‐mix) Kerri Chandler / Karizma feat. DJ Spen 5:40
Swimming Places / 4 the Love (a cappella) (part of “Southport Weekender, 4” DJ-mix) Julien Jabre / Karizma feat. DJ Spen 5:33
T W Y St This Karizma 7:25
Tech This Out, Part 2 Karizma 8:23
Tech This Out, Part 2 (part of a “Body Language, Vol. 4” DJ‐mix) Karizma 3:49
Tha D Karizma 8:13
The Cube Ferrer & Karizma Ltd. 4:50
The Damn Thing Karizma 12:52
The Power Karizma 6:57
The Power Karizma 5:24
The Power Karizma 6:55
The Power Karizma 8:35
The Power Karizma 5:44
Twyst This Karizma 2:56
Twyst This Karizma 6:05
Twyst This Karizma 7:27
Twyst This (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Sound of UK Funky” DJ‐mix) Karizma 5:07
Work It Out Karizma 4:53
Yurudum Karizma 3:23

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