The Clash (70s–80s British punk rock band)

~ Group


members:Keith Levene
Vince White
Terry Chimes (from 1976 until 1977, from 1982 until 1983)
Mick Jones (The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite) (from 1976 until 1983)
Paul Simonon (from 1976 until 1986)
Joe Strummer (from 1976 until 1986)
Topper Headon (from 1977 until 1982)
Pete Howard (of The Clash) (from 1983 until 1985)
Nick Sheppard (from 1983 until 1986: guitar)
tribute artists:Counterfeit Clash (Clash Tribute)
La Furia (Cover Band from spanish punk rock band Maniática)
The Radio Clash (The Clash cover band with members of Disidencia)
El Clash Combo (from 2005 to present)
has personal publisher:Nineden Ltd.
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Hits BackThe Clash
Goodbye Garageland
Hits BackThe Clash
(In the) Pouring Rain (live, 1984-5-30: Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)The Clash5:06
(White Man) In Hammersmith PalaisThe Clash4:01
1‐2 Crush on YouThe Clash2:57
1‐2 Crush on YouThe Clash3:01
Armagideon TimeThe Clash3:52
BroadwayThe Clash5:47
BroadwayThe Clash4:57
Capital Radio TwoThe Clash3:20
Career Opportunities (Sandinista! version)The Clash2:30
Charlie Don’t SurfThe Clash4:54
City of the DeadThe Clash2:26
Cool ConfusionThe Clash3:17
Corner SoulThe Clash2:42
Every Little Bit HurtsThe Clash4:37
First Night Back in LondonThe Clash2:59
Gates of the WestThe Clash3:27
Groovy TimesThe Clash3:30
Hitsville UKThe Clash4:22
I Fought the LawThe Clash2:41
If Music Could TalkThe Clash4:36
Ivan Meets G.I. JoeThe Clash3:06
Junco PartnerThe Clash4:52
Junkie SlipThe Clash2:49
Justice Tonight / Kick It OverThe Clash7:00
Justice Tonight / Kick It OverThe Clash8:53
Kingston AdviceThe Clash2:37
Let’s Go CrazyThe Clash4:24
Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)The Clash4:51
Living in FameThe Clash4:36
Long Time Jerk (edit)The Clash2:57
Look HereThe Clash2:45
Lose This SkinThe Clash5:07
Mensforth HillThe Clash3:42
Midnight LogThe Clash2:10
Midnight to StevensThe Clash4:39
One EmotionThe Clash4:41
One More DubThe Clash3:36
One More TimeThe Clash3:32
Police on My BackThe Clash3:17
Pressure DropThe Clash3:30
Pressure DropThe Clash3:27
Radio ClashThe Clash4:10
Rebel WaltzThe Clash3:26
Shepherds DelightThe Clash3:26
Silicone on SapphireThe Clash4:31
Somebody Got MurderedThe Clash3:34
Something About EnglandThe Clash3:43
Stop the WorldThe Clash2:33
Straight to Hell (unedited version)The Clash6:57
The Call UpThe Clash5:27
The Cool OutThe Clash3:54
The Crooked BeatThe Clash5:28
The EqualiserThe Clash5:47
The LeaderThe Clash1:42
The Magnificent DanceThe Clash5:36
The Magnificent SevenThe Clash5:33
The PrisonerThe Clash3:01
The Sound of SinnersThe Clash4:01
The Street ParadeThe Clash3:27
The Street ParadeThe Clash3:19
This Is Radio ClashThe Clash4:11
Time Is TightThe Clash4:05
Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)The Clash4:32
Version CityThe Clash4:23
Version PardnerThe Clash5:23
Washington BulletsThe Clash3:52
From Here to Eternity: LiveThe Clash
Hits BackThe Clash
samples from artist
Guns of BrixtonScavone & Horsemouth4:54
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Backlash: Tribute to The ClashVarious Artists
Burning London: The Clash TributeVarious Artists
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City Rockers: A Tribute to the ClashVarious Artists
Clash City Rockers: The Clash TributeVarious Artists
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Lullaby Renditions of The ClashRockabye Baby!
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Roots Rock Rebel: A Tribute to Joe StrummerVarious Artists
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Uncut: White Riot, Volume 1: A Tribute to The ClashVarious Artists
English Civil War
Queen of the Ghetto (Ghetto Defendant)
This Is Radio Clash